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Stronghold Level 22 – Coming Soon


The ability to upgrade to Stronghold level 22 may be soon upon us. There is currently no benefit to upgrading but presumably at some point it will be possible to upgrade other buildings to level 22 as well. Compared to other recent additions the upgrade requirements are fairly modest – it doesn’t even require a level 21 Academy. Will keep you posted once some potential benefits start to emerge!

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  1. Does Anyone Know and Maybe Has A Screenshot, How Many Days Without Using Speeds It Will Take to Go from Treasury 6/7 – 7/7
    Thank You

  2. One time Kindom change must be comming, as in the beginner sh, many people wants to move to other kingdoms. MZ should think about this possibilty.

  3. Sandman, don’t hold you breath waiting for MZ to allow us to send or receive materials within the game. My opinion is that even if they do release it, the sender will be taxed at such a high rate that it will ultimately discourage trading of valuable/rare mats. Im sure that just to be able to trade, MZ will charge at least $100 for a trading license and that each item in the game will have a gold and possibly silver tax based on item Lv and rarity. As recently posted lol the game “economy” and sustainability is in question. If MZ allowed free trade or a “equal value” trade, it would likely result in a failed game economy. MZ must and will retain control of all costs associated with the game. So….if they allow it, there will be a substantial immediate cost to allow it (like Gift Mode) and then the items you need will cost so much to send that you will be hard pressed to convince someone to send alot to you.

  4. Quand est-ce que vous allez baisser les prix des packs ???? Parce-que là c’est plus possible… Mettre 100 frs minimum pour avoir des UPS de vitesses et des coffres et très peu d’or…vous me faites penser à des vendeurs de drogues et encore la drogue est sûrement moins chère, svp veuillez réfléchir et vous qui dites sur les blogs que vous voulez faire plaisir aux joueurs….. Que c’est le plus important pour vous !!! Moi je dis que ce qui est le plus important pour vous c’est votre chiffre d’affaires, c’est scandaleux ‘vous allez finir par passer dans certains journaux ça c’est moi qui vous le dis…..

  5. Yes merge kingdoms is what we need more then anything

  6. Profile photo of John Clark

    what we need is to merge kingdoms. My kingdom, kingdom 10 is dying

    • It couldn’t hurt. I see too many kingdoms popping up and not enough activity in any of them. KVK four way battles are better but not entertaining enough for the money we pay. I’m a five billion account that had more fun at 200-500 million when kingdom activities were thriving. We’re consolidating alliances to keep from dying. And kingdom rivalries have been nonexistent. Regular gear doesn’t mean anything. It’s all about cores.

  7. How about finishing other stuff first. Ac or the dungeon. Or releasing a player material trade update so the little guys can actually make gear and be IN THE GAME.

  8. I think this is fake. These are the same requirements for stronghold 21.

  9. Dan, I am with you traps have been the forgotten part of the game, with seige gear and gems being worthless. WOuld like to see them better integrated into the game. Either with seige troops only attacking traps (vs. troop % split beteen traps and troops) and maybe see Lv 22 Wall with a large increase in traps (double capacity as well?)

    • Profile photo of Skilly

      Problem is by making many cities untouchable it limited the game-play during KE. We do need a balance and I wish those without money had a way to play on a higher lvl but t1 / t2 traps are a shitty way to do it. This puts a stop to that.

    • Maybe introduce phases into combat, so on an attack on a castle, you have a siege phase allowing you the opportunity to destroy traps. Followed by the actual attack with troops – bonuses added for the use of siege towers etc? On a RSS tile hit, we could have a shooting phase allowing archers to try and decimate the opposing army before hand to hand combat?

      Bottom line, the game is so out of balance, it needs a major overhaul.

      • Great ideas Gethz. Check out March of Empires. This is how they “appear” to handle their battle mechanics. I’ve always hated how the traps in these games have been handled. Give me some realism! Make it so all (or at least some significant amount) have to be depleted before troops get involved. How does it make sense for an army to be able to storm a castle and kill millions of troops without touching a single trap? It doesn’t. What, are they all rappeling off of dragons in the dead of night with silent hover technology?

      • No. They are teleporting in wearing alien gear. Then teleporting back and raising shields.

  10. Any hint on when is the next set of alliance city upgrades coming? Haven’t seen anything new from the allince city for around 6 months.

  11. Profile photo of Skilly

    I think making the solo march size bigger is good for the game.

    • Profile photo of JasonEvil

      Just trying to defend from multi billion cored hits. Hope they don’t increase march size!!! It doesn’t help the small guys (under 1 bil) but puts game further out of dimensions. They already got their cores and attack sets and that’s already good enough!

  12. Sure, when traps have become almost ineffective against the new research, lets allow more troops marching from billionaires!! Way to go MZ!

  13. March capacity isn’t changing or is that an additional 250K?

  14. and who still has a storehouse LOL

  15. double the solo march size?

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