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The Bazaar: An In-depth Look

The Bazaar – Guide and Analysis With the release of the Bazaar, the first new addition to the Alliance City since its release, we thought it might be time to do a little analysis and evaluate its effectiveness as a building that allows you to unlock some of the stored value in accounts. We have previously suggested that material / ...

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So, after the apparently unscheduled outage of Game of War, the blog has announced that MZ will be implementing the #1 MOST REQUESTED FEATURE. What do you think that #1 MOST REQUESTED FEATURE is? Do you interpret the capitalised and bolded words INCREASE and MARCH and VICTORY to suggest that there will be an increase in the march size allowed? ...

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TINSTAAFL and TARDIS – The Economics of Game of War

TINSTAAFL TARDISes and ECONOMICS – OH MY!!!! In the beginning there was Game of War, and it was a relatively simple game where you could go to burn stuff and chat to friends.  It was also a relatively complex social experiment with kingdoms and alliances and taxes and resources and a central currency called Gold. A lot of thought went ...

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