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The Super Wonder Comes

Hail, warriors,

The rigors of the battlefield never end. It’s time to rally your forces and head for another great fight, because the Super Wonder is almost here!

Starting on November 17th at 5PM PST/November 18th 12:00 UTC, you’ll have a chance to battle for the Super Wonder, one of the most valuable prizes in all the kingdom. The person who manages to claim the time of emperor will get:

  • 20 Million Platinum
  • 2 Million Demigod Reanimation Gear Materials
  • 2 Million Demigod Reanimation Gear Mastery Materials
  • 2 Million Demigod Refined Wonder Boost Creation Components
  • 1 Million Demigod Research Power

Along with this, the winner’s Alliance will get:

  • 1 Million Demigod Key To Wondrous Special Buildings
  • 20k Demigod Refined Wonder Boost Creation Components
  • 10k Demigod Lv 7 Research Power

For more rewards, make sure you defeat as many enemies and collect as many Super Wonder Survival tokens as possible. The battle is almost here, so check your mail for a Legendary Teleport and head towards the #4 Kingdom of Fire for your chance at the Super Wonder.


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