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September – Two New Records!

Burning Stronghold

Whilst i do not have the details on the beginning of the zeroing, there were several reports circulating throughout social media that there was a larger zero happening to a 580B player. The earliest documented size i have received is 573B. Whilst who hit first is unknown, within a matter of minutes 12 or more rally parties had ported into the kingdom to join in the biggest documented zeroing to date.

573B Player Zeroed – September 2016

Attacking Alliances / Rally Leaders
Gin1 / Sex4Lantrns
SE / Maxx Ibiza
NWO. / IamBrent
nFD / DeveilsFknBak
KaNN / x Hades 69 x
BTK / Blaze1983
GOK / Gods of Killers
MABL / Yolo Froyo
FUN / Prncss
Player Zeroed: (KsP) DeddSec
Documented Account Size: 573B
Attacking Gear: Nike / Ares / Artemis
Defending Gear/Hero: No Hero
Time to Zero: Unknown; estimated 1-1.5 hours

img_3245 img_3250 img_3251

Largest Player Burnt – 565B – September 2016

This was a test conducted between two friends in k631. Nawti Lola was in Artemis cores with 200% March boost on. It was an “end of set YOLO rally.” Solotrap was in dungeon gear with non-defence gems and skills.
Nawti Lola is originally from k687 and of dvF alliance.
unnamed unnamed-1

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  1. Profile photo of Dave

    Newest target that was zeroed was an 901b almost doubled that one

  2. I would expect nothing less from them. Now that they have gotten rid of the last remaining pretense of gaming and went straight to just give them your money…every single event should be base don how much money you give them. It’s just a natural evolution.

  3. Think the record to track is the number of consecutive “buy gold” infernos. Think MZ in GoW is finishing 3rd straight day of that. Hilarious

  4. Only someone intent on quitting the game leaves their stronghold hero less and takes 500 rallies. That zeroing was set up. As MZ has completely lost their mind even bigger players are fed up or bored to tears.

  5. The largest zero, shows that hero is dead. The largest burn hero home is the difference.

  6. hmm, largest player burnt 565b, largest zero 573b…so the first 8b power on zeroing was last without burning the guy?

  7. It’s very impressive. 2 records 1 day! I agree there should be a place for biggest solo.

  8. How about biggest solos?

  9. That’s, like, $1.15K USD.

  10. can we also have a section on new records in terms of how much packs cost? Today was the first time I saw 1,000 euros for a pack!

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