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T4 vs. T3 vs. T2 vs. T1 – Guide to Troop Tiers

T4 vs T3 Troops

T3 vs. T4 Troops in Game of War

There is a general perception that Tier 4 troops are  much stronger than Tier 3.  They are the pinnacle of troop strength in Game of War and a key component to any powerful army. But how much stronger? In my experience most players would guess around 3 x stronger. Well, I have done the testing and was surprised by the results.  It is actually much less than that.

A Tier 4 Troop is 50%  Stronger than a Tier 3 Troop

Or in other words, 1.5 tier 3 troops are exactly equal to 1 tier 4 troop.  This means that a full march of Tier 3 with 50% march-size boost (375k troops) is exactly equal to a normal full march of T4 (250k troops) before any boosts. Lets look at a quick example:


250k T4 vs. 250k T4


375k T3 vs. 250k T4


 The T4 army and the T3 army both inflict the same number of casualties.

Looking at the other tiers: T3 are 50%  stronger than T2 and T2 are twice as strong as T1.  Lets have a look at how many T1s each troop type is equivilant to

Troop Power Levels

Number of T1s
T1   x 1
T2   x 2
T3   x 3
T4   x 4.5

These numbers are a good guide of power level (they are actually roughly equivilant to the in-game star rating, although t4 should really be 4.5 stars).  As an example, this means that 450,000 T1 is exactly equivilant to 100,000 T4.

Troop Stats in Game of War

Now let’s have a look at the stats of the different troop tiers.

T1 T2 T3 T4
Strength 1 2 3 4.5
Train Time 15s 30s 60s 120s
Heal Time 0 1s 2s 4s
Rss 150 300 450 2750
Silver 0 5 10 500
KE Points 1 5 40 100
Speed 4 3 2 1
Troop Load 6 8 10 15
Healing Rss 6 12 18 24

Now that we know the power levels of each troop, we can look at their stats relative to their strength. 

Troop Comparison Relative to Strength
T1 T2 T3 T4
Train Time 15s 15s 20s 26s
Rss 150 150 150 611
Silver 0 2.5 3.3 111
KE Points 1 2.5 13.3 22
Hospital Beds Used 1 0.5 0.3 0.2

So a few interesting observations here. T1, T2 and T3 are all relatively similar in terms of their training time and resource requirements relative to their power level. Or in other words, outside of Kill Events there is no reason to train T1 or T2 troops once you can train T3. T3 are in fact superior as they only take up one bed in a hospital, where as an equivilant number of T1 troops would take up 3 beds. This also means there is no benefit in using meat shields for t3 troops. The only reason to use meat shields would be if the presence of lower level troops saved you significant resources or training time which it doesn’t.

(It is worth noting,  there used to be a tactic to train large volumes of t1 troops to disguise your power level but this tactic was nerfed by MZ).

The second interesting observation is how expensive T4 troops are relative to their power level. They take 33% longer to train, give out 2 x as many KE points, require 4 x the amount of resources and 33 x the amount of silver for an equivilant amount of troop power. Going back to our previous example lets look at the troop training costs for each scenario:

Rss Silver Time

250k T4

687m 125m 116d

375k T3

169m 3.8m 87d

Remember, these two armies are exactly equivilant, but look at how much more expensive T4 troops are. On top of this the T3 army can potentially give away 15m Kill Event points (even fewer if they are only wounded) where as the T4 army can give away 25m.  I think an outsider to the game would look at these numbers and ask – why on earth would anyone train T4?

To answer this question we first need to take into account the 375k maximum March Size and 2.375m maximum Rally Size. Will this justify the extra cost? Unfortunately there is more analysis required to answer this question but I will let you know as soon as it’s done.

In conclusion, T1, T2 and T3 are relatively similar. The extra power of the higher tier troops is roughly proportional to the higher costs. There may be some benefit in training the lower tier ones (for Kill Events as we will see or for tile farming), but generally speaking, once you can build T3, just build T3.

T4 on the other hand are disproportionally expensive relative to their power and give away an awful lot of Kill Event points in KvKs. There may be some scenarios where it is actually better not to use T4 at all (just to spoil the next article, this may include on defense and attacks where you are weaker than your opponent). Sorry to keep you hanging – there is more analysis to be done!

About the author

Slaggy, founder of insidegameofwar.com and all around game enthusiast.



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  1. This article is old and needs updating or the very least a notation that it is out dated and no longer correct. For a new player looking to start playing this article will hurt them

  2. Hi Slaggy, I was going over these stats again, and can’t quite make sense of them.
    My training times right now (training 143,000 troops in 1 batch), are approximately 2.7 days for T1, 5.5 days for T2, 10.7 days for T3, and 22 days for T4. So, each tier approximately doubles in training time from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4. And, with the “power lost” scoring in KVKKE’s, having T1s as meat gives away the least points, because hospitals don’t make a difference in power lost events. Am I missing something?

  3. So what would be the best troops to have for a 250m defensive account I’m confused?

  4. Profile photo of fred

    t4 vs t3

    Maybe I’m just not understanding all this correctly but here we go.

    Quick question from a solo trap.
    I’m trying to figure out if 100m Troop power in T4 is stronger than 100m Troop power in T3. This is regardless of research or gear.

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    THANK you. ?

  6. Hi. Are these results always valid or only for big troop amounts? Because I did some tests with small amounts of reg infantry and here are the results:
    2000 t1 attacking 600 t1: 11 lost, 502 killed
    2000 t1 attacking 300 t2: 6 lost, 239 killed
    2000 t1 attacking 200 t3: 8 lost, 151 killed
    Stats are constant and very low (31% attack and defense for the attacker and 46% for the defender).
    According to your results 600 t1=300 t2=200 t3, so the losses should have been the same on all the hits and the kills should have been 502/2=251 on the second one and 502/3=167 on the third one. Any explanation?

  7. I have heard that T3 and T4 troops are not healed by the hospitals. Is this true?

  8. Sorry, but the math here is wrong. Let’s assume you are right in assigning T1, T2, T3 and T4 relative power of 1, 2, 3, and 4.5. In that case, T4 are 150% stronger than T3, not 50% stronger. Thus, 1 T4 = 2.5 T3, not 1.5 T3. Put differently, 1 T2 = 2 T1, which means T2 is 100% stronger than T1. 1 T3 = 2 T2, which means that T3 is 100% stronger than T2. And 1 T4 = 2.5 T3 (not 1.5), which means that T4 is 150% stronger than T3. Otherwise the relative power between T1, T2, T3, and T4 would be 1, 2, 3, and 3.5.

    Obviously the game is not designed so that T4 give the least strength increase relative to the next-highest troop level. Would it make sense that 2 T1 troops are needed to equal a T2, and 2 T2 troops are needed to equal a T3, but only 1.5 T3 troops are needed to equal a T4? In fact, two T3 troops are needed to equal a T4 PLUS an extra half-troop.

    Your math actually decreases the relative strength of the T4 by 0.5 rather than increasing it. The correct math would start by doubling the power of T3 (a 100% increase) and then adding an additional 50%. I think you got confused by the “0.5” part of the equation. Let’s remove it and just treat the relative power among the four tiers of troops as 1, 2, 3, and 4. In that case, all of the following would be equivalent army strengths:

    200 T4 = 400 T3 = 800 T2 = 1600 T1

    Now, add in the extra 0.5 factor and the following are equivalent army strengths:

    200 T4 = 500 T3 = 1000 T2 = 2000 T1

    Your math forgets to include the doubling part between T3 and T4.


    • Which actually means you are both wrong. In his example above that talks about t3 v t4 he has 250k t4 which equals 9 mil power and 375k t3 which also equals 9 mil power. So with that t4 are actually 50% stronger then t3, but he also states that 450k t1 equal 100k t4 which is not the case. Do a test on it and i guarantee that your 100k t4 (which equal 3.6 mil power) will kill more then the 450k t1 (which equal 900k power). So with that being said t4 are not 4.5 stronger then t1. t4 is actually 18 times stronger then t1 meaning you would need 1.8 mil t1 to equal 100k t4.

      • T1 power = 2, T2 =8, T3= 24 and, T4 = 36. This number as nothing to do with their actual attack/ defense ratings? If so T2 is four times stronger than T1… But where do we find that T4 is has a 4.5 rating anywhere in GOW literature??? I don’t understand where these figures came from…

  9. Profile photo of Alex0186

    me gustaría hacer una ciudad trampa, pero mi poder es 1000 millones. es posible preparar una ciudad trampa, y soportar un mitin de t4 completo? gracias

  10. You mention that the t4 and t3 with 50% march boost killed the same number of t4 troops (21,666). What I want to know is how many t4 and t3 were lost when they did it?

    Part of deciding which to train is also depending on how many you can expect to lose for the same amount of attack power.
    mz doesn’t list the health and defense level for the troop types. We just have stars. Like how do we know if t3 have 24 or 124 health or defense and how does it work with the attacking?
    Is an attack from a troop directed at 1 other troop or is it pooled together and distributed? Is there 1 attack per troop per battle or are there iterations?

    1 theoretic example is 2x t3 vs 1x t4. 2x t3 = 48 power and 1x t4 = 36 power. (assuming attack and power are the same numbers).
    Assume health to be 48 and 36 points respectively also and ignore defense.
    1) Would the t4 36 point attack get applied to 1 t3 and kill them? or would 24 points be applied to 1 t3 and the remaining 12 points be applied to the other t3?
    a) If attack is 1 troop to 1 troop then the max number you troops you could lose is the same number of troops attacking. If there are 2 iterations then you could only lose 2 times the number of troops attacking. In which case a lot less of your power would be killed from an attack by a stronger force with boosts and what not.
    2) the t3 being faster with 2 stars, does the 2 t3 attack get applied first or is speed only to do with marching. i.e. if 2 t3 attack first with 48 power they would kill the t4 and both survive. (seen where a ton of t1 kill t4 with no t1 loss).
    a) Maybe a lot of t1 are better to defend with since their attack would be applied first and there would be less of a mixed t2 t3 t4 attack when it is their turn to hit, after your t1 hits were applied?

  11. I was hoping that this guide would tell me which troops are in which tier, but alas, this guide doesn’t say. Can you please tell me which troops belong to which tier, or at least point me in the right direction to where I can find this information? Thanks.

    • Profile photo of MHY

      Teir 1 Reg: swordsman, slingers, outriders, battering rams,
      Teir 1 Srat: spearman, hunters, chariots
      Teir 2 Reg: Hoplies, skirmish archers, light cavalry, ballista
      Teir 2 Strat: Peltasts, Rangers, Scythed Chariots
      Tier 3 Reg: Armoured pikemen, Gaurdians, Companion Cavalry, Siege Tower.
      Tier 3 Strat: Phalangite, Stalkers, Lancers
      Tier 4 Reg: Immortals, Marksmen, War Elephant, Onager
      Tier 4 Strat: Legionaires, Dianas, Cataphracts

    • Thank you for asking the question. And thank you for answering.

  12. how many t1 can I have if t3 not unlocked

  13. Great articles, but I’m curious if there are any “average results” for T3 vs. T4 in “real world secnarios. That is, most accounts that only have T3 would probably be less than 120 mill power, as it usually takes at least that much to unlock T4s. Thus, a 200 mill account attacking a 75 mill account, may be attacking with T4’s, and the 75 mill account will be defending with a mix of T3,2,1. Given the fact that the 200 mill account will have likely accomplished much more research, and likely have better hero gear, what would the “average statistics” of that type of attack look like, and what could the 75 mill account do to be better able to defend against the 200 mill account.

  14. I have one question. How does this play a roll in a non kvk environment, i.e war within your kingdom . Would having a massive army of t3 to defend while having enough t4 to fill offensive rallies suffice since it is a numbers and boost game? If I’ve got enough troops to cover the effectiveness of the t4 and can match or even better my boosts I would think this would suffice. But hats just a guess I’d love to discuss it

  15. I’d recommend that you add a row for Power. All of the recent kill events have been scored on power loss rather than points. Here are the Power values by troop type (I tested Strategic Ranged): T1=2, T2=8, T3=24, T4=36. So 4.5 Million T1’s are 9M Power and 1M T4’s are 36M Power. So KE’s are still won by killing more T4’s with your T1’s, but the ratio is dramatically smaller: 1:4 vs. 1:22+

  16. Hi Slaggy, interesting article. We also need to consider the impact of the new Defense research tree with regards to Academy lvl 21 (near t4 status), which makes a massive difference to troop defense (+262%) and health (+160%) IIRC. Basically Academy 21 accounts can now be much, much stronger and it would be interesting to test trap accounts against a properly researched t4 hit.

  17. HI there Slaggy,

    WOuld like to know how much net power does provide 1 T3 troop. I know a T4 provide 36 of net power so 100k t4 = 3,6 mil power but what about the other troops 1-2-3. ??? Thanks alot for the info

  18. Slaggy is there somewhere I can send you the ss of this battle report showing the results that t4 reinforcements got nailed and not a single t3 touched?

  19. T3 were all wounded and covered by hospital. While reinf are not covered by hospital.

  20. We’ve ran into a peculiar battle result and hope you can shed some light as no one seems to know. Fellow player with a city full of t3 was reinforced with a hall full of t4. The t3 were unharmed but some t4 died. What happened?

  21. So I have seen multiple people say that higher tier troops fill hospital beds first but I don’t know how that is possible since i will lose t3 troops and have t1 troops in my hospital. If t3 troops take priority over t1 troops, shouldn’t all the beds be taken by t3 troops?

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, Higher tier troops definitely go into hospital first. Perhaps you were attacked more than once? Or already had troops in your hospital?

      • if I see the same thing again, I’ll come back and let you know. thanks and keep it up!

      • I think I should stop you here and ask for clarification of your terminology ‘higher tiered troops’. A t1 dies first and will take a bed first. After t1 are exhausted then all t2 die or take a bed, then all t3,then t4.

      • Profile photo of Slaggy

        Hi, all tier 1 troops need to be killed before any tier 2 troops can be killed etc. Once you have determined which troops are to be killed then they are put into hospital starting with the highest tier troops first. Hope that makes sense.

      • Profile photo of DRSHIZAM

        Hello i know for a fact with my battle reports shows I still have t1 and t2 troops left and t3 in the hospitals, also seems no matter how many hospitals and bed space I have the results are the same

  22. I do not believe that these data are fully reliable. There are a multitude of variables. I have already taken a 375k t4 attack, I was about 1.2m T3, research max SH20 , and still had 1m T1 ( my troops are balanced between types, strategic and regular between ) my hero enabled to war, and their equipment legendary war level jewelry 5 and 6. Well, the result was as follows : T4 killed 125k , 240k and had hospitalized T1 being still died 640K t1 . In another episode , he had attacked a fartaleza troops 25 t1 no hero, I sent a march with only one troop t4 without my hero, only to play with the guy . To my surprise , I won the battle , 1 t4 killed 25 t1 , so the proportion indicated is not beating properly, precisely because of the various research variables and impulses

  23. to combat a march of 100k t4 one would need to have 225k t2 for a total of 1.8 mil in power. For the same 100k t4 march one would need to have 150k t3 for a total power 3.6 mil in power. If you are looking to be a trap account around 40-50 mil total power, wouldnt it make more sense to train strictly t2 since you can effectively double your troop strength while having an equivalent power lvl if you were to make strictly t3? ( Knowing that more t2s will be hospitalized compaired to t3)

  24. Slaggy, interesting perspective on adjusting all of the time / res / silver by power level. I think you may have confused your terminology, in that what you have based the denominator of your calculations off is ‘strength’, being 1, 2, 3, 4.5, not the power gain from each troop, being 2,8,24,36. When you adjust for POWER as the denominator, as opposed to strength, then the resultant table is materially more interesting. If you add a tier for strength (1,2,3,4.5) into the table, and then recalculate with ‘power increase per troop’ as the denominator, then the conclusions of the article that there is no point in training T1-2 once you have unlocked T3 may be quite questionable. Particularly when you assess strength / power. Because 1/2 (0.5) vs 2/8 (0.25) vs 3/24 (0.125) vs 4.5/36 (0.125) give you quite a 4-fold variation in strength vs power gain. In that comparison, T1 are twice as good as T2, which are twice as good as T3, which are the same as T4. That is why MZ Nerfed T1-2, because they are 2-4 times as ‘strong’ as T3-4 for equivalent power increase.

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi silverhair, thanks for your comments. Yes, I used the term ‘power level’ to mean what you are calling strength. And it is interesting that you if you want to increase your power gain, then training T1 and T2 is very cost effective. I didn’t mention this as had thought that people mostly wanted to win battles and win KvKs. Of course there are people that just want to get their power number as high as possible in which case yes, train t1 and t2!

      • Its not about increasing your overall power.

        The point made is when you look at someones power – having 5m power in t1 will do a lot more damage then 5m power from t3.
        If your trying to take hits you want to get as much as you kill for your overall power (how people judge to hit you).

      • Lets clarify these two types of power. Lets call real power “combat power” and mz reported city power as “reported power” Also, does anyone know the nerf limit number? I call this “hidden power” and the benefit you get from it I call “hidden power boost” t1 vs t4 is 400% hidden power boost.

      • Whats the best setup to train t1? i’m currently setup to match the 3 day speedup to t2 training time, and also get more t1. i have 10 villas, 8 barracks. 4 pieces of hero training gear, maxed training research. I have no storehouse, alter, or marketplace. It takes me 2 days 19 house to train 48k t2. It takes me 1 d 9h 22m to train 48k t1.

        24 hour speedups in bulk are too hard to get. silver trading…..

  25. Hi, interesting article mate.

    A few points i want to make though. My understanding is that higher troop tiers will take preference in hospitals. For example in the process of someone being zeroed, wounding their T1 first hit will hospitalize those T1. Then getting through their T2 they will assume the beds and so on. Making the recovery for wounded T4 becoming faster and cheaper than retraining T4 from scratch. Though wounded T4 still give same points as killed T4.

    Also i think buffer should be accounted for as T4 troops should rarely be sent out in a 375k march alone. Account for expected losses in T3 according to who you are attacking to maximize damage and reduce points given away and personal cost in losses. I only raise this point as i see several people alluding to whether to send out T3 marches or T4 marches, not a combination of them.

    Sorry if this doesn’t relate to the point you were making though.

  26. Thanks for your efforts putting all your post , i just have question regarding your testing methods.

    You based your calculation on 250k t4 vs 250k t4 = 21666 casualities then compared it to 375k t3 vs 250k t4 also 21666 casualities which is logical.

    so my questions is

    the 375k t3 you tested, do they have combat researches maxed or not?

    this is very important because t4 have prequisites of combat researches i.e troops attack and defense lv 10 while t3 only needs attack lv 1 and defense lv 2 to be upgraded

    and since your post isnt clear about that, which could be misleading, i think you have to clarify what level is combat upgrades for t3 you tested, because the diff in attack boost between attack lv 1 and lv 10 is 130% and diff between defense lv 2 and lv 10 is 128%

    and while i never did research about it, im sure as hell a basic 375k t3 (with mininum upgrades) against 250k t4 will take a hell lot more of casulities than just 21666

    just my 2 cents

    • irfan make a good point about the research boosts. In fact, hero gear, skills, equipment, relics, cores, research, etc. all play a major factor in the ultimate outcome of any given battle, but there are other articles discussing the effect of these boosts. Should a newly minted SH15 player who just unlocked t3 go against a t4 player even if he only has 250k? Definitely not for the exact reasoning you posted!

      However, I think the point of the article is “all things being equal”, the 375k t3 attack equals the same as a 250k t4 attack. This gives us very important information when we are attacking and deciding whether to attack with t3 or t4. Thanks for the article!

      Madsop k54

  27. I think You should also take in account that You Cannot win event Gold in troop Building event without t4

  28. Quick question regarding the hospital beds used in your “Troop Comparison Relative to Power Level” chart. I was always under the impression that 1 bed = 1 troop regardless of the troop tier. But by your scale 1 bed = 1 t1 / 2 t2 / ~3 t3 / 5 t4. It is entirely possible that I’m reading it wrong but if not then I’ve been looking at bed #s all wrong.

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Yes, all troops take one bed. Another way of articulating what I’m saying is that 3 x T1 = 1 x T3. The former takes up three beds, the latter just one. Therefore T3 are more efficient in terms of the hospitals beds they use.

      • If all troops take one bed, then why is one tier more efficient then another…above you say..” 3xt1=1xt3 the former takes three beds the latter only one. Therefore t3 is more efficient in terms of hospital beds they use.” How if one troop to one bed then whatever troops you use they are all 1 to 1? Sorry for the confusion on my part. I thought what you wore in the colum was for every bed it would hold 2-t2 or 3-t3 not just one to one.

      • Profile photo of silverhair

        All troops only take one hospital bed space. But if you have a fixed number of 300k beds, then imagine a significant (balanced) attack that happens to fill you beds with exactly 300k T1. The same hypothetical attack would only wound 100k T1, all else being equal. Whilst one troop can only take one bed, because the T3s are more robust to attack than T1s, they leave more space available for the next attack.

        As to whether it is efficient, one could take the point of view that T3s are less efficient, in that they are leaving more beds vacant. If you ever went to a true hospital and found all its beds vacant 99% of the time, I have no doubt you would call it an inefficient hospital. This use of hospital beds will be covered in a lot more detail very soon in our turtle guide.

      • can you please tell me how much time takes to heal or instant heal 100k t3 for example?

      • Profile photo of Slaggy

        T1 = Instant
        T2 = 1 seconds
        T3 = 2 seconds
        T4 = 4 seconds

        But this is speeded up by your troop training speed AND your troop healing speed

  29. I was still hoping for some clarification on my comment above. Is it true that (all boosts equal), in general 5 t1 will kill 1 t4? Seems that the Power figures in Stats would imply that it would take more than that, but it would really be eye opening if this is the case. Thanks!

    • Thoughts?

      • Profile photo of Slaggy

        Hi Maverick, in regards to your first comment the ‘power’ figure used in the game is arbitrary and not directly related to the actual power level of the troops which is what I am referring to in the article. Answering the question of how many T1 does it take to kill a T4 is not that useful without a full explanation of the combat math but if you are attacking 20 T4 with a T1 army (no boosts) then you need 55 T1s to kill 1 T4.

      • Wow, this is really enlightening! So the 4.5 t1 to 1 t4 is with equal boosts?

      • Profile photo of Slaggy

        Basically yes, they are (nearly) identical before boosts

  30. yeah what i’m trying to explain. when not looking at the boosts, the totals look the same but when you start to apply the % they are on different scales.

    what you describing is:
    t4 = (t1:100 atk base + 350% atk) and what i’m suggesting is t4 = 450 atk base

    adding a 500% troop atk is
    t4 is ( t1 100 atk base + 850% atk) = 950% total atk
    and not?:
    t4 is ( 450 atk base * 500% atk ) = 2250% total atk

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi. I don’t think I am suggesting that T4 = t1 + 350%. I am suggesting that T4 = 450 Attack and T1 = 100 Attack. Let me know if this is not clear though.

  31. Are you assuming that the power base for t4 is the same as t1 but with the extra boost? because that’s the only way that your assumptions would hold if you scale the boosts. If on the other hand each unit has it’s only base which the % apply too, the logic starts to fail.

    troop | base | boosts | outcome | note
    t1 | 100 | 450% | 450 | boosting t1’s to a t4 level
    t4 | (100*4.5)=450 | 100% | 450 | just keeping t4 same

    now say that 450 is the base for t4 and not a scale of t1 base, and just for example of scaling add 1k% boost to it:

    troop | base | boosts | outcome | note
    t1 | 100 | 1450% | 1450 |
    t4 | 450 | 1000% | 4500 |

    I know this is a crude example but it illustrates the point of scaling a common base vs each troop lvl having it’s own base and the dynamics having % applied to different bases vs a common base.

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Thanks for your comment.
      Let’s take an example just looking at Attack.
      T1 = 100 Attack
      T4 = 450 Attack
      So 4.5 x T1s = 450 Attack
      They both have the same base attack before boosts. (Turns out this is slightly inaccurate though, just working through the specifics)

  32. Great guide I was going to train 100k t1 for my trap account but now I’m thinking it will fill up to many beds to fast my idea was that they don’t take any time to heal. One thing to mention that is not is how many points you get in inferno event’s vs speed ups used to get points. Its much more beneficial to train t4 in troop training event’s when it comes to using speed ups.

  33. I’d like to point out that I see you’ve done great work putting together all this useful information. Also, I’d like to add that you’re forgetting an important aspect in your 250k T4 vs 375k t3 comparison and that is Research boosts. They apply regardless of Hero being present in march or not.

    What that means is that your calculations are accurate assuming that that the t3 user has 10/10 Research in the Combat Tree. Since 10/10 is required in Troop Defense, Health, Attack and Specialized Defense i.e. Infantry Defense to attain T4. Which in most cases t3 users only have 9/10 which is a 40% power difference per Research and total of 80% in defense they’d lack 10/10 in both Defense AND specialized defense.

    So in essence if your research is NOT 10/10 in the Combat Tree then your t3s will not be equal to 250k t4. If you have t4 unlocked and you’re trying to determine which tier is most efficient to train all the info above is very useful.

  34. If 1 T4 is worth 1.5 t3 then how many t4 troops is 1 T4 trap worth or are they considered equal in strength ?

  35. I understand the T4 being 50% stronger than T3, since troop Power (under Stats) is 36 to 24 (non-siege). 36/24 = 150%. However, T1 troop Power is 2. 36/2 = 1800%, implying 18X more powerful, no? I’m sure I’m missing something, I just came across this site and am exploring all the great articles.

  36. I am confused on the power multiples. T1 are 2, T3 are 24…so aren’t T3 12x more power?

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, this is just showing how many T1 Troops each Tier is equivilant to. So 1 x T4 = 4.5 x T1s. 1 x T3 = 3 x T1s. This makes T4 50% stronger than T3s. Does that make sense?

  37. Love your post. I directed my entire alliance to read them! I am with you though. T3 is a much better troop due to the sheer amount you can build with the same rss. I leave my T4’s at home and rally with T3’s, if the person is offline it doesnt matter how many rally’s you send, it will cost you less rss to recover and you will have less points scored against your kingdom.

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Excellent to hear Bacchus – I couldn’t have put it better myself!

      • I’m not sure about this. If they are very large, say 500m you need that extra 50% boost, so it doesn’t take a ton of rallies to start winning rallies. Once your rally is winning and their numbers are dropping faster, then I agree. By winning I mean relative combat power loss. Not total troop numbers or mz reported city power.

      • This problem is also compounded if they are being actively reinforced by 3 other players t4 players.

  38. A t4 are much better for attacking because your march size is limited to 375k. Therefore 375k t4 are 1.5x stronger than 375k t3. Defensive comparison is a different story.

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      A full march of T4 essentially gives you a 50% attack, health and defense boost compared to T3 so they are better in this sense yes. However, they cost more than 50% more in resources and silver so need to bear this in mind.

  39. How different were the boosts? they could not
    have been exactly the same

  40. great post mate. but a little mistake, you have to say either “t4 is 1.5 times the strength of t3” or “t4 is .5 times stronger then t3. I shocked to know this result btw 🙂

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