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Stronghold level 25 & 26

MZ drops SH 25 & 26 on Thanksgiving

The much anticipated release of stronghold 25 is here. With it, also comes the release of stronghold 26!

Upgrading these buildings no longer requires master hammers. You will now need stone columns. To go from SH 24, to SH 25, it will cost you 95K columns. The upgrades also do not require any rss. SH 25, to SH 26, will run you 125K columns.

If you have the opportunity to jump on the current Cyber Monday Pack, it comes with the new Glorious Architect Gear (read about new gear, here). This new construction gear will reduce the number of columns needed, by 5K. The pack also comes with 400K columns, to get you started on upgrading your buildings.

Stronghold 26 also means larger March sizes. Max solo march is now 3.9M and max rally size is now 11M. Leveling up all buildings will also add additional attack, defense, & health stats. You can find the new features for all buildings, here.

After tests and crazy rallies, it’s a total game changer.

Here is a report of doing a crazy random rally to a 211B in boosted solar (defense gear)
rally1 rally2 rally3

Also a rallying and burning a 2.45T (Heroless, No reins, No boosts).
More info coming soon.


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  1. What about sh 27. Now we are all to 26 we have to get 33k brass rods and when you click purchase it takes you to the $99. Packages yet no brass rods exist….When can we upgrade?

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