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The Boycott is Over – Update 27th Sept

Stayalive has called off the boycott. He feels satisfied with Machine Zone’s response to the requests citing that a number of changes have already been implemented and there are plans in place to address the remainder. We and MZ have finally reached common ground to start the enhancements requested by the community. Let us know what you think – Have ...

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Fix it Up, MZ

As a follow-up to yesterday’s open letter from K442 to Machine Zone, K326 has taken a more direct route to giving MZ feedback that they feel there are things that need to be FIXED UP. K326 has asked for MZ to FIX IT UP, in the most direct way they could think of.  With a mass tree-hugging sit-in at the ...

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Boycott Update – MZ Responds (25th Sept)

Stayalive’s latest post reports on some positive progress: we still continue exchanging e-mails with MZ, now being handled by senior levels, about the requests and seems all requests are doable. With some of the requests having been implemented already. So far we have been getting positive feedback about our requests and some news have been released already in game as you ...

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Boycott update – trial kingdom merge

MZ have announced on their official blog some acknowledgement of the recent ‘boycott’ activity in almost all kingdoms.  The full detail is here.  This is as a response to an immense outpouring of dissatisfaction across many kingdoms.  Stayalive clearly kicked it off as announced on his instagram account, and as posted on this site here yesterday.  http://www.insidegameofwar.com/stayalive-boycotts-kvks-until-further-notice/ But since then, ...

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