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Secret Core Recipes

Mystery Core Recipes in Game of War

This is a list of the secret core recipes in Game of War. If you follow one of the recipes below you will receive the bonus boosts in addition to the normal boosts. Please let me know if you have any more. (The additional boosts are approximate and based on level 6 cores.)

If this new page isn't working for you then you can try the old secret recipes page here

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  1. when the odin monster was release MZ also released 2 cores from that monster, a helmet and weapon cores, i don’t see their recopies here, do you have them somewhere else?

    • Seems like it’s running behind a little bit over here. I’m sure those and the newer monster core recipes will be added soon hopefully…

  2. Any Wendigo or headless horsemen recipes?

  3. Took me a while to figure out but need to leave the browser open to load the recipies for quite some time. I walked away for an hour and came back and now the page is completely loaded finally.

  4. What mystery bonus is the best for 4H, I got enemy troop attack debuff 634.32% is that good?

  5. Profile photo of Simon Ratclif

    Why cant I see the recipes??????????????

  6. Page seems to work propperly.
    What I’m missing tho is the “section”-wise alignment of cores that belong to sets.
    For example: If I want to search for a piece I want to use, just to check if I it’s needed for set-cores, it won’t tell me anymore.

  7. it seems more and more players are becoming Traps/Turtles. what would be the best way to attack. hero set / core set? gems? troop set? boosts?

    • It depends on what type of trap (rally or solo) and if you care about points in a ke, or just about killing? A good turtle can win points in a ke, but not withstand a Ra or other solo troop type core solo. Max T1 is 15 mil before nerf, and at that level turtles lose around 2 mil t1 per hit on a srt bonus core solo. Fun to kill, but points in favour of the trap. Also can march from far away, then when close have a teammate port close and send a second solo fast to hit same time. If doing that, go with opposite troop types. If attacker 1 hits cav (killing ranged), attacker two should hit infantry right after it lands. Outside a ke traps should stay shielded as many closed academy accounts will hit them for fun or out of boredom and not care about losing more in power.

  8. Any Wendigo secret recipes yet? 😀

  9. Page and filters work fine for me. I use Google Chrome on a laptop

  10. Profile photo of Slaggy

    To all of you having issues with this page – are you using Adblock and if so does disabling it allow the page to load?

  11. Page won’t open. I am Safari is there a better browser?

  12. page not loading on chrome LG G4

  13. do I need to be a member to see the core recipes?

  14. Profile photo of Slaggy

    Am totally stumped as to why some people are having issues. If someone who is having issues doesn’t mind helping could you try this: Load the page, press F12, go to console, copy and paste all the error messages and email to contact@insidegameofwar.com. Would be much appreciated.

  15. Where is the horse man head piece recipe?

  16. Profile photo of Slaggy

    Hi, this page seems to not be working for a few of you. Please let me know which device/web browser you are using if it doesn’t work and I will try and get it fixed. In the meantime you can access the old page here: http://www.insidegameofwar.com/secret-core-recipes-legacy/

  17. Page is totally broken for me. I can see the code.

  18. New filter dosent work for me can’t get any secret recipes…….. I’m spewing

  19. thank you – new filters are amazing:)
    would help in case pieces could be filtered on the base of their numbers (for example TA or two criteria< for example TA and debut)
    but thank you again – you do amazing work

  20. The core recipes aren’t loading on this page anymore.

  21. you guys broke this shit, need the set buttons up top again.

  22. Profile photo of Dan Mason

    Your Website Seems to be messed up. Cannot get any recipes to come up nor can I type in any information to get a core recipe!

  23. you should have all non set cores on 1 page

  24. Profile photo of Rob

    Probably killed by MZ as “proprietary”.

  25. Where did the Odin Cores go?

  26. Hi, just to add to my question below, I am now seeing players with the Emerald dragon secret set and they have the words “Pointy” or “Glaring” in front of the word “Viridian”. How exactly do you create the recipe to get that and does it add to stats?

  27. I can’t figure out how to get the Pre-titles like “Absolute”, “Final”, or “Ominous” in front of the secret core recipes. I read the same question below, and I have tried starting with different pieces but I keep getting just the generic name like carnage, obliteration, armageddon….. can someone please tell me how to get these special pre-titles? Do they increase stats??? THANKS!!

  28. I recently built a Four Horsemen set and, for the first time, I had enough pieces to use the secret recipes above for every item in the set. I’m assuming this is why I’m now seeing “Mystery Base Set Bonuses Activated” and “Mystery Full Set Bonuses Activated.” These are additional bonuses ON TOP OF the bonuses listed above and in addition to the normal set bonuses and specialized set bonuses (they’re intense, too; 218% Health Debuff and 481% Ranged Health Debuff).

    My question is, is this true for ALL of the special sets above (Emerald Dragon, Ra, Ryujin, etc.) or is this something specific to the Four Horsemen set? Meaning, for example, if I build a Ra set and for every item I’m able to use the secret recipes above, will I activate these “Mystery” bonuses for the Ra set, as well?

    • Profile photo of MHY

      the bonuses will be different for each set, but yes you will get the additional stats / mystery bonuses that come with the set like you have with the 4H

  29. Are secret core recipes better then the regular cores that have high attacks?

  30. Profile photo of Dazzed2

    The sponge only comes around once a year in a special pack and/ or chest. I forget the name of the one it comes in but you won’t find it till that time of the year again. I know it sucks, with so many cores required it, that’s not fair. I don’t have a single one either and ive benn playing about 8 months so I should be getting close. Better have you ? ready so you don’t miss it.

  31. Anyone know where to get soft sponge from? I am 1.5B power and I don’t have a single soft sponge in my inventory. Is it just not in this game anymore or something? Hasn’t been in any of the packs I’ve gotten.

  32. Thanks so much for separating the core sets. Now, will you always have the newest secret recipes listed on top? Makes it a lot easier to find.

    As always, keep up the great work guys.

    • “newest” as a sort order is arbitrary after its new. perhaps a star to indicate newness, like “current batch” or “within 2 weeks”. but realistically, the core sets are what you /should/ be considering, not how “new” it is…

  33. I like the new organization of the layout for the recipes guys!! just wondering if you can bring back the recipes for a lot of the other cores that used to be up here. like the star blade core and the ice crystal core or the firecracker core. I swear I had these saved but I don’t. They are good defensive cores and was wondering you or anyone can possibly post up the missing cores? Thanks so much and love love love the work you do for all of us!!

  34. Profile photo of squishy

    Where do I find 4 piece core receipes

  35. is there a way to break down this list to each set? it would be so much easier if each set was separate.

  36. Profile photo of Garrett

    does anyone know where to find 4 piece secret core recipes? i cant find them anyware

  37. It would be a nice update to list the core sets. Maybe a separate page that links to each secret recipe

  38. I remember seeing a recipe here using the nine dragon trident – or was I seeing things??

  39. update with new sets… emerald, etc…..

  40. Profile photo of Bonnie

    In regards to the Four Horsemen Cores, Ive seen players using different types of Armageddon Cores – Pestilent, Mortal, Final, Catastrophic Armageddon – does anyone know how you craft these different types. When I use the one on this site it comes up standard Armageddon.

    • it depends on what piece you select first … so if you select the pestilence piece first then the resulting piece will be pestilential, if you select the death piece first then the resulting piece will be final etc.

      • Fear Factory, this is not really true…. For example if you take Armaggedon “normal recipe” (famine, death, war, pestilence, plague, mortality), change it with Seal of Famine, Seal of Death, Seal of War, Seal of Pestilence, war, mortality – you will end up with a much more stronger core like “Endless Apocalypse” (without the mystery bonus though)….

  41. will the additional boost show up on the secret recipe crafted or should we just assume it is added?

    • Once you add all the pieces, if you did it correctly, you will see a “hidden boost” where the other boosts are listed. If you don’t see that, you did something wrong

  42. Where can I find the volcano core piece?

  43. There are 12 recipes here that use ‘soft sponge’. anyone know where this item drops from?

  44. Any chance you’ll be breaking up cores like you do the normal hero gear so it’s easier to find by the type?

  45. I saw a 4 horsemen set that said final Armageddon or omnious carnage, what are those core recipes?

  46. Hi. Thanks for this tool!

    Could we get the base bonuses listed alongwith the “extra” bonuses for these “special craft recipes”?

  47. I don’t understand nothing about pieces and cores. Is there a simple answer somewhere?

  48. Are there anymore 4 piece core recipes? I cant find any and i have been looking everywhere. Id really appricate it if someone could point me in the right direction.

  49. Hi I was wondering if you could sort these under their specific set titles.
    Ra Set:
    4 Horse Set:

  50. does anybody know the special recipe for the firecrackers core?

  51. PLEASE HELP ME! I have looked everywhere on Google and this site. I need the secret recipe for the Apocalypse Core to finish my Four Horseman Core Set. It requires 3 to be comte and get the bonus. Is Armageddon the same core with a different name? Notice it uses the pieces from four Horseman chests. Please help me I’m stuck.

  52. Where is the Recipe for Apocalypse? I thought I got it here before, it is required for four horseman core set.

  53. Profile photo of Throrin

    Also, it would be GREAT if you could group the secret cores by Name (Lifeless, 4 Horsemen, etc.) along with the proper name for that group. Again, GREAT SITE.

  54. Profile photo of Throrin

    Hi Shaggy…..FANTASTIC SITE!!!! For the recipes that only list 4 pieces instead of the usual 6 pieces one would put into a core recipe, is that all you add? If I were to add pieces would that take away the added boost?

  55. Hi Slaggy! I found different bonus values like +2% on each extra bonus and 196,69% March speed on “Divine Journey”. I have screenshots.

  56. Guys, recipe for epidemic armor (4 horsemen) is wrong – not plague but seal of war!

  57. With the coliseum events coming up are there any recipes for monsters?

  58. I really appreciate having this info available. With Cores now having Set bonuses, will you be identifying which pieces are in sets and what the boosts are? Thanks

  59. Profile photo of BadAzzBatman

    Great site Shaggy
    Any idea when more secret recipes will be added such as the Nian Lion set
    Would it benefit you if we sent screen shots of recipes from the blog, if so where would we send them?

    Great work and Thank you

  60. Hey Slaggy. YOU ROCK!! THANK YOU for providing such an amazing resource!! Just a couple of items I noticed after two intense days of crafting these beauties!
    1. The “Epidemic” core listing is incorrect. Should be each of the 4 seals, hunger and famine. When I used this recipe (found on another site), all the mystery bonuses showed up perfectly.
    2. For the Dragon King set, you are missing the helm, “Dragon Wisdom.” (as noted by a previous comment). Its a Warlord Helm Core combined with Jade Dragon, Jade Tiger, Jade Horse, Jade Monkey, Dragon King Scales, and Lucky Coins.
    We so appreciate all your great work. Thanks for sharing!

  61. If your 1st piece is Seal of Death your core will be called a lifeless core. The first piece normally dictates the name of the core.

  62. does anyone have recipes for a good calvary core set. I’ve been searching but no luck.

  63. What are the classification of cores. Which is better?

  64. what is the receipe for Armageddon accessory that goes with mutilation and epidemic etc ? is it steroid or comet ?

  65. There’s something wrong with the Epidemic Horsemen Armor recipe… no bonus boosts

  66. Tried Epidemic. Didn’t work

  67. Does anyone have a recipe for lifeless cores please

  68. Can anyone post which pieces to use for lifeless cores. please

  69. Missing the Helm in the Dragon set.

    Dragon Wisdom:
    Jade Dragon, Jade tiger, Jade Horse, Jade Monkey, Dragon King Scales, Lucky Coins

  70. The Epidemic secret core is listing the wrong piece. Should be Seal of Pestilence instead of Plague. I have posted this error before but you have not changed your page.

  71. There is also a helm for the dragon set, known as ‘Dragon Wisdom’, that I just found by playing with pieces, but didn’t see listed. Use the jade tiger, jade dragon, jade monkey, jade horse, lucky coins and dragon scales. Unfortunately I had to use a few blue and purple pieces when trying it out, but it gave an extra 96.86% strat ranged attack and 94.27% ranged attack as the ‘mystery bonuses’.

  72. Profile photo of Tony

    Am I crazy or did I craft inflatable armor with rosemary, black acorn, rusted coin, and war baton and get blackwood pork belly armor? 250 inf boost?

  73. Can’t seem to find the later secret recipes 🙁

  74. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for taking the time to hook it up.

  75. Is there a spreadsheet for cores and pieces that is simialr to the one for regular gear that will show all boost for the core and for pieces?

  76. Slaggy, first I’d like to say how much I love this site and also say that you and your team are awesome
    However, I have a core equipment question… The twenty sided die, seems to be the only core piece for monster hunting… Do you know if and/or when they will be adding a core item and more lives to go with the twenty sided die?

  77. The Epidemic secret core is listing the wrong piece. Should be Seal of Pestilence instead of Plague.

  78. The secret recipe for Epidemic is slightly incorrect. According to the blog post the recipe is the Famishing Armor Core plus the four seals, and Famine and Hunger. The recipe above incorrectly shows Plague instead of Seal of Pestilence.

  79. Each of your secret recipes has six pieces. Can you get the bonus if you haven’t unlocked the final two piece slots? Is there any benefit beyond the straight stats if you just use the core and 4 of the six pieces?

    • You can not get the mystery boost without copying the exact pieces in the recipe. and i’m not 100% sure what your saying about the 4 of 6 but going from 4-6 is huge jump in stats. 4 pieces tops out at around 2k attk 6 tops out at around 3K attk. not to mention all the other huge increase in stats and mystery boosts available once you use all 6 pieces

      • Can you post a setup showing a 6 piece setup that is around 3k attack ? it would be helpful also if you specified which part is troop attack and which part is specific troop type.

      • Ranged is the easiest set to. Use hog quiver with new mystery boost pieces, roman standard or quivers, one arm core, warlord core, and leg warmers, use all ranged attk pieces. If you go to cores/pieces on this site and use lvl 6 from top to bottom, then gem with phrophecy gems and ranged, wright eye, and Rose gem/hallow gem/Olympus you will hit 3K with all lvl 6 pieces and cores dont’ forget 75% attk boost as well when you use set.

  80. Please update with the new hydra core mystery boosts as well, as well as the new hog bow, fan and others

    • Trigger I believe the cores Cesar is talking about are not the same as what you speak of. Cesar are you asking about the ones that people used before the Seal pieces came out ?

      • I think he is too, but right before hydra gear came out a lot more mystery boost cores have been discovered

  81. when you are crafting a “secret” core if you look at what the projected stats are you will see “Mystery Bonus”. if you do not see this you did something wrong.

  82. Slaggy, love the site and it has been a huge tool. Thanks!
    These secret cores seem to be off though. I put together the Helix Sword and ended up with a spiral sword with high troop attack and only 18% total strat attack. Then I tried the forked sword and ended up with a “pronged sword” with a strat attack only 10% higher than the core with no pieces. Are these verified anywhere?

  83. Awesome work here. It would be super helpful to put the core spec ranges of the finished core next to the secret core recipe. Would make comparing easier. Keep up the good work!

  84. Do you have recepies that give out annihilation cores? I was at super wonder and notice all their cores were named annihilation something

    • They used same exact pieces as the secret boost that’s why. Same thing with the new lifeless cores I’ve made lifeless kaos, nose chain, war drum, etc…

      • I have seen a ton of “lifeless” cores around, what is the secret to making your cores “lifeless”?

  85. Using all yellow is giving me higher bonus. Helix combo 19.21% ATTACK bonus w all yellow

  86. Awesome website&post, We really appreciate it

    Do you find out any more recipes with newer cores and pieces ???

  87. hey where do we send crafting combos that we found give extra boosts ? are you working on any with the newer pieces ? also I would totally sign up for a subscription for like $5 a month if that would help you devote more time to this fantastic site.

  88. Profile photo of Hareesh

    I have the picture of the core more than 167% troop defence with 100%+ troop defence

  89. Profile photo of Hareesh

    I crafted a core and it was named Absolute Chaos. Asteroid core. 4piece. It says a large icy rock of destruction.

  90. Where do I look in the craft screen to find this information? Thx!

  91. Profile photo of Slaggy

    Completely agree. One day abhi, one day.

  92. SLAGGY, thanku so much for not selling this info, unlike other charlatans that do. Much RESPECT TO YOU. YR DOING THE GAME A GREAT SERVICE!

  93. Hi Slaggy,

    I would have never thought that specific recipes would give additional boosts when used together. How did you recognize or realize what was going on? I know how much work that must have been.

    Thank you,

    Shayde (aka Jen)

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, actually a few of these were mentioned in the blog a while ago. Also when you add them all in the craft screen it tells there is a ‘mystery boost’ before you craft the item.

  94. I’m actually kinda unimpressed by the bonuses. The attack pieces used are weaker attack pieces and these recipes require too many defensive pieces. You can craft much better cores with the pieces released in recent updates, despite the mystery bonus.

  95. do you have to type in the specified order? do you have to add the 6 materials or just 3 of them or the other 3?

  96. these are amazing, thanks again!

    if you haven’t unlocked core mastery 6 will the bonuses still work?
    when making lower level cores, do you advise matching piece level with core level or is it better to add higher pieces levels to lower level cores {eg level 2 core with level 3 pieces or level 2 cores with level 2 pieces}

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, these should work with any level core and any level pieces (although many require the 6th piece slot to be unlocked). Many people seem to use pieces one level below the core. So if using a level 6 core use mostly level 5 pieces. This is because pieces run out before cores.

      • Note that while you don’t need to use all L6 pieces, you do need to use a L6 core to get any bonus boosts. The bonus boosts will show up in green as an “Extra Bonus” on the crafting result window. If you follow the recipe with a non-L6 core, you can still craft the “secret item” you just don’t get any bonus boosts.

      • You actually get the mystery bonus even in case you use lvl 5 or lvl 4 (and I think other levels also) pieces

  97. Are the bonuses dependant on level of core being crafted?

  98. What level of pieces is required for additional boosts? Its not all level 6 pieces for sure. Can you provide level of pieces required to get additional boosts?

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