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Core and Equipment Set Bonuses in Game of War

Here you can find all the boosts form set bonuses in Game of War: Fire Age. The specialized bonusses are ranked based on the approxmiate boost amount you will get by selecting them.

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Full Set Bonus:
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Base Set Bonus:
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Specialized Bonus Recommendations:
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  1. Can you explain the actual way to use the Prospectors set. I have all 7pieces. Some say just put a lvl 6gem in the fourth gem position on your weapon and you can send out 6 troops. I am very confused with all the results I have read about so far.

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    Hi Slaggy, I echo Bruce’s sentiment about having a section that lists the different possible bonuses along with their boosts.

    Alto attack debuff may be the bonus you want, is 43.8% the best number for that boost?

    I’m sure you could get a crap load of ss sent in to procure a page or section that shows actually numbers.

    Again, thx to you and your team for all you do.

  3. This page would be a whole lot more helpful if you could list the specialized bonuses that are available. Now that people with VIP18 can spin infinitely I’d like to know if there is anything worth spinning for on architect set. All I’ve gotten is food/wood/etc production, RSS help capacity increase, nothing that’s actually useful. Can you be more specific than “economy bonus”?

  4. Set bonus page appears to be down?

  5. The Specialized Set Bonus Recommendations never lists any debuffs, even when they are the best options.
    In general Specialized Set Bonus information is incomplete for many of the sets. For example, the Magister set can get a Specialized Set boost to Research Resource Cost Reduction. It might not be as good as research speed but its better than resource production.

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      Hi, It is worth pointing out that the recommendations are simply just listed in order of the size of boost. So far Magister, the Resource Production boost is higher than the Research Resource Cost Reduction one. Perhaps the term ‘recommended’ is a bit misleading.

      • For the General’s Set, the Base Special bonus of 5% Tier 4 Cost Reduction can be changed depending on what troop type you’re training (Inf., cav., ran.) for a 5% reduction in cost.

        The Full Set Special bonus of 10% reduction I have only seen Ranged, and spent 5 million gold trying to get it to change to cav. or inf. before giving up and keeping it at ranged.

  6. Is it me or is this page messed up? I see wrong pic over piece names and wrong pieces in the set

  7. How do you get the Dark Hunter Set?

  8. Sorry that is suppose to be frostlord set,

  9. New to the game, can some tell me if crossword or heartwarm sets of core sets better

  10. So the set bonuses are ranked on what is the most effective due to the size of the boost given? i.e. attack is the number 1 boost but as the set bonus given in 4H for defence is greater than that of attack, defence is the set bonus we should be looking for? I have 720% troop attack for 4H, would you try flipping it and looking for a greater defence boost? Great website and thanks in advance

    • If the above answer is yes we should be looking for the highest % boost, would you use these in every situation including wonder battles? Thanks once again

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      Hi, They are ranked simply in order of which gives the highest boost. It doesn’t take into account how useful the boosts are. Hope that makes sense.

    • Dose anyone know for sure if there is a “research bonus” on the magister set? The best I have found is research cost reduction.

      Also is there a section where I would be able to see players actual set special bonuses?

  11. Does the set 5 bonus or set 7 bonus apply to CUSTOM-MADE core recipes or do they only effect PRE-ASSEMBLED core sets?

    Thanks in advance..

    • Would like to know this as well. I guess the mystery secret bonus would not apply but does full set, base set and specialized bonus (gold roulette bonus) apply to custom cores??

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      as long as you use all 7 cores from the set you get the specialized set bonus. The secret recipes will give you additional stats where a custom set wouldn’t however in answer to your question – yes you would still get the set bonus.

      • Thanks for the quick reply MHY. So, as I interpret your answer, custom-made recipes (i.e., those constructed from a combination of cores which do not belong to a pre-assembled set) will not benefit from the set 5 or set 7 bonus.

        Thanks again MHY for the insight…

        ED (INTELLIJUS, Kingdom of Kalmarsa #657)

  12. This section (set bonuses) would be much more helpful if the total sets boosts were posted on the same page. Just a thought.

  13. Please post the maximum percentages for the specialized set bonuses

  14. I think this page needs an update. Many more special boosts exist than are mentioned.

  15. It would be helpful to know the max extra set bonuses seen.

  16. For crafting sets, it would be nice to know if there are multiple special boosts allowed or not. I don’t want a core/relic boost on my blacksmith gear, but that is the only boost I’ve gotten after multiple.resets.

  17. Why would defense be the first recommended specialized boost? This is extremely inaccurate. If you set your 4h to defense good luck winning anything. I get defense is probably the highest numerical boost in these sets but it is also the weakest in most cases. Id rather have 500% attack than 750% defense any day unless it was for SH defense.

  18. I have full fire age ranged set and done research. I still cannot get my full set bonuses to appear. I still glow white instead of gold. Why is this?

    • You have to complete the Bonus 7 set research, and it’s a pain. Back and forth between research slots.

    • Had same problem when having a full gear set and it still glowing white, you need to research
      Set Bonus,
      full set (7) bonus with 2nd & 3rd normal accessory..

  19. have to have all lev 6 gear pieces for set bonus right?

  20. I am a 1.3 bill pwr player just not getting into rallies and combat. I have the 7 piece xena def set 1 and the 5 piece xena def set 2. Which will defend me better. Keep in mind all I’m doing not is rally support, I’m not leading.

  21. Can we find out what is the maximum percentage of resource reduction costs in Magister,so this way we know if it is worth resetting or not if we already close to full percentage

  22. The ranking of the special set bonus recommendations make no sense at all.

    • I believe it’s a ranking of the highest special bonus you can get for each set. So, for instance, Xena Balanced 1 will give you a higher troop defense boost than any other Specialized bonus if you want to reset them. If you really wanted troop attack, it will probably give a lower boost than troop defense.

  23. Slaggy in the same vein as the best combat gear, could you have best combat sets?

  24. This is good, thanks. But a basic description of how set bonuses work would really help for the smaller players (1.5 billion, here). I only have the Xena Red set (Balanced 2), so I haven’t put much time into Set Bonus research and I really don’t understand it at all. Here are some of the basics I’d like to see laid out:
    1. Do you have to max out each piece’s research to get the “full” set bonus, or does the research add to the set bonus (in other words, if I’m at level one research for everything, do I only get like 1 of the 20% boost)?
    2. How do the specialized set bonuses work? I understand that the resets are expensive (40k gold), but are they worth it? Will I get an economic boost in addition to the defensive boost on my Xena gear, or is that only if I have the prospector or magister sets? Or could I blow 40k on a reset hoping that it goes from Ranged Health to Troop Attack and it actually goes to Construction speed?
    3. Finally, for a player like me, who doesn’t have much in terms of “normal” gear sets, is it even worth it? The set bonuses on the older Xena gear mostly apply to traps and don’t seem worthwhile unless I spend for the additional three Colossus pieces I need. I do have a boatload of core sets I’m not crafting until I have this stuff researched, but I’m not doing it without understanding it.
    4. Is normal gear dead, given the massive specialized bonuses seen with cores? One beta tester I’m aware of saw a 1800% Troop attack on a horseman set. How do you overcome that?
    5. What are the total boosts on a full set with the specialized bonuses (Kunoichi, Samurai, Colossus and the new Col. Hunter)? No one in my kingdom gets touched if they’re in full Colossus, but I’m sure that will change soon.

    As always, thanks for the stats. Good stuff.

    • 1. you need at least 5pieces of the set… if you then research f.e. Base Set(5) Bonus with normal Helm lvl 1 you get 0,04% of the set boni…
      so if you have all 5 researches on lvl 1 you have 5×0,04%= 0,2% of the 10,95% range defense debuff of your xena set…
      (my opinion: dont even start it if you dont want to go at least to lvl 8-9; exept you want your hero to glow 😉 )
      2. specialized boni are listed above… so for your set you should be able to get troop defense OR attack OR range att or cav att or inf att.
      if its worth i cant answer you… depends on how much gold you have and how far you have already researched i guess
      3. with 1,5b and no new set i would say no… only worth if you want to lead cored rallies (but then max march tree first) or if you have one of the new sets (f.e. deff xena 2/haunted) and you are trapping… OR you have research / troop train set…
      4. nearly nobody attacks in normal gear any more… but you get boni for cores also in this tree so…
      with a good setup and full deff xena you can easy win if you get attacked by a full core (except odin maybe)
      5. no idea… do the math.. 😛

  25. On my 4h set I have an enemy health debuff in the 650% range for full set and another 200+% fir base set. This has got to be far better than attack or defense in nearly all instances and has enabled me to capture heroes in wonder battles and do massive damage to strongholds.

  26. Guys, this is a good start but well off where it could be. Let’s get some stats that show true boosts so we can see how high they all go please? Also, why defence over attack on things like 4H set, I don’t get why?

  27. It would be great to see the max boost for special set bonuses. For a set like horsemen your special bonus may come up troop attack but you could get 645%, 700%, 722%, and possibly others… This has got to be the #1 draw on gold these days. I can’t believe there’s not more of a negative response to it.

  28. Lmao this is utterly useless. good luck getting a research boost on your magister set fresh…I’ve yet to meet a person who can prove they have a research boost.

  29. Magister set you have production recommended over research….

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