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New Troop Healing Calculator and Update to Troop Training Tool

Changes to The Training Tool and Healing Calculator You have been requesting some additions to the troop training tool so I have added a few extra features: You can now select to train a mixtures of troops rather than just one troop at a time You can now apply troop training cost reduction You can customise the points awarded for KvK events in case they ...

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Unlocking T4 Troops – The Requirements

Unlcoking T4 Troops

For those of you yet to unlock T4 troops we’ve added a page with all the research, buildings and gold requirements. Only 8,500 days, 620,000 gold and 650m silver! http://www.insidegameofwar.com/resources/guide-unlocking-t4-troops/

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Guide to Winning KvKs (Part 1) – Troop Selection

Guide to Winning KvK Kill Events in Game of War Update: This article needs to updated to reflect the benefit of using meat shields. Please bear this in mind when reading! Part 1 – Troop Selection Winning Kingdom vs. Kingdom Kill Events can be tricky. The goal is simple, score more points than your opponent. Common sense would tell you ...

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