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Does Game of War have hidden combat boosts?

There is a long history of video game creators having a bit of fun, hiding little jokes in the form of ‘Easter Eggs’.  For example here is a nice list of the top 100 easter eggs in video games.  There is also a bit of a history of games having hidden abilities that require unlocking, with one of the best ...

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Hero Level 60 – Update

With hero level 60 on its way, we wanted to take a look at the requirements in making it to hero level 60. Assuming MZ doesn’t change the requirements before release a total of 9,500,000,000 hero xp will be required. If all this hero xp was purchased in gold from the store, this will equate to 22,800,000 gold.  That is correct, 22M gold. Unlocking ...

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Hero Level 60 – Sneak Peak

Hero level 60 has been rumoured for the past month or so but today we can confirm its coming. Reaching higher hero levels will allow you to unlock new sets of hero skills which you can see in the screenshots below. To coincide with this there are also some new Hero XP items offering up to 50mil XP in one ...

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