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This is the full list of standard and relic materials found on Inside Game of War. Each material has details of where it is found, which monsters and chests they come from and the event it is related to. Clicking on a material also shows which gear it is used to build. For a guide to finding materials see here

Standard Materials

Relic Materials


  1. Still trying to find Imperial Gold, anyone…??!?

  2. Trying to build the Fire Ice Age Phoenix Bow. Need elephant hides. where to get? Thanks!

  3. They are not available yet. It will be a gold store item when it is. Just like brass rods

  4. I’ve been trying for 2 months to find opalite glass to finish building to lvl 31. I’ve looked in packs, done events, collected chests, digs, fought monsters. Any help where I can locate would be great.

  5. What dig sites are common for gold wheat

  6. markaurelian@hotmail.com

    Can someone help please… I have the fire rune slot open and fire runes are in my material list. When I try to add the rune to the arm the system shows no runes available ? How does it work? Thanks

  7. Forming chisels can be found in the following chests. Be aware though, they’re a ‘rarity’ both chests, and material within these chests.
    -Side Arms (2016)
    -Mother’s Day
    – Monumental

    I have seen ‘side arms chests’ recently, in many events.

  8. Turkey Feather can be found in the following chests:
    -Thanksgiving (2014)
    -Black Friday (2015) as stated previously, Black Friday Chest, is not to be confused with ‘Black Friday Cores Chest’

  9. Baby Back Ribs come in the following chests;
    -Calydonian Boar
    -Black Friday (2015) NOT to be confused with Black Friday Cores Chests..

  10. yes, the only chest that contains brass wire, is the Salvager’s chest. Dig sites and rss tiles often have materials, too!

  11. You can usually find prospector materials, from dig sites. The two chests that have ancient coin are;
    -Prospector’s Chests
    -Chest of Savings…it will have a gold coin, embossed on the chest.

    Hope this helps. oh, also, prospector chests are where you find ‘prospector gems’


  12. Down Feathers can be found in the following places:
    -Cockatrice Chest (2015)
    -Triumphant Gift
    -Joyous Gift


  13. Hi

    Gold Flakes can be found in the following chests:
    -Holiday Boots (2015)
    -Haunted Halloween (2015)
    -Black Friday (2015), NOT Black Friday Cores Chests…
    -Helms (2015)
    and lastly,

    Late help, but new help, to new players 🙂


  14. The AC bazaar sells them right now

  15. I wonder when they’ll update materials list, to include Lycan gear. Spirit of wolf, is what I’m looking for. Lycan chests?

  16. uuuugghhh, i need goblet of souls, and samurai chests aren’t containing any. Anyone have a clue? :-\

  17. Any chance of finding gold links in treasure chests. I have yet to find a good breakdown on which materials are in which map chests!

  18. We have no alliance city available to be built in kingdom970 and I’m not using my cores till I got the core crafting gear as it makes them twice as strong and last 5 times longer when will you release this gear to use mz!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

  19. Slaggys site has much improved speed wise.
    There are still a lot of materials without info on where to find. Calydonian Boar materials being one.
    Speaking of the Boar, how does one obtain pork rinds from them? I have failed to get any the whole time the Biar has been around. Not by killing , gathering nor alliance gifts. Any ideas on how to get them?

  20. Where am I finding ancient coins ?

  21. I really need to find the brass wire material. Is it only in salvager’s chests? my cores are only lasting an hour and it is very irritating.

  22. Lol it’s November 12th, 2016, now. Yup. All of them are out now and have their own chests. Dark Hunter, Northern King (which is OP considering the trade off for the march speed bonus), and the Frostlord gear are all out and fully functional and obtainable

  23. You get baby back ribs from killing the random hogs.

  24. Profile photo of Redsnapr1

    Hi there is no info for where to find any of the dragon items. are they not available any more???

  25. There is no info for; WHERE TO FIND :TURKEY FEATHER

  26. Holiday boots chest for cinnabar

  27. Does anyone know where I can find dragon scales? Not finding it anywhere though I’m new and trying to find this one thing so I can craft an item. Thanks for any help.

  28. last sale of the month has 30k chest and 2 of each level 6

  29. I cant find any prospector chests anymore. I need some ancient coins and wheat, any idea what other chests have these items?

  30. I’m wondering if forming chisels can be found on any dig sites or from any monsters.

  31. Frank David Gunseor

    Shag, You fixed it and it works far beyond my greatest expectations. I have been looking for chisels for months! Went to your site and it said chisels are ion Mythic Golem Chests! I opened those chests and after combining I had two (2) Lvl 6 chisels. KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB YOU ARE DOING!

  32. Am looking for turkey feathers, crystal eggs and baby back ribs but the list doesn’t tell me where to find them. Can anyone help please?

  33. Verdant Moss – Where to find info missing, can be found in Salvagers chest

  34. Profile photo of Frank Gunseor

    This would be an awesome site if it worked consistent. For example, there is no Equipment Containg “FIend Jaw” listed!!!! Just 303 inane comments like this one. too bad, too.

  35. Where can I find brass wire help plz

  36. Hi anyone know of any new chests that have Eyes of Intelect??

  37. What chests can I find gold blessings and darksteel in?

  38. Mrs Shayne Burch

    Is golden wheat only found in prospectus chest? Can’t seem to find enough.

    • Profile photo of MHY

      Some infernos can contain Wheat pending on your inferno levels (only seem to be offered on smaller accounts) otherwise, yes Prospectors Chests are the way to go.

  39. Profile photo of forsakenandabandoned@gmail.com

    I have heard that the monster chests have other materials in them as well as the ones specific to that monster but I don’t know if they contain special materials like magistrar matrials too. I have thousands of chests to open but I don’t want to be wasting my time. I am trying for a complete set and need more materials, are there other chests that will have these materials in them that I should be focusing on?

  40. Is that correct that you can’t get tome of wealth from chancellor chests? Can you only get them then from packs and infernos?

    • No you can get them from the chests. However the rate to get one is very low. I will find 1 lv1 in about 250 chests if I’m lucky.

  41. Anyone know if there is unicorn horn anywhere besides spring, carbuncle and blacksmith chests? I haven’t been seeing those chests in packs at all lately

  42. Where do you find black sand, I don’t think fire age Autumn is correct. I opened 1100 chests and did not get one. Help?

  43. Profile photo of Redsnapr1

    Hi Force Tokens can also be found in the Devotion chests!

  44. No gear for Fire Rune… and event link seems messed up. Thanks!

  45. Slaggy your missing a few pieces here like earthen jar,earth icon,earth sigil . Ill stop but I think this list needs a UPDATE ! ! ! ! !

  46. Profile photo of John C

    What chest do you find the Tome of Wealth other than the Chancellor Chests

  47. its really hard to find cotton where do i find it and how do i get the xenas and thanksgiving chests?

  48. Hello,

    How do I access lvl6 cores, pieces and materials from them being locked? I have room, so how do I get them unlocked?

  49. Hello,
    In what chests can I find cinnabar and Ice rune?

  50. Profile photo of Jackal

    I’m sorry if this has already been addresses, but I’m having difficulty locating packs which contain Xerxes or Blacksmith chests, looking for elephant ears and hide, please help?

  51. Jewelry can be found on the Fort tile more offten found on level 3+

  52. Profile photo of Travis Rohr

    It seems that MZ is discontinuing the Nian Lion chests which is the only place to get Scarlet Silk which is needed to craft the Pheniox Breastplate in the Fire Age Ranged set. I’ve got several newer players that were trying to craft that set who now can’t finish it at legendary and who used up all their Blue Flames just for that set. Any confirmation on that that you’re aware of?

    • Might be able to find nian lions at the collisium to get the material but they probably should just move on the the colossus gear that has better stats anyways.

  53. My question is, where are the Magister chests gone to? They have not been in any pack in the last 2-3 weeks, and there have been no eyes of intellect or ears of accuman in any inferno! I need eyes and ears!!

  54. Profile photo of Throrin

    I’ve noticed that there are several sets, mats, gear, etc., listed on this site that haven’t come out in the actual game yet. Are these definately coming and you’re jumping the gun? Northern King, Frostlord, Dark Hunter. Can you explain please?

    As always, thanks for all the hard work.

    • We were just discussing this last night in my Alliance, we believe that these new items are still in Beta testing and should be coming around soon with the new Wild Troops. That is our guess.

    • I’ve been asking around and no one has heard anything about those sets and on top of that the gear only has 4 materials per item.

  55. I am going to set fire to all of the remaining equipment bags in my inventory (over 100), stupid maps that are under level 3, bookmarks and the broken blade shards along with the ivory materials by using the 93 Pink fireballs. It should be spectacular!

  56. Where can I find essence of darkness?

  57. Please add Fire Age Autumn materials (Bottled Sunfire, Molten Lava, etc).

  58. Where is this crystal powder?

  59. So I have opened over 1100 headless horseman and vampire chests and still not even a lvl 1 crystal powder… Am I looking in the wrong place?

  60. I am looking for Goblet of Souls… is there any other place they can be found such as dig sites, etc… Only seen them in the Haunted Halloween (2015) chest. And that chest I havent seen this month. Please give me some good news!!

    • I just found a Goblet of Souls in a Black Friday Chest

    • Goblet of Souls can be found in the following chests:
      -Haunted Halloween
      -Black Friday, and NOT Black Friday CORES chests…there are two kinds of ‘black friday chests’
      -Holiday Boots
      -New Moon

      If ANY of these chests show up in event prizes, TRY and use an inferno event, to get as many of these as you can. Goblet of Souls, is not common, so get as MANY chests as you can get. 🙂

      I know this is a late entry, but the game continues on, and many new people, come to this site


  61. This is such crap u can’t get this any other way. Gold flakes needed can’t even get.

  62. Down feathers have got to be the most elusive thing ever. Where are they?! Why can’t I get them?! I’ve parked on seemingly 20+ cockatrice lairs and still nothing…

  63. Profile photo of gowanus

    There seems to be so much new materials coming out that you can’t keep up with them and where to find them.But here are two old ones that is not on the list and I’d like to know if they are still available, JESTER AND FOOLS GEMS.

  64. Does anyone know if there’s any other place to find ‘ pegasus symbol ‘ other than the Hermes chest?

  65. I got 12 dragon scales from the red welp. I wondered where to get them.

  66. I have been trying to locate the prong spear tips but I have yet to find one…. I have opened thousands of monster slayer chest and thousands of blacksmith chest and they never popped up in any of those chest…. Does anyone know where to find them

  67. I can’t seem to get any pronged speartip and snake symbol from any chest?
    Where can I find them?

    • They are only available from the chest of helms which are available in the chest of helms sales pack or from infernos. The mats are also available separately in bulk from both of those sources.

  68. Hi,
    Can I get four leaf clover from a spring or leprechaun dig site?

  69. Does any dig sites drop velvet

    • I got a lvl6 velvet out of a mythic ceberus site a couple of days ago. Needless to say, I was extremely excited. But it wasn’t a normal material gather, it was inside an olympus chest that I got from the site.

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