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Sphinx Event Gear – New Gear Coming Soon

imageSphinx Event Gear is coming. Monsters are becoming a big part of GOW. We have had monster tournaments, monster events and even the odd monster inferno (a while ago). It is good to see gear being released for beginner players as well. It may only be 1 piece of gear, but it is obtainable (level 10 hero) where as the Perseus Shield (Olympus Gear) starts at level 25. A small set yet again but we will have to wait and see what cores and pieces come out with these new monsters once they arrive !!




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  1. The problem is that all this new low level gear requires all new materials, including some very rare ones. HOw many people are actually able to craft this stuff without buying three or four specialized packs? I’m #15 monster killed in my kingdom and I still have only 1 black grade grip of thyme. MZ needs to throw a few bones and make the thousands of other mats we’ve been gathering and collecting actually useful.

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