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New Alliance City Building – The Bazaar

Today we get the first glimpse of the new BAZAAR building. The Bazaar is constructed inside the Alliance City and will allow you to trade in your no longer need items (Materials, Gems, Cores, Pieces) for a new resource – Copper.  Copper will be used to purchase combat boosts. The items you are able to trade, as well as the prices you receive for ...

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Does Game of War have hidden combat boosts?

There is a long history of video game creators having a bit of fun, hiding little jokes in the form of ‘Easter Eggs’.  For example here is a nice list of the top 100 easter eggs in video games.  There is also a bit of a history of games having hidden abilities that require unlocking, with one of the best ...

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Game Updates including Alliance City Traps – April 2015

Game of War Updates – April 2015 Machine Zone have been busy updating the game with some new features so I thought it would summarise all the latest ones here (as well as the new ones coming in Beta). Alliance City Traps Dungeon Mode Defense Research Tree Alliance City Events Hero Presets Boost Information Referral Codes New Features Soon to ...

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New – Alliance City Events

Inferno Events

Alliance City Events Coming Soon The first screenshots have emerged of a new type of event – Alliance City Events. We don’t currently have any more details but presumably they will follow the standard format of completing Alliance City building/research in exchange for prizes of gifts/resources. Will keep you updated when we found out more.  

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Alliance City Update – Buildings

Alliance City Building Data Now Live Alliance City buildings data is now live. There is complete data for build times, resource costs, might and deeds required for all alliance city buildings from levels 1 to 5.  Research data and items to follow shortly. A few facts for you: Total building time for all buildings: 2,360 days Total (new) Resource Cost: ...

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Guide to Alliance Cities

Alliance City Guide Now Online Alliance Cities are nearly here and Inside Game of War is proud to launch its Alliance City page. It just has a basic overview for now but we hope to have all the build times, resources costs and boosts within days of thealliance cities going live. Keep checking back for the latest info. http://www.insidegameofwar.com/resources/alliance-city/  

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