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Wild Troops Gear Update – Equipment, Cores and Gems Updated

The launch of Wild Troops has come with a big update to equipment boosts. A third troop type means a whole set of new boosts for the new Wild Troops. The Wild Troops boosts on Hero equipment and Gems mirror their Regular and Strategic counterparts, but the Cores and Pieces Boosts all vary. So check out all the updated pages: Secret ...

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How Low Can Debuff Go? [Tested]

Did a little bit of testing tonight… The question arose of whether or not you could go “negative” with enemy troop defense. The Game of War battle simulation algorithm hasn’t quite been cracked… It’s almost there but not quite. One of the big mysteries is enemy defense Debuff and inherent defense boosts based on quantity/type of troops. A theory is that ...

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Does Game of War have hidden combat boosts?

There is a long history of video game creators having a bit of fun, hiding little jokes in the form of ‘Easter Eggs’.  For example here is a nice list of the top 100 easter eggs in video games.  There is also a bit of a history of games having hidden abilities that require unlocking, with one of the best ...

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New Boost Finder Tool

Looking for a specific boost? There are lots of ways of to get boosts in Game of War. In fact there are so many different ways that it can be hard to know where to look – Equipment, Gems, Buildings, Research, Cores, Pieces, etc. Well, the new Boost Finder Tool should solve the problem. Simply select a boost and it show you ...

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Guide to Combat Boosts

Game of War Boosts – Head to Head Comparison Which combat boosts are best in Game of War? Not all boosts are created equal. Understanding the boosts is important for many decisions in Game of War including choosing gear to craft, selecting gems and research prioritisation. So I decided to put them to the test in a combat boost ‘Head ...

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Guide to Combat Boosts – Coming Tomorrow

I have nearly finished a head to head comparison of all 6 combat boosts in Game of War. It should be ready tomorrow. It will hopefully be  a big step towards us having an objective way of comparing boosts and better informing our equipment choices. I will also be launching the Battle Forum – a place to discuss all things ...

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