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Hero Level 60 – Sneak Peak

Hero level 60 has been rumoured for the past month or so but today we can confirm its coming. Reaching higher hero levels will allow you to unlock new sets of hero skills which you can see in the screenshots below. To coincide with this there are also some new Hero XP items offering up to 50mil XP in one ...

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“Turning Off” Your Prison Without Having to Rebuild It (Tip)

There are a couple of circumstances where this little tip will come in handy. You empty your farms by attacking them and you do not want to gather up your farm heroes. You want to release all the heroes held instantly without having to use up a shield or having to release them one by one. Deconstructing Your Prison.  Please Note: ...

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Hero Presets – Everything You Need to Know

Hero Presets in Game of War Hero Presets is an exciting new feature and one that could significantly change combat in Game of War. Previously, changing hero skills and equipment was a slow, laborious process and certainly not possible in the heat of battle. Unlocking Presets The research for unlocking presets is found part of the way down in the ...

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