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T5 Elite Troops

Fire Troops

MZ second Christmas present to us Game of War players, was the release of T5 Elite troops, Fire Troops.

The new release is for T5 regular Range, Cavalry, Infantry, and Siege troops. Research for these, will cost you no rss or speeds. Instead, you will use Fire Shards. Those can be obtained in the dungeon, or by buying packs.
Before you can do the research to unlock the troops, though, you must level up your Training Garrison. You can see the Training Garrison requirements here.

Centurions– Infantry

Longbowmen– Ranged

Warlords– Calvary

Demolishers– Siege

Training isn’t going to be cheap for these troops.

Clarifying to the rumor of Gear and Cores stats not being applied to T5, is completely FALSE. T5 may have a different category in hero boosts, however those stats are EXTRAS to the regular stats.


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  1. Whats the ratio for t5t6
    With 200bil t2

  2. What’s the t5 and t2 ratio please

  3. What’s th troop ratio for t3t4t5

    • I’ve been asking the same question
      What’s the ratio
      T4 : T5 does that work
      T3 : T4 : T5

      I use the nerf calculator I just don’t trust it

  4. Gtfo. You quit playing but you still following their game lmao

  5. There’s obvously no nerf ratio if that is what you mean.

  6. What is the ratio for T5/T4 troops

  7. xion then shut your mouth and troll some where else

  8. jeez. so freakin glad I quit several months ago. so much has changed since then and no way I would have been able to keep up without dropping loads of money. fuck you MZ

  9. Are t3 nerfed now as well?

  10. if i have a trap and want to have t5 what other troops should i have? i have t2 and t4 12:1 ration

    • The new ratio for T2 and T5 would be 17.5 T2 – 1 T5.

      You can still stick with the normal T2 and T4 mix, no need for a massive change unless of course you can afford it!

      T5 rallies are still being cap’d by the standard T2 and T4 traps.

      T5 troops are expensive to train and heal if you’re a Health Trap. Best to have meats instead which protect your T5’s.

  11. nerf ratio is unchanged, 10/1 troop power/troop count. Average power per troop needs to be greater than 10.

  12. I’d like to know the changes to the nerf ratio which I’m sure there will be.

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