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    Where do you find this item?? I haven’t seen it in the 3 months I’ve been playing and its not listed in the GoW store.

  2. What’s the new max march size ? I heard about 22 mil troops into 1 rally… true?

  3. What is the total time that it takes to research all trees without any boosts? I’m just curious.

    • The 27 was a messed up day for me. I tried in vain to raisey shield but was shown an icon that Mz would extend all peace shields for up to 24 hours. Consequently my account was drained. Could you see what happened and let me know why they lied?

    • Without the new March research I came up with 805,862 days 18 hours 1 minute and 38 seconds.

      • Now about 3,652,518 Days 20 Hours 22 Minutes and 50 Seconds with Wild troops and level 13 March. That’s over 10k years. Also takes over 150 billion wood and stone, almost 160 billion ore, just shy of 200 billion food, and 193 billion silver. Doing all research with the maximum boost available (the new chancellor gear with all set bonus research done, scholar and architect gems and a 30% boost) your looking at about $5500 with the current packs for speed ups.

  4. My top level academy even says MAXED OUT I have nothing to unlock. It’s all done except for these that are locked. I am getting fricking pissed at everyone assuming I am missing something. I am NOt for godsake and fricking Mz won’t respond to emails or requests for help here

    • just for giggles, check again to see…is your stronghold and any other requisite buildings also at the correct level? are there any other prerequisite research items that need to be completed (even from another tree)? and so on. so you have researched everything you can and you have billions in resources, so what? if there are other prereq’s and they aren’t completed then you are missing something. i have the newest version of the game (barely a week old) and i don’t have anything locked up that shouldn’t be, nor do any of the players i play with.

      i know you said you checked, but you didn’t note in your posts (any of them) that you ALSO checked the requirements for the buildings and items and other research that might be missing that you need. if you have all the resources and all the items and all the buildings upgraded and all the connected research and you’re not already researching something else…then you got an issue. if not, then you are missing something.

      of course, in all of this, depending on time of turnaround at MZ, it doesn’t excuse them from not responding to you. if it is a bug you are experiencing hopefully they can get you back on the right track.

    • I’ve got a 4 billion acct…my March tree is locked at level 9 for everything also except for the new researches. What’s up with that??

      • You need all research up to rally time to level 9 to be able to research the level 10… and then you can start the new tree

  5. This is really frustrating. I have use all resources on and over 70 billion in all resources except silver (6bil) available in game/used. So resources aren’t the issue. It’s simply padlocked. Everything is maxed out

  6. I’m halfway to get my March tree finished, ,just had a look to see if I could remember which one upgrades first,the one I got into was denied because I didn’t have the correct amount of food out so the padlock was there, then I started clicking them on after I loaded up with food and the padlock went away, honestly mate ,you’ll get it done bro

  7. No man, ALL research is completed to level 9, there is no more level 9s to do. The level 10s have still not unlocked

  8. When do you think the Defense Tree and the Set Bonus Tree will be updated with the requirements for each level of each research?

  9. We have been competing in several Kvk events now for a few months. The latest just this past weekend was against 7 kingdoms. Our kingdom for reasons unknown does not have the last part of the defense tree unlocked however many of the kingdoms we fought against had it not only started but for some, completed, as we saw in the battle reports. This is a trend we have noticed with several Kvk events. Why is that our kingdom does not have access to this defense research while others do and why would we be matched against them? Outlanders have a tremendous advantage over us and we are immediately set up for failure.

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      Every account should be set up the same. The only advantages that an older kingdom will have is time on there side. They have had longer to research through the trees. All the research trees are the same on each account as far as I am aware i have old 2 year old + accounts as well as brand new accounts and all the trees are the same.
      If there are parts of the tree that are locked it will be that you have not met the perquisites to unlock them – usually meaning that extra re-research will be needed.

      • No this is not what he is saying. We have this issue too. Our academy says all research is maxed out. But all level 10 research for March presets in set bonus is locked and all level 10s in March research tree are locked and there is no explanation at all, and emails to mz for answers go 100 percent unanswered. These research trees have locked down and the master level of the academy actually says research maxed out

  10. How many $100 packs i need for complete the research from 1.5 billion to 2.66 billion? the defense completed %85 set bonus completed %35 the rest is %100

  11. lol. How about “Resistance to the Debuff Resistance to be Resisted by anyone capable of resisting the resistance”……and a free Mickey Dee’s cheeseburger. lol

  12. So i unlocked full set 7 bonus with 2nd & 3rd normal acc. & I reset special bonus under on preset & yes all 7 pieces are Legendary. But its still only glowing white, not gold. What am I doing wrong?

  13. Could you describe how presets work and what costs gold?

    Also using sets of gear how to do this and what costs? Any recommended research level to be at to be worth it etc. Thanks

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      Once you have presents unlocked you are able to equip a set of gear (helm, amour, feet, accessories x 3 & weapon) there are 20 presents currently available to unlock. each set you can allocate what ever gear you wish as well as allocate all your hero skills as you wish. Until you unlock VIP 13 using a hero preset will cost you 1000k Gold (or you can purchase from your alliance store with loyalty) however once you reach VIP 13 you can equip the presets for free.

      regarding sets you need to craft as a minimum the base set (5) in legendary gear. Once you have completed the research on the set bonus tree your hero will glow white giving you the additional boost shown in the stats. Once you research further and unlock full set (7) research, and you are able to craft the additional 2 accessories in that set your hero will then glow yellow / gold. The boosts on the full set are greater than the base set.

      You are able to see the costs of these researches through our research tool.

  14. What research branch gives you the most power to research?

  15. What are the requirements to make Hero background glow gold?

  16. When topping up a heros energy, the max is 10,000. So why are the energy boosts sold in 20,000 and 50,000 quantities? It’s like paying to fill a 20 gallon gas tank, but your car only hold 10. It doesn’t make sense – so what am I missing?

  17. So is there anyway to raise training capacity past the research? Like with gear or gems?

  18. My march tree is locked, is there any way to unlock it ? I researched to lvl 9 in the first for tiers then it locked with crossed chains and padlock in middle

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      You must get the whole tree to level 9. When you finally get down to rally reduction level 9 the tree will unlock all the level 10’s.

      • No MHY that is not true. my academy says all research maxed. ALL my March research tree is level 9, and all Level 10s are padlocked with no information at all about why or what the requirement is to unlock them. This also causes two areas of my Base Set research tree to lock down, march presets 1-10 are locked saying I have to complete the level 10s in march research, and my Specialized Troop Attack Bonus level 10 is locked saying I have to complete level 10 in March presets. EVERYTHING else is completed in ALL research trees, and while these show as locked and incomplete – my Acadamy main level says research is MAXED OUT.

  19. Hello, Whats the requirement for Ranged Health Debufg Resistance Level 5? I cant find this anywhere.

  20. First off, great site! It has helped me tremendously. I did notice something today and couldn’t find anything on it here or anywhere for that fact. On the boost in your stronghold there is a Research Resource Reduction Cost boost right near the top. I don’t remember seeing this before, how do you unlock it? Is it research, gear, gems, etc? Any help with this would be great as the silver costs between the high level research and crafting is starting to kill me.

  21. Thank you for your answer but..you can’t find out like that because you need the base set bonus with cores at lvl 5 to unlock the first specialised research,so to unlock lvl 2 you need lvl 6 on base set with cores?or once you unlock the specialised researches the requirement are other specialised researches only?

  22. What research levels you need to unlock the presets in the set bonus research tree?

    • The easy answer for what is required for any research is, simply click on it. It will tell you the requirements. Then click on the research required to unlock to see what you need for that. Keep working your way back.

      • Hero Preset II lvl 1 requires Full Set (7) Bonus 2nd/3rd Core accessories lvl1
        Full Set (7) Bonus 2nd/3rd Core accessories lvl1 require Specialized Troop Attack Bonus lvl 5
        Specialized research lvl2 requires normal Base Sets to be lvl6
        So it looks like Set tree research is similar to march tree research in that you will be doing a lot of
        back and forth to get to Preset

  23. How do I craft upkeep reduction gear and or craft best equipment for research and hero attack

    • Upkeep reduction can be achieved with any Fire Age helm. With the Firelord helm and a small upkeep reduction boost you will be food positive at any troop count.

      The best research gear is Magister set gear, but the best research gear you can also use to fight are Fire Age helms, Reaper Hood (halloween set), Phoenix Breastplate (fire age ranged). Rabbit Boots, 3 chalices, and a scythe or jade sword round out the set flr a basic research kit.

      Attack is a big topic covered a lot of places. I like fire age gear, but there are a lot of options covered in depth on the site.

  24. Does anyone now the requirements for Hospital Capacity II Levels 6, 7, and 8? I am trying to decide whether it will be more beneficial to max hospital capacity I (already at 9 so 32% more beds from 10%) out or work through level 8 of hospital capacity II which fo (5,6,7,8 provides 37.30% increase to beds) I am assuming I will need pretty much everything before it to be 9.

    • Went ahead and chanced it prevailed!! Instead of marching to Hospital Cap I level 10 i took the Hospital Cap II to level 8 saving about 3000 days of speeds from where I was in the tree. You need level 8 Infantry Attack Debuff Resistance for both Hospital Capacity II Level 7 and 8. For Infantry Attack Debuff Resistance Level 7 and 8 you needed Level 8 Ranged and Cavalry Debuff Resistance. So it appears you can level to 8 in most of the bottom of the tree without leveling everything else to 9.

  25. Will you be adding in the requirements? I find it quite useful for planning on whether I can get to a certain point in the tree?


  26. Arcade Gamer Girl

    The requirements doesn’t seem to be displaying for the defense and set bonus tabs x

  27. How to make hero glow with this set bonus research ?

  28. This one tree takes 690 years to complete by itself. How can this game still be called a free to play game, it obviously can’t be truley plaid without pay.

  29. Nevermind looks like that’s already here. I never knew that. Awsome and thanks

  30. I am think a great addition to this website would be links that show you each research tree, how much silver and days it takes to complete and how much power you get. This would be so helpful in deciding which tree to start work on completing next and how many packs you need to buy to be there. Any chance in that being added I e day soon?

  31. We need the set bonus added here! Thank you

  32. Is there an easy way to figure out the base time to complete an entire research tree? I’m still at SH14, but have 6,000 days saved up, I’m trying to decide whether I want to unlock Rally Speed Reduction or the sixth piece core.

    Thanks for the great info.

    • You’ll want T4 first, if you bother with rally reduction time. And you’ll only need that of you will be a rally team leader. Leaders of rally teams need lots of good research and gear first. So I’d say go with the cores first

    • Cheese,
      You can not have rally reduction or 6th piece cores at sh14 obviously but 6000 days is an amazing start lol however make sure to do the right infernos. The ones lately are really horrible and are not worth going after. With the right infernos you will be making a lot of those speedups back and can generally win 4 to 10 30day speedups between speedups and gold. Good Luck to ya! Feel free to add me in game if you have any questions!

  33. Hi how are you ? Lately I want to use my presets and I can’t I was rallying with hero and wanted to switch to my core preset and gave me a message that I couldn’t use them (presets) … I have all maxed out

  34. When I want to reach a prize threshold in a research-based event, I’m using speedups to get it done quickly. But I wish I knew what the power/research-time ratio is. For instance, if I can get 15,000 power for 18 hours, versus another research task that gives me 3750 power for 1 day 7 hours, it’s an easy choice. But I find that these ratios are all over the place. Is there a way to use the information on this site to find the best ratios available to me, before my inferno runs out?

  35. When are you going to add the set bonus research?

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    Hey Shaggy, what is the formula used for caluclating how much time comes off with each help? Appreciate the feedback.

    • 1% of current time left. So use speeds after helps.

    • It’s 1% or 1 minute whichever is longer. It’s 1% on the total remaining amount, not the total amount. Since the total amount goes down with each help you do not quite shave off 25% with 25 helps. The number ends up being 77.8% (.99^25) of the total research time is left after 25 helps.

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      Thanks for the feedback. I thought that’s what it was, but wasn’t 100% sure.

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    Hey guys, is there a way to speed up the loading? My load bonus went from 30% to 120% with new gear and I didn’t see an increase in the amount a specified number of troops could carry OR the speed at which it was loaded… so what’s going on? Am I missing something? thx!

  38. Great site!!!!!! I’d like to work on the Defense research but the the requirements is missing information. Is there are timetable on when it will be filled in? Thanks

  39. thank you. that was painless quick and to the point.

  40. As of today, “Hero Preset II” is available via the “Set Bonus” research. It has some requirements of course, and those required researches require still other researches…

    Here is the question that would be awesome if insidegameofwar.com could do an article on:
    Is it cheaper to get hero presets done via the old March research, or via the new Set Bonus research?

    You would need to go through all the prerequisites needed to unlock presets via each tree, and add up the cost in time and resources, and the total power gained via each option. But if you could do this, it would be EXTREMELY valuable info for pretty much everyone. I know it will take some legwork, but please do it ASAP!


    • Please look up whether Set research is faster than March research to get to hero presets! Pretty please?

    • Hi SgtSteel, I just recently unlocked the hero presets in Set Bonus tree and have a few from the march tree as well. I read this post long ago and kept it in mind while working my way down the tree. In order to get the presets unlocked you must get base set 5 regular and core to level 8, all the specialized bonuses to level 7, and then you will be able to get the troop attack bonus to level 5. Even then, you will only be able to unlock two presets unless you level the specialized attack to 6, in which case you will receive a third.

      The set bonus research is by no means easy or cheap, and it seems a little stingy when it comes to power.

      In contrast, the march tree is obviously expensive but gives decent power for infernos. Once you reach the presets, you can unlock 4 of them with ease

      To conclude, it depends on the type of player you want to be and which tree of research appeals to you most, as neither are very easy.

      • Presets: Set Research vs. March Research. Answered.

        I finally went ahead and did the Set Research Tree to unlock presets. Here are the results.

        Set Research Presets: 98 Million research power to unlock. These take very large amounts of speeds for little power in return, so they are expensive and give low rewards from events.

        March Research Presets: 82 Million research power to unlock. These are also expensive, although not nearly as expensive as Set Research.

        Bottom line: If you just want Hero Presets, the March Research is cheaper, and will give you less total power (so better for turtles). Set research would be a superior way to get Hero Presets ONLY if you intend to use set gear.

        Too bad I guessed wrong and went with the Set Research. I hope no one else has to make that mistake.

      • thank you guys, thats helped me an I’m close to done it from the march tree researches (3800 days) to get it.

  41. Can’t use my 30 day boosts…anyone know why that would be?

  42. i just want to know what is max research %. Just gear and hero skill points. I have mostly all top gear all gold (reaper hood, Mammoth curicass, rabbit boots, Jade legend and chalicesX3. i max out at 294% while others in my alliance have over 300% with lesser gear need to figure out what im missing. Thanks

    • 322 non relic 9% higher if u craft all those samuri accessories which i wouldnt because they will release better gear soon

    • Make sure your hero skills are set to research mine weren’t and had 208% and after they were it’s was 320%

    • there are two different places to read your boost %. One is on your hero screen> boosts, the other is on your power screen> boosts. The hero screen boost is always lower and represents just rhe boost provided by the hero.

  43. Hi what is this? I am not getting the meaning? Is This Any Hack?

  44. I have a SH18 and when I click on the Marksman in research it says research now for 160k gold. I have enough gold to do that. Will it let me train those troops at SH18 if I research now?

  45. hi could you please add a research %column, where we input our research bonus we get the actual time needed for us to complete the research. Also the ascending order is not proper at the level column please try to input the numbers as 01,02…..10. that might fix things. thanks in advance you guys help me a lot 🙂

  46. Slaggy, thanks for getting all the Defense research posted.

    Would you please fix the “total boost” you list? The first half of the tree you have the totals wrong, although you got it right in the new sections you just posted.
    Also, can you post the requirements for each level of the new research? That’s what I really need to see to decide how far into the defense tree I want to go.


    • Profile photo of Slaggy


      They look ok to me – which one is incorrect?

      • Looks like they are all right now. Thanks!

        Please don’t forget to put the research requirements up for each level when you get a chance!

        Thanks for all the work.

      • Fourth Gem Slot in Normal Helm Equipment power is posted wrong. It shows 2,675,300 but it suppose to be 12,675,300 so please correct it. Thanks

  47. When will the defense tree be ready? I want to see how much speed ups I need to research the whole tree.

  48. I’m not sure if you have answered this question. I’m 1.6bil with 1.05bil research, I like being a rally leader and have the best gear. With the new defense tree I’m curious about the resistance portion. If I have the same debuffs as someone else, wouldn’t they cancel out?

  49. any chance the new Defense tree research information (ranged, infantry, cavalry defense debuff resistance) (cavalry, ranged, infantry health debut resistance) will be posted any time soon?

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    I’ve only looked at a couple of the Defense Tree research and I think you are adding up the total boost 2x, where it says “The Total ____ Benefit available by researching all the levels is: ___%” above the graph. You are adding up the bonus in each level and then adding each together again for the Total bonus.

  51. I’ve research everything on the March tree to level 9 all the way down to Hero Preset. Just when I thought I’d be able to start Hero Preset research, the whole tree has become locked again. Everything in the top section has locks and big black number 10 on it; from Hero Preset down they all have locks on them. I have billions of rss. Do you know what gives? Very frustrating!

    • You have to unlock everything in the march tree to level 9 before the level 10s open up.

      • like me he had already got everything to level 9 and then it locked. Nothing in the march tree now can be changed All are locked ! Bug?

  52. Do you loose research when you change alliances? I just made a move and discovered that research I had done will now have to be redone.

  53. Thanks for getting the Defense Tree up! The benefits you list for each research in the Defense Tree are the cumulative benefits you have by the time you complete that level. So for example, when you complete all Hospital research, you have +80% capacity. But you list the TOTAL benefits incorrectly, by adding up all of the numbers that were already cumulative. Please go back and fix what you list as the total boost, and make clear that your chart is showing the cumulative boost you would have at that level, not the amount of additional boost you get from that level.

  54. Everyone that is complaining, stop. The game has always been like this, and they will not change it. You don’t like it? So what. They aren’t going to change it just for you. It would be unfair to the players that actually did pay for these researches, and have completed them WITHOUT complaining. Yes, it is a spenders game, pay to win, etc. etc. But you can still play casually without complaining about stupid things such as research.

  55. Where can I find the new defense tree research calculator !

  56. Maybe a dumb question. What all do you add up to know your true attack, health and defense? In preset stats with a specific troop type cores, example: strategic ranged attack set of cores, troop type attack 1700%, troop attack 400%, hero 268%, health 1100% and defense 1000%….my question is do you add all the attacks up troop type, troops and hero for 2368% attack power? Or is there more to add to it like the research for that troop type in strategic combat tree which would be 131% more to add and March tree for troop attack which would be another 30% add to troop attack..same goes for health and defense..I just want to know the right way to do it and teach other members of game of war..Ty in advance

    • Profile after setting hero skill tree and gear check boosts but not in hero go to profile and check that way you get hero skill gear a research boost

  57. peter mcwilliams

    how come it takes so long to get presets with all that research downed, its unfair i had to buy more gold for speed ups but didnt have enough, i think its a bit much to say lvl 9 356 days and its like this always,pure rip off at £80 A SHOT an d youever get free 30 days speedups or 7 daspeedups its totally unfair. same as trying to research accadamy lv21, you must have everyting at lvl 21 prison etc. upgrades take forever, can you please fix it as i have spent nearly £750 in gold, can you fix this, i play on an ipad

    • Dude… This site is run by someone who plays not by Machine Zone. Send feedback through the game to MZ. THey are a bunch of greedy gremlins.

      • completely agree with steve. I say we all flood MZ’s complaint box with coplaints about how cheap they are. then continue to buy over priced packs for an arm and a leg… Its all about supply and demand, if we all stopped buying packs for a week game makers would freak out and actually listen to the players for once

  58. How soon will you be able to get the info for the new Defense research up here?

  59. I don’t understand how each level of March size increase can be 500000%? What is up with that?

  60. new defence research. damn! how many times we do this research? lol. another money for mz. tell me which research is not in the previous research tree? haha. i wont do this.

  61. Why does my March Research tree show ” Requirements Not met” with a Chain and Lock and the number 10 in black on my maxed out tiles?

    • You have to finish each cluster up to level 9 before going to the next cluster. You have to finish all 4 clusters up to level 9, then start all the way at the top with all the level 10’s.

    • LoL. You have to unlocked all to lvl9 before you can research the lvl 10

    • No… I have researched them all to level 10 and they still have a Black 10 with chains and the ” requirements not met” on the tile when you click on it

  62. monster mastery level 5 is 400,000 power not 300,000

  63. Strategic trap attack. Delete from th end 1 lvl.

  64. I just finished Rally Time Reduction level 9, but I can’t research Treasure Map March Increase level 10. Is this because I didn’t research Troop Health and Enemy Defense Debuff level 9?

  65. Olá! Gostaria ade saber a diferença das tropas t4 normais e estratégicas. Obrigado

    • As diferenças, minha opinião, são beeeeeeeem grandes… por exemplo, a regular tem vantagem contra um tipo de tropas, as estratégicas são MUITO fortes contra um determinado tipo de tropas, por isso elas matam mais, por mais que a pesquisa demore mais, se for uma armadilha e você tem a chance de ser atacado, vale a pena focar só nelas.

  66. What is best core to speed research?

    • There are no cores to help research at this point, but you can craft ancient relics that will help with decent boosts. The Daedalus hammer will give a 30%boost and Dragon Hide Leggings will also give a 30%boost. Both of these are higher than any regular equipment that you can craft for the weapon or footwear slots with permanent items.

  67. The power amounts on research for March Speed are incorrect.

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Thanks – will take a look

      • my name is anthony and i am with the ruling city known as boom i do not believe i have been getting all my gifts for doing my alliance events and such also i do not know where to actually send my messages to you if you can help with that also thank you

      • Profile photo of Slaggy

        Hi Anthony, you should contact MZ directly about this (you can use the feedback link in-game).

  68. Slaggy you are a great help and honestly have done an outstanding job in providing information on the game. I am sorry but I feel the game is a loss due to the large kingdoms/alliances totally destroying smaller kingdoms. How can a 500 Mil vs. a 10 mil even work out. You will never grow and the cost to play is outrageous for the ability to loose it all. This game was a stem off Age of Empires which is awesome, but this game approach has left a bitter taste due to the fact that larger kingdoms are allowed to destroy and change rules to their advantage. Take for example The king dom Hyperion where wreck it has sought to destroy the Russians for taking a hero and changed what should be nap to a kill on site burning them to the ground. This is truly horrible for me to watch and this is allowed.

  69. Is there a way (aside from going through each one and adding the power) to calculate how much power it will take to research up to Core mastery 5?

  70. The power list in Hero Trap Attack research is wrong

  71. Power for Core mastery Level 5 should be 365,630

  72. Treasure+Map+March+Speed+Increase in research is a broken page

  73. After your alliance “helps”, About how many days does it take to research 4th gem slots? I know it depends on your research boost. Mine is currently at 329%

  74. Hero Wall Trap attack and Defense give only 40% not 400%.

  75. that would be better if writings were black color , white font and white writing makes it hard to read it

  76. In the Hero Research you have the description for “Monster Defense Debuff” as “Increses the defense of your traps when your hero is present.” Shouldn’t this say decreases monster’s defense?

  77. You have some busted pages here.
    Fourth Gem Slot in Core %26 Relic Foot Armor
    Fourth Gem Slot in Core %26 Relic Armor Equipment
    Fourth Gem Slot in Core %26 Relic Weapon Equipment
    Fourth Gem Slot in Core %26 Relic Accessory Equipment
    All are giving the following message:
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/littlefe/gow/wp-content/themes/sahifa/template-research.php on line 112

  78. Hi there
    Great Work. Hero attack (march tree) is down with a php error

  79. Hello! You previous table was better. Now table is too simple. Information on previous table was more readable.

  80. Hero Attack March Speed info is down

  81. Now give me a rally time EXTENSION and I’m researching that bad boy!

  82. All links tha have a (March tree) in them appear to be broken???

  83. Does crafting research only apply to cores or does it apply to making gear aswell?

  84. Pendulum traps give 18,000 power, not 13,500.
    War Barricade traps give 67,500 power, not 49,500

      • Slaggy sounds like you are part of game of war mz team. I have emailed many times and posted on here about an error happening in my March research tree. Can you contact me and help me? I am a 5.4 billion player and research says its maxed out, and ALL level 9 March research is completed but all level 10 March research shows a padlock and give no information on when or how it can be unlocked. I have emailed mz twice with more detail over the last 3 weeks and there has been no response.

  85. Legionnaires and Dianas give 630,000 power, not 540,000

  86. Phalangite and Stalkers give 90,000 power, not 75,000

  87. Also Immortals from Combar research, gives 432,000 power, not 396,000

  88. In Combat Research, Armored Pikeman gives 36,000 power, not 20,000

  89. The strategic wall trap tree has graphics glitches on attack/def icons and the defense tree has an extra row at the bottom below rank 10

  90. The resource generation in restorative tree is wrong I think. It is out by a factor of 10. Total resource is 10%. First few levels oy generate 0.5% each level, not 5%.

  91. How often is there packages for VIP Prestige?

  92. Can this tool be made to be customizable? Where you can preset the current research bonus, so it shows the bonused timing on one page? Or to show the next fastest research available? Or to show the research with the most power?

  93. Hospital Healling Speed 10 in the Hero tree requires Trap Defense 10.

  94. Hi slaggy,
    Are there any trap research requirements for t4 troops?

  95. Slaggy why don’t u Do YouTube videos?

  96. Hi, you have a little mistake in gold gathering 9 lvl – 2d 8h 0m – it should be bigger, thx)

  97. Forgot to mention before, great website. Thanks for the reply. I’m just doing the research now so will be interesting to read your thoughts!

  98. Hi, do you have any info on the march research yet? Seems it would be good to combine with research inferno.

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      Yes I do. Just getting it ready now. Should be up in less than a week.

      • I have Rally Reduction 10/10, it’s chained shut lol. (The only thing in the March Tree that isn’t 10/10 is troop health.)

        Hero Preset II at 2/10.

        But March Preset is still locked.

        Any thoughts? I mean those are the requirements.

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        In the march tree, everything must be up to level 9 (when you see a chain your only at level 9) once all sections are at level 9 – the tree will unlock and level 10’s will be available for research. You can also click on the 1st item, press research and it will tell you the requirements needed to unlock it.

      • no all at level 9 does not unlock! Lots of people have same situation this used to work before MZ added some set research since that it does never unlock… So no presets possible.

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