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Secret Core Recipes

Mystery Core Recipes in Game of War

This is a list of the secret core recipes in Game of War. If you follow one of the recipes below you will receive the bonus boosts in addition to the normal boosts. Please let me know if you have any more. (The additional boosts are approximate and based on level 6 cores.)

If this new page isn't working for you then you can try the old secret recipes page here

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  1. Thanks so much, I had so much trouble finding this info! Ty ty

  2. Profile photo of Thomas

    This page is messed up. Also there are a few new cores sets out now can we please get an update?

  3. New core out, please update

  4. Need cores updated

  5. Update needed on new cores. There is Helio core and one other new core out

  6. Helix swords, and leg warmers are missing a piece from each. Thanks

  7. I do. It’s an all troop D recipe. I get 4200 troop D. Nike can’t hurt me with 750m troops.

  8. They have a set called the blackhole set just to cap Nike it also needsa few changes in peices and you can cap Art also.

  9. Does anyone have a good recipe to defend against Nike ?

  10. Anyone have recipes for cores to defend against Nike ?

  11. I also wonder about the Inferno Knight set, has anyone seen it? Is it only in beta?

  12. What are the Inferno Knight Cores?
    I don’t see them on my game and I don’t have any pieces for it.
    Is it for Beta only or something?

  13. Has any one built a dense set against the Posiden cores

    • What is the best defensive set there is

    • There is an anti Poseidon core set out there and it does work. There is also a recipe for an anti ares set that have also been battle proven successfully

    • yes. the mix is simple, head=harpy comb.armor=frozern breastplate.feet=swine bone,weapon=nine dragon trident.accessory=ice crystal
      of course use secret mix for all above.

    • Frostlord helm, imperial chestplate, imperial boots, frostlord weapon, frostlord accessory gloves, two kunai. use jester gems, defence gem, bulwark gem, rainbow gem. best defence gear without having to core. enjoy

  14. I have recently made the New emerald set and the mystery bonus doesn’t appear when putting the core and all pieces in it but once the core has been crafted it shows up in the core stats of that one you just made.

  15. Profile photo of Slaggy

    New Emerald Dragon and Ryujin have been added again. Please read comments though as they haven’t worked for everyone.

  16. Why removing the new emerald dragon recipe? it has mystery bonuses plus it counts towards set bonus. And it’s better than the original one!

  17. Can the alternate recipe Emerald Dragon please be posted again? They do have the mystery bonuses and I never saved the recipes and need them. Thank you

  18. The new emerald set does give you mystery bonuses. You have to put the pieces in alphabetical order for some reason and it wont pop up as a mystery bonus but after you craft it the bonuses show up.. This set is way better than the original emerald set. It should be put back up

  19. Profile photo of Mephisto

    does anyone know how to make the silver odin

  20. There seems to be a lot recipes missing that where here.

  21. this tool is amazing, thank you for your constant work on it
    i know there are too many recipes now, but before it was really ease to find out that there are new recipes – now it is impossible: you can only understand about new sets, about new recipes you need to know name of anything… or check all cores in a row
    but thank you again:)

  22. You need to remove you fisherman new recipe, its total crap and wastes rare pcs.

  23. Profile photo of Slaggy

    Just to update you – I have removed the new Ryujin and Emerald Dragon recipes. Whilst they count towards your set bonus, they do not directly confer any bonuses so don’t think they belong on this list.

  24. I also need to know what pieces will be better for a trap account.

  25. Can someone assist what cores will be good for trapping hero while attacked.

  26. Emerald dragon core set isent even close to the right recipe. Its showing pieces from all different sets.

  27. Profile photo of Mephisto

    why don’t you have a filter for new cores that way it would be eaiser to find them

    • ryujin cores still not working, I just crafted new recipe all lvl 6 cores and lvl 6 pieces (costly pieces too) and i received absolutely no bonus. you cant say set tree or anything like that. because i have crafted many special bonus sets without set research completed. Any one have a clue as to why this is happening ? i would like to obtain the secret recipe.

  28. What are the core receipes for pointy emerald dragon cores ?

  29. how can i craft the Peaked Scorching Gaze?

  30. The alternative recipies for emerald dragon not working

  31. accessory does not give you bonus when you follow the recipe you list

  32. I crafted both the emeralds and the ryujin set exactly as was listed. . Neither had mystery bonuses. The emerald set about 400-500 less troop specific health and over 100 less on each troop specific attack. Debuffs were minimally increased. . The ryujin set was a total debacle. No where near in comparison to the already relatively weak original art. Overall. .a big disappointment. And wasted more valuable pieces than for the original sets.

  33. I only have 4 pieces unlocked for crafting. Are there any resources for best 4 piece recipes?

  34. Slaggy can u please post the new fishermen recipes,it was here about a week ago.

  35. Where’s the new fishermen recipes?

  36. it occurred to me after i posted all over this forum that people are not specifying whats wrong about the recipes. Everyone just keeps saying “it doesn’t work” I’m going to go out on a limb and say, I think they mean there is no mystery bonus associated with the new cores. That isn’t an error or a wrong recipe. You may craft a set using the alternate recipes and it will keep your set bonuses just as if you had two sets of original recipes. However you will not get any mystery bonuses for the new recipes. Sorry if i posted and it came across as you all were dumb or any comment post that was confusing.

    • Example, the alternative recipe for the divine helm claims a calvary boost of 105% followed recipe made the helm and got only a 45% calvary boost. Its a bogus recipe

    • For the emerald set it does work , it will not show any mystery bonus when you have the recipe in the forge, however after you craft and finish the core with new secret recipe you will recieve the “mystery” bonus

  37. Emerald Dragon recipies are listed wrong

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      I’m hearing mixed messages on the Emerald Dragon cores. Works for some but not others?

      • Very messed up for me. Smashed greaves don’t show, the others all show two different recipes for each of the other cores except Battered Sword, which only shows the wrong recipe.

    • Set worked just fine for me. I also double checked it against the recipe that MZ released. Both sources matched up perfectly. Not sure where the disconnect is with these recipes. Personally I always screen shot the new recipes from MZ and verify it against 3rd party resources prior to using them my goto source. (just a tip)

      • They use to be listed correctly now only a couple of them are listed right.You can see when you look up the set recipie that it doesnt have emerald dragon pieces listed in certain cores.

  38. 4horseman accede only shows 4 pieces. What about the other 2?

  39. Hey Slaggy, is there any way to add a tag to the core sets to denote what type the set is? For example, the Dragon King Core set is Ranged Attack and the Four Horsemen Core Set is a balance set for Attack, Defense and Health. Thanks and great work!

  40. Profile photo of Slaggy

    Hi, has anyone been able to verify that the new Ryujin recipes work? A few people have been having problems so I have taken them down until they can be verified. Don’t want people wasting core/pieces unnecessarily…

    • If you post them I can check

    • It may depend on kingdom. I tried the Emerald Dragon ones in 677 and they didn’t work.

    • Both recipes worked just fine for me slaggy. I double checked your emerald dragon set because of all the complaints. ED set matched up and works perfectly fine for me. Ryujin set also works just fine for me as well. However I did not use , or get to verify what this site had listed for those cores. I used the recipe released by MZ and it works just fine.

  41. Tried every new core in emerald dragon and ryujin; all gold and in order shown. Waste of time, speeds, silver, gold and pieces. Name doesn’t match and no secrets “???” shown before or after crafting.

  42. Does it matter in which order the pieces go into the core? I’ve been putting them in in alphabetical order so i would only have to scroll the forge once but i don’t seem to be getting the same percentage as everyone else.

    • you will get different stats based on research and gear. also your hero tree will play into this some as further down the tree there is a crafting spot in the points. also your set bonus research level will obviously dictate how much boost you get. Always used Salvager gear with best possible set bonus on gear and hero tree set for higher high range for best percentages.

    • I believe u do need to put the pieces in order shown

  43. This ryujin doesn’t show any secret bonuses? Why is it listed as a secret recipe? It looks like a custom with expensive pieces. Lots of people use this as a resource. Probably needs to be removed.

  44. Frostbitten Core Set has a problem loading most pictures of the pieces. Can you please fix that Slaggy, thanks

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Thanks, should be fixed now

      • So to be clear mystery bonus will not show up on the new core designs for emerald and ryujin these are just pieces youve found work well together ? Or there should be a mystery bonus added ?

      • Its not this site or what a person found. its some crap that MZ released for whatever reason. probably the amount of people complaining about cores and pieces getting outdated so quickly.

  45. Profile photo of X Dark Tim X (4XK in K402)

    The new Ryujin recipes don’t work. The new Emerald recipes do work.

  46. Is new fisherman cores piece wrk good or bad?

  47. I’m not seeing the stats anywhere near what is claimed on this new Fisherman set with Infantry and Ranged. Is there some type of added bonus when the cores are activated beside the normal set bonus? There were no special bonuses shown when I made the cores and I followed the recipe with legendary cores and mostly legendary pieces besides a few purple pieces. The attack is slow low, I don’t think I would rally anyone with these cores unless they were one billion power and under.

    • Exactly I tried it earlier as well both with the divine infantry set and the emerald set , no mystery bonus showed nor did it show after being crafted . Those recipes didn’t work .

    • Yeah I was wondering same thing, no mystery bonuses were shown with those different recipes for the divine and emerald dragon set when I went to craft. They also don’t show up as set pieces when crafting but they show up under set pieces for combining under the emerald dragon. What’s the deal here?

    • I have tried both the new secrets, they dont show the ??? like the others but the do work and are very strong.

  48. Secret bonus for firecrackers are missing. Anyone know what it is?

  49. Hi guys, What is the 6th piece for the accessory of the Orion set? It shows an N/A.

    Ascended Power
    Accessory – Reach into the inner cosmos and summon its boundless power.

    Astral Ring Core Astral Ring Core
    Solar Light
    Starlight Essence
    Planetary Void

  50. Hi – Just an idea – would it be possible to add a filter that filters OUT all the set pieces / cores? It would help a lot for players like myself that try to save up the pieces / cores for the sets and like to freestyle craft other cores without using the set cores / pieces.


  51. Recipe for Dragon Wisdom is incorrect – order is Jade Dragon, Jade Tiger, Jade Horse, Jade Monkey, Dragon King Scales, and Mystic Knot. Crafting in the current order listed on the site will yield a Jade Equus’ Warlord Helm. Maybe they fixed glitch with update. I crafted two sets before last KE using the recipe here, and it worked. I crafted two today, and did not get Dragon Wisdom…

  52. I recently saw some pieces that I hadn’t encountered here or in game. Sweeping Manticore Tooth Club, Sterling Behemoth Boots, and Sterling Haunted Flask, Can you look into the Sterling and Sweeping pieces? PS, awesome site!

  53. If I use a level 5 core with level 5 pieces for these secret recipes, will I still get an additional bonus? I know the boost wouldn’t be as much as using level 6 stuff, but just making sure I will get some kind of additional bonus still.

    • I’m trying the same Chris, level 5 core with all 6 pieces level 5. I’m not needing the extreme strongest for every circumstance. A good full set of level 5 cores may work fine. Definitely get a big account off your back for the duration time.

  54. Thanks for recipes. Are there a specific recipe for each cores ? Or the game of war offers leaves some cores without recipe ? Because there are so many cores that we could not Find a recipe for secret bonuses

  55. Hi, I’m looking for overall defense core recipes. Can you please help me out

    • Go the “core tool” and click the defense tab. That’ll bring up cores and pieces that provide the most “overall” troop boosts, which is what you want for general defense. However, with the new rally march size increase, you really need to have troop specific missiles to counter if you want to have a chance.

  56. Profile photo of Sexysin

    Page still messed up, can’t see anything, kind of like the game

  57. whats the secret to getting the cores recipe to load completely??? I only see about 5 or 6 recipes and can’t move it beyond there?

  58. What happens if you fill a level 5 core with level 6 pieces? Any possibility that it gets crafted and comes out legendary?

  59. Dragon bone pieces missing bonuses and bonus values. Hawkridge helm core has disappeared.

  60. Profile photo of Pi GOW

    Any new secret recipes for the Odin cores that were released that aren’t part of the set? Wendigo and Headless Horseman cores too?

  61. Are you going to fix this page so that the filters actually work?

  62. How long does this page take to load, I see like 5 cores

  63. Is it still the case that the best cores to use if inventory isn’t an issue, are the secret recipes?

    • That strongly depends on your Troopcount, Research and what you are planning to do with those cores.
      For my part (SH21, 1,9b, 40m T3/4, taking rallies) I take all stats I can get to maybe set a rally after taking one.
      If i would have lower troopcount I’d focus even more on def/hp/atk-debuff.
      So not every secret recipe will fit your purpose.

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