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The Best Bargain Combat Gear

The Best Combat Items that Use Only Standard Materials As requested by several of you I have added a separate list for the best combat items using only standard materials. This will hopefully be helpful for those of you that want to craft decent gear but don’t want to spend big dollars getting hold of rare materials. Boostwise , it ...

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Best Combat Gear – Update

The List of the Best Combat Gear has Been Updated Based on the results from the Guide to Combat Boosts, it was clear that not all boosts were created equal. On the back of this I have updated the list of the best combat gear based on the following tiers for boosts: Tier 1 Boosts: Troop Attack, Enemy Attack Debuff ...

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Guide to Combat Boosts

Game of War Boosts – Head to Head Comparison Which combat boosts are best in Game of War? Not all boosts are created equal. Understanding the boosts is important for many decisions in Game of War including choosing gear to craft, selecting gems and research prioritisation. So I decided to put them to the test in a combat boost ‘Head ...

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Guide to Combat Boosts – Coming Tomorrow

I have nearly finished a head to head comparison of all 6 combat boosts in Game of War. It should be ready tomorrow. It will hopefully be  a big step towards us having an objective way of comparing boosts and better informing our equipment choices. I will also be launching the Battle Forum – a place to discuss all things ...

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The Best Combat Gear – Revealed

Equipment Gear

Which are the best items for combat? It is not an easy question to answer as items frequently offer multiple boosts. How do you compare an item offering 30% Troop Attack with one offering 20% Troop Health + 20% Defense Debuff? Hopefully this list will help solve the problem. It adds together all the combat boosts to find the items ...

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Guide to Winning KvKs (Part 1) – Troop Selection

Guide to Winning KvK Kill Events in Game of War Update: This article needs to updated to reflect the benefit of using meat shields. Please bear this in mind when reading! Part 1 – Troop Selection Winning Kingdom vs. Kingdom Kill Events can be tricky. The goal is simple, score more points than your opponent. Common sense would tell you ...

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Enemy Troop Defense Debuff – Revealed

With the launch of Xena’s Gear, MZ have released their first gear set containing the new Enemy Troop Defence Debuff boost. As we explored in this article, defense boost is nowhere near as effective as troop health except when fighting much weaker opponents. Flip this around and logically this makes Enemy Troop Defence Debuff very effective vs. much much stronger ...

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