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Secret Core Recipes in Game of War

Mystery Core Recipes in Game of Warsecret core recipes

We have started putting together a list of the secret core recipes in Game of War. If you follow one of these recipes you will receive the bonus boosts in addition to the normal boosts. Some of these are pretty nice and well worth assembling when you can. The size of the bonus boost is dependant on the core you use  – please let me know if you find any more! (Note: The additional boosts are approximate and based on level 6 cores.)



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  1. Where from I can get soft sponge?

  2. There is talk of a new core that is breaking doves. Is this true and if so what items does it take?

  3. Can u put more info about how to defend wonder .. What core is more useful

  4. Which traps are considered t4 regular and strategic?

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