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Strategic Troops vs. Regular: The Facts

Strategic Troops or Regular Troops – Which is Better?

strategic troops vs. regular troops

The age old question. Which should I research, which should I train……which one is better?

As of now I have yet to see a convincing answer. So here goes. The answer based on the beauty of maths.

Strategic Troops are better

Perhaps that doesn’t surprise you. Anyone who has done any amount of testing will probably have come to the same conclusion. But how much better and under what circumstances? Well, I ran some tests and the first conclusion is:

Their Defensive Stats Are Identical

Strategic Troops have exactly the same health and defense as regular troops.  The second outcome is that :

Strategic Troops do 15% more damage

When attacking a balanced army. Update: The difference may actually be less than this – see this article for a real-life battle test.

Are there any scenarios where normal troops are better? Only if the armies are unbalanced and even then only in specific scenarios.

It was an interesting decision by MZ to introduce strategic troops (and to be fair once you get into the realm of attacking unbalanced armies it does add an extra element of tactical nuance) but by and large unlocking and upgrading them is an awful lot of time and silver for what is essentially an upgrade equivalent to a lvl 4 attack gem.

An obvious question is – I have already started down the regular troop route, should I stop and switch to strategic? If you have only just started or are on a new account then yes, but otherwise just stick with whichever one you have already invested in. 15% additional attack is negligible when you consider boosts can reach over 1000%. Unless you have already maxed everything out, there are much much easier ways to get an extra 15% of attack oomph.

 Some Specifics:

I conducted a range of experiments to identify specific troop stats but lets start by taking look at a normal infantry vs. a strategic infantry

Attack vs. Infantry Attack vs. Cavalry Attack vs. Ranged
Normal Infantry 100 200 50
Strategic Infantry 50 300 50


Strategic infantry gain 100 extra attack vs. cavalry but lose 50 attack vs. infantry. So against a balanced army:

Total Damage Output from 1 Troop:

Total Damage
Normal Infantry 350
Strategic Infantry 400

This is the extent of their difference.
An example:

Troops Losses
You (Strategic Troops) 150k 13k
Opponent (Normal Troops) 150k 15.5k


Ok, so what about unbalanced armies?

You might have noticed from the stats above, that if you ever found yourself in a situation where your mono-infantry army was attacking their mono-ranged army you would get a full 200% attack boost.

Similarly, if you find yourself matched against another all-infantry army you suffer a -50% attack debuff.

As it stands, both of these situations are rare and infrequently present themselves. This could change but for now, if you have access to fully upgraded Strategic Troops consider it a nice little bonus (albeit an expensive one).


About the author

Slaggy, founder of insidegameofwar.com and all around game enthusiast.

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  1. So many questions…..so few answers….
    I guess I’ll have to keep crunching my battle reports to try to figure some of this stuff out, but here’s some questions – If anybody can answer them, it would be appreciated.

    1. If I had exactly 2 million T4 Strat of each type (infantry, ranged, cavalry), for a total of 6 million Strat T4, and a similarly powerful attacker (ie; his research, boosts and gear were similar), attacked me with exactly 500,000 T4 Strategic Ranged, what would the outcome of the battle be?

    2. Same battle, but I have 1 million of each strat T4, and 1 million of each Regular T4, for a total of 6 million, like above. What would the outcome be?

    Thanks for your help!


  2. After reading through most of this im still not sure. Are yall basically saying strat troops are better for attacking others while reg would be better for defending the city?

  3. I have the same situation…under Overall Troop Boosts regular troops have 1-3X more attack bonus than strategic…no idea why…the variation of 1-3 is from gear, which appears to shrink the gap with better gear…

    • I was told it was a kingdom wide boost that would expire. I had same questions as you. Seems to be gone now, so case closed.

  4. So I guess either nobody knows or nobody cares.

  5. Under “overall troop boosts” I have troop attack bonus 100% higher than strategic troop attack bonus. This is irrespective of the gear that I have on so I assumed that its somewhere in the research tree that I have standard troop attack researched higher than strategic.
    However I can’t find anywhere that there is such a research. Everywhere I find troop attack bonus it is good for both.
    I have completed both the combat and the strategic combat research trees (with the exception of unlocking Onagers) however there is no troop attack in either.
    So, assuming this isn’t some wierd anamoly that only affects my account,
    1. where does this difference come from?
    2. does the analysis presented here take account of this difference, ie are the strategic troops doing more damage despite having a lower attack bonus?

  6. The truth is that strategic isn’t better, it’s only depending on the situation, yes strategic get a better attack boost on its inferior but it has much more weaknesses. There is some more math missing.

  7. I’ve been pouring over battle report after battle report trying to understand why everyone says strat are better. I have to replenish them more often than my regulars, which would suggest they die more often. My guess is that no one is really an equal mix of all types as gear is going to drive someone one way or another and in a lot of cases such as like me I have an A team and a B team (infantry/cav). In these scenarios someone may hit me with strat range and hurt my infantry but my cavalry and reg range will wreak havoc on them. With reg range attach they can hurt my infantry, get hit by my cav, but hold their own against my range. May not come away with as many infantry kills, but they also don’t suffer higher losses. What are your thoughts?

  8. you were saying that normal troops are better in the situation of an unbalanced army ,,you lost me there…I thought people often sent start missiles to exploit these differences ,,,obviously if you send wrong type of troop in a start rally esp you are hosed. Would a mixed or monotype reg rally be a better first strike plan ntil you get the report/?

  9. “you ever found yourself in a situation where your mono-infantry army was attacking their mono-ranged army you would get a full 50% attack boost.”

    I thought ranged beats infantry… shoul this read “…their mono-cavalry…”?

  10. wait….so, it doesn’t matter if I use strat or regular to defend with, they do the same damage?

  11. Love your site very informative and helpful!!! MW – Pelagos#386

  12. Profile photo of Zack

    I found it useful to use strategic troops as like a tank, your whole army would mostly consist of normal troops, and then you’d have a handful of strategic troops. The reason for this would be because the only troops being attacked would be your strategic troops. I have already tested this out so it does work. It could act as like a shield while your normal troops do damage.

  13. What about defending against siege attacks? Strategic don’t seem to be as strong as regular troop types. I don’t have any data to back this up just going off of the GOW stats in the barracks tab. Regular troops say they are strong vs infantry, Calvary, ranged and SIEGE. Strategic only say they are very strong vs one type troop. Do you have any data to back up siege attacks. I was going to train 60/40 (strategic/regular) for my trap account to defend against siege attacks.

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, I haven’t tested extensively but my findings so far are that strat and infantry are identical vs. siege. All troops are very strong against siege though so you shouldn’t need to do anything specific to combat siege.

  14. They won’t hit because you’ve created a Red-Flag Account. 80m power with a SH 18 screams trap account. You’re better off and more likely to be hit as a 80m SH 21 as then the question is raised for the attacker that maybe a lot of your power is research and not troops. As is you are primarily troop power. Smart players don’t want to waste troops or points on a trap – unless you know how to “mostly” defeat traps (depending on their makeup). But that’s another discussion entirely.

  15. How do we expect smaller players to compete? As a free player i can build power but no one will solo so i can not win prizes. I am currently a 80 m Sh 18 and no one will solo me and i don’t even have a complete war gear set.

    Any recommendations on how to get a solo from a larger player? Seems odd that not even 1b player will hit.

  16. Can you add the topic of base damage vs additive damage. The comment that the 15% gained from strategic troops can easily be gained other ways, may not be true? If you have 300% ranged strategic attack does this result in troop attacks of (150%,900%,150%) or (250%,600%,250%).

    At a 500% troop attack the 15% base increase is equal to a 75% gear/research increase.

  17. What about traps? Wouldnt attacking with strat troops make you lose more troops since they are weaker to traps than regular?

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, the testing I have done has shown there is no difference between regular troops and strategic troops when attacking traps. This hasn’t been extensively tested however.

  18. In fact I’d go so far as to say there isn’t more important information on the game in the public domain as what I posted above. Lotsa high powered and noted players will not appreciate this being public lol – but they know where to find me if they don’t like it 🙂


    How’s your hard data testing look compared to this btw – out of sheer curiosity.

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Salt, thanks for sharing this data. The data I have is very similar to yours which is reassuring. You are seeing a 50% uplift in kills by switching to Strat which is what I found as well. This uplift is smaller in mixed armies, so there is a range of -50% (when attacking mono same type troops) to +50% when attacking mono mirrored troops. Also although you balanced your hero skills, it looks like you didn’t quite balance your strat boosts with your regular boosts? (Not that it really matters in this instance).

  19. xxxSALTHEART #136

    Ok, I think we might be expressing results a little but differently.

    Same troop. Type vs same troop type (100 vs 100)
    Results are expressed as losses…and extrapolated as kill to death ratio

    T3 inf vs t3 inf – 13/13 – kdr 1.0
    T3 strat vs t3 inf 13/6 – kdr 0.46 (strat loses)
    T3 strat vs t3 strat – 6/6 – kdr 1.0

    (T4 tests are same using above)

    T4 inf vs t3 inf – 9/18 – kdr 2.0
    T4 inf vs t3 strat – 4/18 – kdr 4.5
    T4 strat inf vs t3 inf – 9/8 – kdr 0.88 (strat loses)
    T4 strat vs t3 strat – 4/8 – kdr 2.0

    Next data set below is same as above but against counterpart….in this case 100 ranged vs 100 infantry.

    T3 ranged vs t3 infantry – 6/27 – kdr 4.5
    T3 strat range vs t3 infantry – 6/41 – kdr 6.83
    T3 strat vs t3 strat – 6/41 -kdr 6.83
    (T4 results same using above scenario)

    T4 ranged vs t3 infantry – 4/38 – kdr 9.5
    T4 ranged vs t3 strat infantry – 4/38 – kdr 9.5
    T4 strat ranged vs t3 infantry – 4/58 – kdr 14.5
    T4 strat ranged vs t3 strat infantry- 4/58 – kdr 14.5

    You’re assumptions are overall good but you’re not extracting some of the key elements. Strat is used so heavily in the high end game because they are so devastating when exploiting troop imbalance which is what any decent player will try and do. I agree one troop type attack is “usually” the best way to go (not when rallying the wonder people !! Too easy to counter- Lolol) and against even a balanced army a stacked troop type with appropriate stacked boosts offsets the imbalance.

    Your article lends the distinct impression that Strat troops are only marginally effective and it’s just not the case at all.

    Be curious if your data results are similar to what I posted.

    For testing btw, both heroes all equipment removed, stats reset to zero, and then statless gear put back on with minimal corresponding gems to match up boosts exactly for controlled testing of attacks on tile with both heroes (so stats are same)

    Hope this is helpful….I’ve never released it. Have many more of these with various scenarios….On different topics…glad to see someone else out there crunching numbers.

    #136 Oenoe

    Pro tip – nothing in the game (boosts, gems, gear, research) is stronger than troop composition…learn the fundamentals of the above and you’re on your way.

    • Hi SALTHEART! Great stats!, but I’m still confused on some of them, and your conclusions (although that may just be me not understanding your summary statements).

      One stat you show is T4 inf vs t3 strat – 4/18 – kdr 4.5, and just to clarify, I think you meant T4 Normal Infantry vs T3 Strategic Infantry – 4/18 – kdr 4.5. I don’t understand that outcome. My tests show that a strat t3 is approx. equivelant to a normal t4 of the same troop type, but you show the T4 normal as being 450% more powerful, but less powerful than a T4 normal infantry attacking a Normal T3 infantry?

      Also, in conclusion, you note that Strategic is considerably more powerful, but also that “balance” (and I’m assuming that means a balance of all strategic AND all normal troop types), is the best approach to defend a city?

      On a different point, you mentioned “stacked” (I’m not able to find a definition of that anywhere), does that mean 2 complimentary troop types attacking at the same time? ie; Cavalry with Ranged, Ranged with Infantry, and Infantry with Cavalry?

      Last question – If I create a “balanced” amount of troops, I’m still quite confused over how battles are calculatecd, ie; If an attacker attacks me with 400k T4 Strategic Cavalry, and let’s suppose I have 400k each of Normal Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry, plus I have 400k each of Strategic Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry, which troops does the attacker have to “fight”, or does he have to fight all of them?


  20. xxxSALTHEART #136

    You have some great info on this site but wow your research on strat troops is way off. Much of my data corresponds with yours in different topics but you need to give this another look lol.

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, a fair comment – the article focusses on balanced army vs. balanced army which is very often not the case, When I get chance I will rework the article showing how much stronger Strategic Troops are in unbalanced situations.

  21. You said in another post that health is the direct counter to attack – if a troop has 350 attack (as stated above), does that mean it also has 350 health? What about defense? Is that 350 attack for T4 reg? (i.e. T1 attack = 87.5)

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