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First Kingdom Merge Event Starts Tonight

The first of the Kingdom Merge events starts in a few hours. It will take the format of a fairly epic two-day, 4 kingdom Free For All with the winner absorbing the three losing kingdoms. Starting with the oldest of the old kingdoms (#1, #2, # and #8 , all off which are over two years old), this will presumably a ...

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The Latest from Beta – Crowns and Kingdom Boosts

Some interesting new features have appeared in Beta. Kingdom-wide boosts and and a new currency type – Crowns. There are nofurther details at the moment but just to speculate a little: Crowns will be the new Alliance City currency. Players can buy Crowns for their Alliance City which in turn can be used to buy the new Kingdom boosts. The Kingdom ...

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New KvK Event – Monster Killing

Kingdom Vs. Kingdom Monster Killing Events Many Kingdoms see the launch of a new type of KvK today – Monster Killing Events. Like other monster killing events you get some points for hitting monsters and more for killing them. However there is a twist – you can port into your opponent’s kingdom and kill their monsters for a 5 x ...

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What a KvK Does to Website Traffic

KvKs are great.  Here is a little insight into how great  they are. This is a graph of InsideGameOfWar.com website traffic.  The KvK days really stand out don’t they:   In fact more of you visited this website during Super Bowl Sunday than did during the KvK a few days before. You absolutely have your priorities correct! Thanks for the ...

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Beginners Guide to KvKs

For those of you new to KvKs or yet to experience them we have added a page explaining everything you need to know. www.insidegameofwar.com/resources/kingdom-vs-kingdom-events/ Also check out our guide to selecting troops for KvKs.    

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Guide to Winning KvKs (Part 1) – Troop Selection

Guide to Winning KvK Kill Events in Game of War Update: This article needs to updated to reflect the benefit of using meat shields. Please bear this in mind when reading! Part 1 – Troop Selection Winning Kingdom vs. Kingdom Kill Events can be tricky. The goal is simple, score more points than your opponent. Common sense would tell you ...

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