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New Buildings Level 27-30

MZ Drops 4 Building levels, at once

We have been waiting for the release of SH 27, since November. Although unexpected, we really shouldn’t be surprised that MZ decided to drop building levels 27-30, all in one release. What we can be surprised by, is the new max rally and solo sizes, and the cost to complete it all. At this point, I think we can assume AC Rallies, will not be happening.

I use game changer, a lot. It is definitely applicable, here. Completion of buildings will now come with a Max Rally Size of 50M, and a Max Solo Size of 10.2M. The benefits of leveling up all other buildings, will be broken out below.

  • New Maximum Solo March Size – 10,200,000
  • New Maximum Rally March Size – 50,000,000
  • Max Watchtower – 700% Attack Debuff
  • Max Hall of War – 21,277,136 Rally Size, 1,100% Rally Attack Bonus, and 10,000% Wonder Holding Troop Health Bonus
  • Max Forge – 90% Core High Range Booster and 31% Core and Relic Duration
  • Max Altar – 650% Attack, 400 % Defense, 400% Health, and 60% March Speed
  • Max Prison – 450% Attack per Prisoner
  • Max Embassy – 400% Embassy Defense and 400 Reinforcement Capacity
  • Max Gymnos – 20 Additional Skill Points
  • Max Barracks – 200% Health Debuff, 83% Defense, and 90,000 Troop Queue
  • Max Hospital – 40% Health, 450,000 Capacity, and 11% Healing Speed
  • Max Villa – 40% Attack, 43% Train Speed, and Increased Resource Production and Capacity
  • Max Marketplace – 250,000,000 Resource Help Capacity
  • Max Academy – 225% Research Speed
  • Max Storehouse – Protect up to 5,000,000,000 Resources
  • Max Walls – 650% Trap Attack, 650% Trap Defense, 1,000,000 Trap Capacity, 220% Trap Training Speed

Additionally, you can boost your buildings to luck level 30. This is resulting in some big changes. A few examples are Academy going from 110% Defense debuff to 490%, Stronghold attack going from 300% attack to over 1,200, and so on. As always we will keep our list updated during business hours here.
As mentioned above, the upgrades for these new buildings, are not going to be cheap. You can check the requirements for upgrading, below.





BuildingLevel 27Level 28Level 29Level 30Total
Hall of War385,0001,860,0005,880,00016,288,00024,413,000
Logging Camp18,70027,40082,000228,000356,100



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  1. Concerned Citizen

    What about the Embassy? Totally missed that one.

  2. Good thing I have enough gold to stay shielded. This isn’t a game anymore, nothing more than a trap. I’ll hang around to see people get burned, but I stop spending big money on this game last year. MZ has the best trap account…….trapping peoples money hand over fist….lol.

    • U understand it now? That game sucked at 2.5-3 years ago. It started with strategic troops research. Game turned shit day by day because of stupid spenders. I quit 6 month ago and there is a lot of changes since 6 month.
      Don’t give a fuk to MZ just quit that fukin bulshit.

  3. It’s been said before but this will cut kingdom populations in half. T5s already led to a big drop in pop. All the game will be is bigs taking turns trying to eat rallies heroless. The only good thing may be the return of solo traps, but with Athena gifts drying up the cost may be too high for your average small player.

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