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Secret Core Recipes – New Filters and Improved Page Speed

secret-core-recipes-200The Secret Core Recipes page features a number of new changes.

I have added some filters to help you find recipes by:

  • Recipe Name
  • The Core used to make the recipe
  • The Set that the Secret Recipe is a part of

I have also completely reworked the page so it should load a lot faster. Please let me know if you come across any bugs!

Next to come are filters for boost type, pieces and the ability to view total boosts for the completed recipe (not just the additional boosts).

You can view the page here: Secret Core Recipes

Note – if this page doesn’t work for you, you can still see the old page here


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  1. Let me enlighten some of you,Nevada is extremely high tech. Casinos are the best the world in security,gaming,statistics and probability. I was educated there and in Washington ,where I live, internet gambling is illegal here as it is in many states.Throughout Nevada casinos they have brochures they say “when the fun stops” identifying gambling addiction. Has gaming addiction become any different? This is not fun anymore. This is no game.

  2. Chad, I think there is an issue with your Cyclops Drum secret core recipe “Booming War Drum”. I’ve tried it twice now and no additional boosts. And it doesn’t come out being called “booming war drum” either. A little peeved here as I just tried twice with all gold materials…

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, not sure who Chad is but are you definitely using the correct type of powder and the correct type of bead? There are several different types as I’m sure you are aware. Before you craft it you should be able to see that there will be mystery boosts present (even though you won’t be able to tell which ones).

    • Sorry. Disregard that last message. I’m apparently a complete idiot. Was using an incorrect material.

  3. Haven’t done a lot of core crafting yet. Does it make a difference the order you select the pieces? If not, in the special sets, how are some getting twice the stats with the exact same setup?

  4. I miss my friends but I am done with GoW unless they remove the ToS (they won’t) and won’t spend again unless the game ceases to be “pay to win” (it won’t).

    There must be something else I can do with my time and money…hmmm, let me think…

  5. Nobody put a gun to any of our heads to buy anything in this game, I have spent quite a lot of money on this game, and for the most part it has been an enjoyable experience. All I really want is a stable platform, the crashing and lag are getting ridiculous. I realize this is a business and MZ is out for the money, and as long as we are buying packs they are making money. When it comes down to it, we the players have ALL of the control, if we dont buy packs MZ doesnt make money it is as simple as that. We must demand REAL fixes to the game and stand firm.

    • I couldn’t agree more… And I have held firm to that position since September 4th when they rolled out the update that broke the game for me and many others on the iOS. The Android users had similar experience on the 15th with same. And despite their posting in blog of supposed improvements and enhancements to the UI, the purported robust crash detection tool, and all the other nonsense, they’ve still failed miserably if they truly have made any effort to improve the stability of the game. Nothing noticeable has changed in that respect, – however, we now have a new TOS that stipulates amongst other things they aren’t to be held accountable or liable for stability issues with their product. – well, they may not want to be held accoutable, but we as users of their product are accountable for our own decision to spend any further money on this terribly flawed product… And frankly the lucky ones that happen to not be experiencing the chronic problems should take notice, because they are the ones still feeding the beast and if they don’t notice them dramatic drop in participation and population within their respective kingdoms then they aren’t paying attention. I am starting to get a good laugh within my own alliance… There are several that aren’t seeing the issues and scoffed at the boycott and continue to buy packs, etc… But they are the ones increasingly complaining about all of a sudden not getting helps or not enough people participating in kvk’s or are available for a rally and are acting dumb like they don’t know why… Its a shame they don’t wise up and realize just because they might not be experiencing the problems themselves, the problems so many others are having will and already are impacting them by lack of involvement of others. I’ve pissd a few off in my kingdom by pointing out they shouldn’t – they get offended if i suggest they shouldn’t continue spending like they have until MZ fixes the problems they introduced, but sadly the “it’s not happening to me, so I don’t care” mentality prevails.

      That’s okay – I see my and their kingdom being a candidate for a merge and it’s only 6 month old and relatively peaceful compared to some that I’ve heard about… We have NAP between kvk ke’s and ruling alliance and most all alliances doesn’t promote or tolerate breaking the nap… But yet the dead accounts are increasing rapidly.

      I predict this game will be reduced to a few kingdoms with 6 months – and that’s only if those left can provide enough revenue to support the operation. Game reviews are steadily heading to majority negative ratings and I am suprised Apple and Amazon haven’t actually pulled the POS from their distribution points. I hope they’d do so at some point – if for no other reason, to send clear signal to other crap ventures they won’t participate in the type of scheme MZ has created.

  6. The analysis I read last week about hyperinflation hit the nail in the head, I had noticed what MZ was trying to do prior to the report becoming available. Hyperinflation had everything to do with attempting to halt the transactions being placed outside the game because I believe a recent decision by US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) that defined bitcoin and virtual currencies as commodities. Consider what this would mean to MZ…..the GOW community had put a value on the virtual currency (gold, silver, food); this determination by the CFTC would now put MZ and all MMOs that have virtual currencies and virtual economies under the purview of the Securities and Exchange Commission. View articles below:



    If you have been a gamer for any length of time you will understand that the gaming industry has been fighting regulatory oversight for years.

    With the ease consumers have now to transfer funds easily between each other and exchange virtual currencies for real cash, MZ had essential created viable economy and MZ is the bank printing the money. The tax man will come eventually for their share. This is what MZ is trying to avoid by stating:

    “You agree that you have no ownership interest in your Game account or any In-Game Items associated with your account, regardless of whether you “earned” or “purchased” such In-Game Items. You agree that In-Game Items, including “Gold,” “Silver,” and any other virtual currencies within the Game are for personal non-commercial entertainment purposes, have no independent value outside of the Game, may not be redeemed for any cash value, and is simply a measurement of your limited license.”

    This state declares that MZ gives no value to your account or its printed currency in an attempt to put itself in a legal position to defend itself against regulatory bodies. Take a look at this excerpt from a report viewed on Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association (CAIA) website:

    “In contrast to a real currency, virtual currency is a medium of exchange that operates like a currency in some environments, but does not have all of the attributes of real currency. In particular, virtual currency does not have legal tender status in any jurisdiction.9”

    “Therefore, under the Bank Secrecy Act, virtual currency does not meet the criteria to be considered currency because it is not legal tender.10 Nevertheless; it acts as a substitute for
    real currency and can be exchanged for real currency.”11

    “Virtual currencies are also referred to as fiduciary currencies, which means that they have no intrinsic value (i.e. they are not backed by gold, silver, oil, wheat, or other commodities), and their value is determined by government fiat or the market price.”12

    “There are many different virtual currencies. For example, World of Watercraft (WoW) Gold, is used in a game designed by Blizzard Entertainment, and Linden Dollars are used in Second Life, a virtual community in an online game.13 Facebook Credits (FB) can be used to buy virtual goods on the Facebook platform, and Frequent-Flyer loyalty programs offer vouchers and bonus points that can be exchanged for flights.14 Bitcoin is a virtual currency that will be discussed in detail shortly.”


    The idea of virtual currency is debated in multiple reports by qualified educated individuals. The new MZ TOS is more than trying to take ownership of digital content away from consumers who make purchases; the new TOS is about MZ trying to disavow any acknowledgement of the virtual economy the GOW community has created.

    • Jugg – I had not thought of it in those terms you suggest, and reasons for, but it certainly gives one a thought to ponder. Even if that is the case, the end result is the same, the existing players in the game, particularly the long term player that has spent real legal tender currency, sometimes in significant amounts to build what they have in game are being ripped off and that leaves a raw feeling with most. I don’t like to think in conspiratorial ways, but it has crossed my mind if the chronic instability that the game has been plagued with in recent months that impacts many across all platforms isn’t being done purposely, or not being properly remediated as a means to achieving a significant reduction of customers and therefore mitigating their liability for losses. It’s hard for me to understand why a tech firm would continue to force an client app update down users throats like they did when it was immediately being reported the update caused problems for many… In short, if most people quit playing the game out of disgust with the games preformance they won’t have a motivation to get involved in anything legal against MZ that might develop in future regarding this. Additionaly, MZ can put anything they want in a terms of service but it really is not what their legal teams determine is enforceable, but what will be determined by a court as enforceable; – and they try to insulate themselves from the courts with forced arbitration clause being example. Most big corporations out there, particularly financial institutions like banks, credit card companies, etc… Have that type of thing in the fine print no one ever reads… That very thing is being challenged now and rightfully so… It’s incerted to insulate these firms from liability of class actions and not to make it easier for consumer John Doe to easily resolve a dispute. Its already been suggested – I think MZ is already facing threat of legal problems in several areas, one being gambling with the casino part of the game, hence their move of tech to Nevada where things as such are legal… They won’t publicly admit that is primary motivation (to mitigate liability exposure) for moving there, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize it was probably the primary reason for picking the location. Nevada is not known for its tech industry or data centers…. There are many more well established locations with infrastructure already in place for such…

      I just wish they would fix the damn app… It really is a piece of junk now and I am surprised Apple and Amazon hasn’t pulled it from their distribution points – it does not run on all the devices that meet the published system requirements.

      • Jeff,

        I to generally am not a huge believer in conspiracy theory, but after reading the great pieces on Inside Game of War the hamster wheel started turning. It just seems too coincidental that the sudden spike in pack payouts coincided with the decision from the CFTC. The IGOW pieces provided timeframe key data to demonstrate that these actions could be more than just a coincident.

        If there is always 1 rule of thumb and anything we can learn from recent corporate scandals, it is that if there is money involved a corporation will try to hold onto as much as they can doing whatever they can get away with.

  7. I think they should give us other stuff to cry about im tired of crying over the same stuff

  8. The article that was removed on this site was very good. Very long, but has a lot of thought into it. It is on reddit (.com) – search for 3n7001

    First, not sure I would say I feel sorry for MZ, as MZ can fix many of the items. Here is a good start:
    My thoughts/responses to the article would be:
    1) Fix some of the bugs
    A Interesting point made about the marketing Clash of Clans utilizes not having the pop up, which causes a huge start up lag.
    B) Crashing app. I think this is an issue with Apple they need to work on. I have an ipad (v2 I think 16 GB) and a Samsung S4. No issues with my Samsung phone, but applications issues on my ipad.
    2) Customer service – engage customer issues timely and with more than copy and paste automated responses.
    3) Slow down the pack hyperinflation (sure have holiday specials, but that is it).
    4) New Gear is part of the game, so rolling out new gear every 3-6 months is ok, Just watch the statistic inflation on those as well.
    5) unlocking value in accounts and making the alliance city more than a ‘waste’ of resources. Release a building for trading within the alliance (at least).

    The pack inflation related to RSS was an interesting point. Not sure I have any issues with MZ doing that, it is more the speed up/chests inflation that may be the concern.

    • Mark my words: MZ will never allow trading.

      Last week (before the terms of service forced me out of the game) I noticed an extremely large drop in the amount of gold coming from alliance gifts. My alliance is/was at gift level 22 (I think) and we have/had a lot of spenders so we were seeing many thousands in gold per day. Last week that went away.

      MZ was drying up the free gold, I think, to get rid of the rogue traders and force more people to buy more packs more frequently. If they allowed trading of items (materials, pieces, cores, etc) that would create an environment that would discourage increased pack purchases.

      Plus, the terms that are being forced on players specifically prohibits trading outside of normal in game methods (which are taxed thereby removing that portion from the game).

      BTW…is it fraud to offer something for sale (that isn’t specifically designated a limited use license) that you cannot exercise normal ownership rights over? I think it is fraud. When you spend real money on a pack that button you click on is labeled “Buy” not “Lease.” How can you buy something and not own it unless you have previously agreed that you aren’t really buying it?

      • Thought it was just my imagination, but I’ve also noticed a dramatic drop in free gold from monsters, gifts etc.

    • Profile photo of Rob

      The inflation issue IS a huge problem for those of us who purchased packs 6 months ago to finish research and build gear. Today’s cost is roughly 1/5 to accomplish the same thing. Total pyramid scheme.

      • Rob, I think about the pack inflation related to speed ups and RSS. The article mentions devaluing in game RSS trading, which large RSS in packs does (to a certain extent). The speed up inflation is something different. Could it have been MZ’s way of trying to get more ‘medium spenders’ in the game?

        Lets face it – when the game first came out, T4’s would cost you $10k (or something very expensive). So MZ offered more speeds per pack to get more people to T4. Which is a good idea. It is possible MZ went too far where you can get to T4 with one pack now. However there is so much research to complete that it takes a lot more packs to complete the research.

        There is a balance here – maybe MZ just hasn’t found it yet, or is there now.

      • Mz created the illusion of progress with t4. Now it is meaningless to unlock them without the Defense tree, a solid gear set, hero 60, and March tree research. So that collection of milestones is the “new” t4.

        The only thing you can really do with freshly unlocked t4 is to join rallies. You can’t solo attack or solo defend effectively without the new research and other assets. Not against a fully researched and equipped SH21, anyway.

      • I don’t even know about the solid gear set anymore. My alliance is one of the top 3 in the kingdom. Saw someone get rallied in full Kenochi Defensive gear. He was around 2B pwr ended up 1.2B ish. Each hit was around 80-100m pr loss for him.

        So he had 800m pwr in troops and the top standard gear on. I do think it is sad these cores are so strong that with ~ 25-30M T4 (10x the rally count) you still get beat.

        This game is only for those sitting on there application watching the whole time (aka traps). Shielding all the time or Spend 000’s of dollars to get 10 B pwr or more.

  9. I will not agree to MZ’s terms of service and therefore I am out of the game. Personally, I hope that MZ gets their ass handed to them in a class action lawsuit.


  11. Slag guy I want to know when MZ is rolling out the trading option? I’ve been hearing soon for 10 months now and it’s getting old especially in the light of the new attempt to ban trading among members of the kingdoms and waive the right to a trial by jury a fundamental constitutional right. Who do these people think they are. As far as I’m concerned if they attempt to do that, they are committing false advertising by claiming that we can trade but not being able to do so because they have failed to roll out that option.

    • Um, no offense website operator… Shaggy or whoever – But you have to be kidding right?

      Your website has blown up with comments about the latest on goings within the game, in the last couple weeks, not to mention the questions surrounding the removal of an article that was for the lack of better term – spot on… And you post this without addressing the issues that has everyone up in arms?? If you have been influenced, threatened, or the like and intend to become a MZ apologist, cheerleader, and act as a if head is in sand as those at MZ obviously do about what everyone has problems with, then I dare suggest as good as some of your content is on the site regarding aspects of the game, you’ll lose viewership as quick if not quicker than the game is losing players. I already suspect the realgowtips website has decided to be a MZ suck up – I hope you’re not heading down same path?

      Say it isn’t so!!!

      • If Mz did indeed roll on this blog with lawyers, then it’s not very courageous to be an armchair critic. The American legal system is heavily slanted towards those who can spend the most. Stepping up wouldn’t just take guts, it would take a considerable bankroll. Who would really want to get dragged into court over a video gaming blog?

      • Oh, I agree and I am not trying to be armchair critic… But there isn’t any grounds for a gag order to prevent the followers from learning from the website operators and article authors that is indeed what happened and let us make informed decisions based on that. Lawyers can threaten a ham sandwich – that’s what they do.. But as scary as they can sound no one goes to jail or even court because they voiced or wrote an opinion piece.

        The business as usual supporting the game economics is what I am thinking. This website helps drives their pack sales… Think about that next time you read one of the articles – cause to do anything like follow a recipe for a killer core requires the pieces and most come from the packs… Why give them free publicity with a continuation of that kinda thing?

    • Mz will never allow trading. Never. That’s just my personal opinion, but here’s how I reached it.

      If you could trade materials, that would allow people to cobble together blue flames, ripped hearts, and other rare materials. What incentive would spenders have to keep buying packs? The same goes for cores and pieces. Once Mz allows for materials trading, their pack sales would plummet, and why would they ever consider that? As an additional side effect, even low level punks in big alliances would be gifted powerful leftover materials from the big spenders, removing their need to spend as well.

      If you could easily trade rss across kingdoms for gold, gifts, or rss, then that would also limit Mz’s ability to extract money from people with packs. Silver and food are the main drivers of cash spending for rss, but they want you to purchase directly, not farm or trade for it.

      We will never see anything that allows materials trading or efficient inter-kingdom rss trading. Period. Internal alliance trading for materials, probably only a distant possibility in the most optimistic scenario.

      • You can still trade rss with other players or get it from farms. But you can’t buy it for real money from non-MZ sources.

      • Ted,
        I agree there may be a drop in pack sales, however that is why MZ releases newer, better permanent gear every 3 months (Was Xena gear, then Phoenix fire age, then samurai and Collosus).

        Your point on cores may only be temporary. Agree again, the big spenders will combine cores & pieces and have additional sets to use. However, those sets will be used quickly and the big spenders will need to buy packs to replenish their inventory of cores and pieces.

        I think this is why MZ has made this more of a Core game now vs. T4 troops and gear as it was a year ago.

        In summary I think trading will drop pack sales (which MZ is probably resistant too) but it will only be temporary. Whether MZ wants to weather the temporary lull of pack sales to please the gaming public is the decision.

      • Back in the June 18th article, Machine Zone Reveal Their Long Term Plans for Game of War, there was a letter released between StayAlive and MZ. He mentioned that he didn’t like the fact that new equipment was being released at such an alarming rate. They claimed, “We have had no plans to slow down because were (we’re) creating a cross kingdom trading system for cores and materials.” The way I read it, they were claiming that it was supposed to be ready at the end of summer. I’m sure they are having a hard time figuring out how to tax the trades and placing a value on each item to be traded.

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