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Sphinx Event Gear – New Gear Coming Soon

Sphinx Event Gear is coming. Monsters are becoming a big part of GOW. We have had monster tournaments, monster events and even the odd monster inferno (a while ago). It is good to see gear being released for beginner players as well. It may only be 1 piece of gear, but it is obtainable (level 10 hero) where as the Perseus Shield (Olympus ...

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Anubis Warrior Event Gear

Anubis Warrior Event Gear will shortly be here. I have come to notice these smaller sets of event gear are designed to complement the accompanying cores and pieces rather than to be a full set of event gear. Whilst some of the boosts here are good they are by no means great but the cores and pieces we are seeing emerging from ...

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Equipment, Gems and Cores Update – Griffin and Magister

We have just added all the new Equipment, Cores, Pieces, Gems and Materials . Click here to View: Magister Gear Griffin Gear All the new Gems All the new Materials Make sure you check out the updates to the Best Combat Gear List as much of the new gear is excellent. And head over to Cores and Pieces to see the new additions from these ...

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Griffin – New Event Gear

Griffin Event gear is soon to be released. Along the same lines as the Jorogumo gear, this is a small set and is usable by a variety of hero levels.  There will likely be a complementary set of cores and pieces to be released at a later date. The Griffins should hit our kingdoms once the Jorogumo’s & Yomata no ...

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