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Special Buildings Upgraded

Five more buildings available for upgrades.

Level 35 has arrived for the Pantheon, Alchemy Lab, Mausoleum, Gear Workshop and Archaeology Hall.

Once they’ve reached level 35, you will have the following extra stats to boost your stats higher.

Archaeology Hall – needs archaeologist’s spade

  • 50,002,500% troop attack
  • 52,500% troop health/empire troop defence

Alchemy Lab – needs alchemist’s scales

Potions will gain:  50.01M% troop attack, 51,500% troop health and troop defence as well as a 10 day duration.

Gear Workshop – needs overflowing power jewel and opalite glass

Unlock core gear and permanent gear powered up to level 25

Attack cores(full 7 piece powered up to level 25) gain 50M% rally attack and 29,000% defence debuff.

Wonder cores(full 7 piece powered up to level 25) gain 250M% in both rally health and wonder health.

Defence gear will, once fully powered up, gain 100M% empire defending attack debuff.

Pantheon – needs divine granite

  • Athena’s Wisdom – 25,125,000% troop attack
  • Zeus’s Lightning – 25,125,000% infantry attack
  • Ares’ Fury – 25,125,000% ranged attack
  • Apollo’s Fire – 25,125,000% cavalry attack
  • Aphrodite’s Embrace – 55,000% defence debuff
  • Hera’s Vision – 165,000% health debuff
  • Poseidon’s Wrath – 250.2M% wonder/rally health
  • Hades’ Anger – 750.2M% wonder/rally trap health

Mausoleum – needs battle torn helmets

  • 3000% defence debuff
  • 50.05M% legion attack
  • 102,000% legion defence
  • 250.05M% wonder health/rally health
  • 25,000% empire defence debuff



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