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Ring in 2018 with the New Year Avatar Collection Event

Warrior, prepare yourself for battle. As the New Year begins you must be ready to show your War face
and fight for all that you believe in.
Make it clear to your enemies how much you have learned in the past year be participating in the New
Year’s Avatar Collection Event.
Every day will bring different objectives for you to complete. These objectives will test your resolve and
bring out the true warrior spirit within you. Embrace this opportunity to show the world how much
stronger you have become in 2017, and what new skills you have refined in the past year of adventure!
If you succeed in reaching these goals, you earn a shot at the daily Exclusive Avatar that culminates in
the New Year.
Reveal the True Extent of Your Skills
The New Year is yours for the taking as long as you complete the following challenges laid down to you
from on high:
 Collect as many Athena Gifts as you can find
 Gather all the support from those scattered through the Kingdom. The time is now to call in all
those you have protected and fought with over the past year.
 Attack the monsters who haunt the Kingdom
 Train troops and mythical creatures to be as strong as they have ever been
Every challenge you successfully complete will take you one step closer to receiving the FULL New Year’s
Avatar Collection. Only one brave warrior will receive this reward, so you must harness all your energies
and complete these challenges as fast as your legs can carry you.
But that is not all.
You must fight with renewed vigour because there are incredible boosts to be won for those most
ambitious among you. Fight to be amongst the select few to win the FULL collection and get access to
these boosts:
 22.5TT% Resolute Defense
 22.5TT% Defense Annihilation
 11KTT% Unstoppable Attack
 4.5TT% Super Troop Attack Bonus
 5T% Mythical Creature Attack
Check your event page tab every single day for more tips on how to win these AVATARS.
This opportunity only comes once a year, Warrior! If the long days of battle have worn your supplies
thin, you best stock up at the Gold Store on all the boosts and weapons a warrior needs to face their

destiny in battle. Win these Avatars over in style and signal to the world you are a force to be reckoned


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