1. T6 strat are best

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    Roger what’s the nerf ratio for t4, t5 and t6 can you help please

  3. I totally agree with you Colleen. I am having a heck of a time trying to hunt down what the newest baddest gathering troop type. While I know farming/gathering is a dated feature of the game, but I am all about getting every bit of the freeness that is available out of MZ.?

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    With T6 troops out are T3’s even worth it?

  5. Page needs to be updated for Wild troops, along with T5 and T6 troops.

  6. No ratio for t3/t4

  7. Are t2’s worth keeping. Apart from being meat shields, i lose hundreds of millions from t5 attacks and cannot cap because i lose so much.
    And no i am not nerfed.

  8. T2 troops are best. T4 only good for fighting (attacking) so not many needed

  9. Level 5 troops is that what training garrison is referring too?

  10. I don’t see anything about what tier the Trojan horse is, wth?

  11. I did not see Trojans, wild troops or traps. Definitely need to update.

  12. What’s the ratio to train T3/T4 only?

  13. How do you increase your wall traps capacity both strategic and regular. I’m maxed out at 155,000 level 21 walls. Is there more research and is it worth it?

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    Can you update the Troops List to include the Wild Troops, thanks

  15. Which is better: Strategic troops, Regular troops or Wild troops.

  16. Does the 2% troop attack bonus to troops from villa for example also apply to wall traps ?

  17. I’m a lvl 52 hero and I now have t4 troops. But they take so long to train. Is there a piece of equipment that I can forge that can significantly reduce the training time?

  18. Are Trap Accounts Even Effective Anymore? I Heard They No Longer Are Thats Why I Ask

    • Traps are incredibly effective still. They only serve a purpose in kill events so if you are the type of player who likes to attack players at other times, I suggest having multiple sets.

    • Yes but the troop setup has changed and now that there is such good attack gear/cores you basically need have really good homemade focusing on defense and as much debuff you can fit

  19. I recently unlocked steam cannons. I have all the food, wood & ore required but I cannot build even one unit. When I click on the option to build, it displays an egg timer (sand clock) & shows a counter of 0:44 – I’m guessing that this denotes that the real build time for each unit is 44 seconds. I have no other items being built yet the system only displays a value of 1 so I must be missing something; I just don’t know what it is. I went to this page to find some help but I read nothing on this page that clarified my awareness. Is it possible that I must research & unlock arrow walls too?

  20. how do I increase resources for building strategic traps. it seems arbitrary.

    • You will need to upgrade your barracks to train more troops, that will increase your rss. You can also build more barracks also, but you should have them maxed on on level to match your SH level. For instance, Strong Hold level 15, all other buildings in Strong Hold including Barracks should be level 15.

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    So, what is the main power difference or advantage of regular traps and troops vs strategic? The power looks to be the same across.

  22. Geez. Will MZ PLEASE COME FORWARD and fix some of these problems. Let’s pretend for a moment that this game is based on “the days of old”. Traps were VERY IMPORTANT, and were not easily killed. An Enemy had to defeat ALMOST ALL TRAPS before they could enter the stronghold, and kill troops. Traps would probably have killed troops at a rate of at least 10-1. MZ, please admit some failures in your game design, and create ways to “put it back to where it should be”. You’ve increased trap quantity because you saw “some errors”. We will all be MUCH HAPPIER, if you are actually able to ADMIT mistakes, and correct them as quickly as possible. To make up for the cost people have incurred in a different direction, you can use “trap speedups”, like you are currently using a global speedup. TRAPS should be more expensive, and time consuming to build, but they should be much more powerful, not a “neglected afterthought”. Remember Arcamides, Leonardo Da Vinci, and others.

  23. I didn’t see it on this specific page regarding hospitals: (Hospital Beds Used
    t1 =1
    (but I found it on insidegameofwar elsewhere)

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      Hi, all troops use one bed. This was just highlighting that as T4 and T1 both use one bed, T4 are much more efficient in terms of hospital space used.

  24. how do iron bricks stack up to war bricks they have very similar stats

  25. Slaggy, maybe I’m being dense but how does trap salvaging calculate and how does enemies attack affect it? I have trap salvaging researched to level 10 on all levels of traps as well as trap luck to level 10 as well. Was attacked, traps provided some help but not much, but the real problem was the trap salvaging. I figured at worst I would need to rebuild 20-25% traps and could salvage the rest considering the amount of research obtained and the information MZ provides as such. Not the case at all, only managed to salvage 9k out of 125k traps, 7%?!? That was disappointing to see considering the time invested in researching salvaging. Enlighten me please.

    • There is also a metric of luck that goes into how many traps can be salvaged. Look at trap salvage value as the maximum amount and luck is basically a multiplier to salvage between 0 and 1. There is a random metric to the luck multiplier and the higher your luck research the more likely (although not guaranteed) that that multiplier be closer to 1 than to zero. At least thats how I believe it works under very limited testing.

    • I think this may also depend on trap level. Based on you saying you have level 10 researched in all of them I am assuming you have tier 4 troops, however if you have a lower tier traps than defending troops from what I’ve seen (and may just be luck) more are destroyed.

      • @bdubs, @slaggy, this attack was almost a month ago now but still haven’t found anyone who can answer it for certain. Traps were a combination of T3/4. I understand from following Silverhair’s guide to turtle accounts that traps can almost be considered another troop type of the same level, meaning T3 Trap is another T3 Troop type in a sense, etc. My problem with the whole thing is that MZ makes the statement about salvage percent and luck percent when researching. But once obtained and subsequently used in a battle it does nothing more than if I had researched only a few levels of salvaging and or luck. Traps are costly and slow to build, salvaging and luck is also costly and long to research, so to have results of only 7% traps salvaged is unacceptable.

  26. any opinions or evidence that strategic traps any better vs mixed armies….maybe this is covered elsewhere?

  27. Great job Slaggy. Thanks for the fixes. Three are still broken: Steam%20Cannon, Rolling%20Wall, and Sentry%20Tower

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    Sorry, only just read these comments. Should all be fixed now.

  29. I’m sorry to be such a pain but I found more broken links for the traps:
    Archer Tower Boiling Tar Steam Cannon Burning Rocks Spiked Barricade Greek Fire

    Strategic Traps
    Iron Bricks Defense Tower Rolling Wall Ballista Tower Longbow Tower
    Arrow Wall War Barricade Flaming Cart Smoke Bomb

  30. Broken Link:
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    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/littlefe/gow/wp-content/themes/sahifa/template-troops-traps.php on line 155

  31. Broken Links:
    Battering Ram
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    These are also broken with similar messages:
    Light%20Cavalry Skirmish%20Archers Skirmish%20Archers Companion%20Cavalry
    Armored%20Pikemen Siege%20Tower War%20Elephant

  32. What are the hospital healing rss costs?

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