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T4 vs. T3 vs. T2 vs. T1 – Guide to Troop Tiers

Unlcoking T4 Troops

T3 vs. T4 Troops in Game of War There is a general perception that Tier 4 troops are  much stronger than Tier 3.  They are the pinnacle of troop strength in Game of War and a key component to any powerful army. But how much stronger? In my experience most players would guess around 3 x stronger. Well, I have ...

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Troop Health vs. Troop Defence: Which is Better?

Note: This article has been replace by the Guide to Combat Boosts which uses a more updated version of the battle calculator. Which is better troop health or troop defence ? It’s an obvious question, we are constantly having to choose between the two. What should I research next? What gear should I build? MZ has not given us much ...

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Optimum Attacking – Is a Balanced Army Best?

Should I attack with a balanced army or just one troop type? MZ created a rock, paper, scissors combat system to add tactical depth to the game. Rock bashes scissors, scissors cuts paper, paper wraps rock. Or does it? It was a system designed to make you think about your army composition and respond to your opponent’s decisions. Except there ...

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Strategic Troops vs. Regular: The Facts

Strategic Troops or Regular Troops – Which is Better? The age old question. Which should I research, which should I train……which one is better? As of now I have yet to see a convincing answer. So here goes. The answer based on the beauty of maths. Strategic Troops are better Perhaps that doesn’t surprise you. Anyone who has done any ...

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Hive and Pod Raiding

I wrote a guide for my alliance about coordinating attacks on pods and hives and thought it would be worth sharing here. Just to give some context, this was written when the kingdom was relatively young and power levels were comparatively low .   Pod Raid A pod raid is a coordinated attack against an enemy pod or hive with ...

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