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Samurai Set Gear – New Gear Coming Soon

Samurai-Set-GearA brand new range of Set Gear is soon to be released. Whilst some of the details are TBD and even if some of the stats were to slightly change between now and the release, you can already get the feel that this would be a very good set of war gear to have. There looks to be 5 new materials that will be required to make the pieces. We would hope to see this set released very shortly.

Samurai Set Gear 1 Samurai Set Gear 2 Samurai Set Gear 3 Samurai Set Gear 4 Samurai Set Gear 5 Samurai Set Gear 6 Samurai Set Gear 7 Samurai Set Gear 8 Samurai Set Gear 9



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  1. Samurai vs colossus gear …wich is better?

  2. I quit GOW a few weeks ago, and it has been a real breath of fresh air to reclaim so much time in my life – time to spend with family, exercise, read, learn, pursue hobbies, more fully enjoy the outdoors, you name it. I respect the decision of anyone to continue to play this game, and I sincerely wish you the best of gaming experience and fun, but it just is no longer for me.

    I sat down one night recently and really gave some thought about the vicious cycle of relentless pursuit that MZ sets up for this game – it’s much like a pyramid scheme, with constant introduction of new “bells and whistles” in that game that have the sole purpose of diluting the pool of useful items one can assemble to build something that can help in the game. I really grew tired of the game and its premise of un-ending research trees, constant introduction of new monsters with items and materials that one can never really complete to craft the latest weapon or whatever, and obvious (although slick and sneaky) programming of scarcity for the items that you happen to need the most to craft anything of value. That coupled with the fact that it used to be a fun game where you did not have to be worried about being shielded 24/7 and your alliance could actually pitch in together and fight other alliances who were more or less equally matched. Now it’s just a sham game where the players with the most money band into the most powerful alliances and dominate a whole kingdom.

    The only thing I miss about GOW is the personal interactions with my alliance mates… a nice crew of people. But all of this can and should be done in the real world with family, friends, and meeting new folks. Otherwise, I enjoy my new-found freedom. Wishing much fun and enjoyment to all of you who still play, and I respect your decisions and how you choose to spend your money and time. But for me, I am glad I gave it up.

  3. I’ll pass on smash ion this time

  4. MoreMoneyMorePowerNoBrains

    The game is going downhill faster than ever before. As soon as people spend loads of money to get the newest OP gear, they release an newer , even more OP set. This New Xenas Gear is so OP it makes Cores outside Wonders almost entirely pointless. And 80% chance to craft is 0% chance on anything newer than and including Valentine Gear . Its so bad its poster boy golden child StayAlive is complaining. If things dont change,and fast, there will be an massive hemorrhage of spenders leaving the game and leading to game death. It was only an matter of time, the Super Bowl wave of new downloads was the tipping point. If MZ was capable of thinking long-term instead of how to constantly come up with new ways to rip off its customers , it would be right up there with Clash of Clans instead of losing ground. Their solution is to charge those still playing more to play competitive ,which can only lead to game death when theres no one left to play

    • Agreed totally, see my post above. Not to mention the very obvious scarcity of many different items needed to craft a specific set (monster killing gear, for instance), unless big $$ is dropped to purchase packs that will supply these extremely rare items. MZ has clearly been programming in a “limiting dilution” strategy – introduce more research trees, introduce more monsters, introduce more variables and complexity, which in turn dilute the already scarce pools of free resources and make an essentially endless cycle of pursuit (demand) for which the supply cannot keep up.

  5. Profile photo of x Anarchy xx

    20 packs would only get you 2 pieces with the current rare material drop settings, even the core pieces are now rare. I suggest a pack purchase strike. starting june 22 ending june 30th we need more for our money not a lottery system that is against us. The only way for change is to take it. We are the community. We need change!!!

  6. How much needed to get this all new materials set? 20 packs probably? Thanks MZ for nothing

  7. Cause God forbid they reuse mats. Ugh.

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