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Set Bonus Data Now Live


Check out the Set Bonus Boosts

This has been a widely requested featured and we are happy to bring you all the info on Game of War Set Bonuses.

You can use this page to see:

  • The different sets of equipment and cores required to make each set
  • The Bonuses for  completing a Base set
  • The Bonuses for completing a Full set
  • An indication of the best Specialized Bonuses for each set ranked in order.
View the Set Bonuses Here



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  1. Profile photo of Tazman976

    This feature isn’t working anymore. I tried on both IE 11 and Chrome.

  2. Profile photo of John Finck

    The monster slayer set needs to be updated. Is the full set bonus calculated based on one each accessory of each type or with 3 accessory and all 3 being gauntlet? Thanks 🙂

  3. Should’t Magister be 1st for “Research Bonus”?

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