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Set Gear Leveling

Level up your Set Gear

MZ has added a new feature, to the Gear Workshop. Once you have purchased the Unlock Set Gear Leveling, you will have access to level up your Regular and Core, set gear.

Set Gear Leveling, is basically the same concept, as leveling up your hero. You will need to have Set Gear XP, and depending on which category you are leveling, you will need specific Charms to unlock the next level.

Combat Gear Sets:  Protection Charm
Economy Gear Sets:  Citizens Charm
Monster Gear Sets:  Hunter Charm
Attack Core Gear Sets:  Striking Charm
Wonder Core Gear Sets: Wondrous Charm

Set Gear Leveling, is permanent, so leveling up does NOT have to be done for every Core Set you craft.

Attack Core Set Group

50,000% Attack
25,000% Legion Attack

Legion Attack effects Infantry, Ranged, and Calvary troops. It will also stack with your existing troop Attack stats. The Attack and Legion Attack stats will applied to the follow Attack core sets:

Cronus, Ice Aura, Ice Luna, Ice Perses, Rhea, and Styx.

Wonder Core Set Group

50,000% Wonder/Rally Health
15,000% Wonder/Rally Defense
25,000% Legion Wonder/Rally Health
15,000% Legion Wonder/Rally Defense

The Health/Defense, and the Legion Health Defense stats, will apply to the following Wonder Sets.

Aether, Ice Atlas, Ice TheLegend27, and Nian.

Combat Gear Sets

1,000% Attack
1,000% Defense
1,000% Health

The follow Reg Gear sets, have these additional stats applied.

Glacier King, Jiao Dragon, and Lycan.

Economy Gear Sets

Set Gear Leveling economy gear, will provide a gear specific boost.

Elite Marshall– 100% Training Speed, 10,000% Troop Queue.
Grand Marshall– 100% Training Speed, 10,000% Troop Queue.

Glorious Architect– 100% Construction Speed, 5,000 Brass Rod Reduction.

Inquisitor– 200% Research Speed.

Powerforged– 25% Crafted Core Duration.

Monster Gear Set

Behemoth Slayer Gear– 5000% Hero Attack, 100,000 Hero Energy

The Set Gear Leveling isn’t hidden, which means everyone will be able to see what level your gear is at, when it is equipped. Sets can currently be leveled up, to 100. If your looking for that maxed 75,000% Attack bonus it will take 95 $100 packs, making it one of the most expensive releases in the game along with Graveyard 23.


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  1. Inland00 - 603

    They’ve stopped including the basic charms in packs, so I’m stuck. :/

    • I’m in the same position. I can’t get past level 9 on anything because of it. I sent in a ticket and they basically blew me off. “We’ll send this over to our marketing team.” Nothing else has happened.

  2. How often does the Unlock Set Gear Leveling come up for sale?

  3. I do not have anything listed under my set gear in the gear work shop. Why?

    • Only sets that you have (basic 5 piece or full 7 piece) will show up. Any sets that you do no have or are incomplete will not show up on the list. I hope this info helps.

  4. They need to do some leveling on the Pegasus. Although it has stats comparable to the cores, it would be great to add some more attack to it.

  5. In set gear leveling, why do I only see my Economy sets (Construction , research) but not my combat sets (Jiao, Lycan)?

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