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This is the full list of standard and relic materials found on Inside Game of War. Each material has details of where it is found, which monsters and chests they come from and the event it is related to. Clicking on a material also shows which gear it is used to build. For a guide to finding materials see here

Standard Materials

Relic Materials


  1. Profile photo of Need To Know

    Is the Magister Chester the only place to find eyes and ears of Acumen?

  2. I want to craft Dragon Bone Armor but I can’t find Dragon Bone. How is that item obtained? Farming tiles, chests and if its in a chest which one?

  3. I heard that coal is dropped from the Dungeon, but haven’t seen it. Is this true and if so which?

  4. Where do I find death ashes? Only in haunted and xena’s chests?

  5. I cannot find velvet anywhere. Olympus doesn’t seem to exist. Golem maps are of no help. Any ideas?

  6. How do I get the figure of courage I know it has it on here and says it comes in blacksmith and slayer chests but I’ve opened a lot of both and have let to get 1

  7. Just FYI, I’ve been getting Pig’s Feet in Blacksmith Chests – Along with Unicorn Horn, Granite Slab, Elephant Hide, Silk Cocoon, Cowhide(RARE) & Flander’s Poppy.

  8. WHERE CAN I FIND Leaf??

  9. Shaggy, thank u for this awesome web site. I have one long question. What chest would I find:
    Dragon bone
    Dragon scale
    Dragon tear and dragon tooth. Thank u for u’re time.

  10. Is it true that you can get turquoise fire balls from farming food and silver tiles? If so what LV tiles?

  11. Sooo what good is the pink fireball? It see,s to be a 33% chance to get them from the colossus chests and I can’t seem to find any use for them at all…

  12. Ok I’m convinced that ripped hearts no longer can be found in the Halloween chest. I’ve even looked in the Hallows chest, and the haunted chests. None! Ugh!!! This game is highly frustrating me. I really wish we had someone to complain to that actually listened.

  13. what is the best fire age set?

    • In my opinion the infantry or cavalry sets, but only because those are 2 troop types I have other boosts for also. It really just depends on your playing preference.

  14. So I have opened 5000 executioner chest and there was not one snake symbol in the chests. I talked to the larger players in my kingdom and they told me chest of helms so I opened 1000 of those. Not one snake symbol!!! Is all of this information correct, is it maybe in a different chest? It’s listed under executioner chest on this site.

    • They are only available in the chest of helms. As you say, the drop rate is VERY poor at best. The best way to get them is from a pack which includes them on their own or from inferno events.

  15. Where can I get blue Flames from, I don’t want to buy more chests, as most of them have the other flames and not the ones I need.

    • Profile photo of MHY

      When the alliance wins the material chest – you have a chance of getting the fireage chest. Apart from that you can either wait for MZ to hand out some anniversary chests / fireage chests in the daily Athena’s gift and or you will need to purchase more gold packs.

    • Make crazy opening fire age chest, the most rare is blue flame. The other flame i have to many and not to useful. Spending lot of money, but this game is very sucking money and like drugs. Make player curious and additive to buy more and more again. I think this my limits after spend more less $ 2000. The goal of this game is impossible to reach even if buying package often. I suggested to other player stop before this game ruins your life.

  16. Profile photo of Ogri

    Any idea where I might find a Turkey Feather ?

    • Profile photo of MHY

      The Turkey Feather is available in a few different chests as its a piece thats used inter sets however believe it originates in the Caledonian Boar chests. The chest may have a different name i can not recall but was first seen to support the fall 2013 Event gear.

    • Profile photo of Ogri

      thx for that reply I guess some of the other hard to find materials will turn up in chests along the way

      • Profile photo of Ogri

        Since the Q & A earlier I was watching some utube vids and surprise surprise up popped a screen shot showing a Turkey Feather Chest so there’s the answer many thx again for your time

  17. Where can I get/buy the “open 500 treaasure chests at a time” tool?

  18. what are all of the chests that have potential green fire balls in them

  19. Hi, What is a ‘standard’ chest (I am looking for Glass)?
    Also, what is a Xena’s chest as the one I have is called ‘Xena’s Kunoichi’ chest and does NOT contain Glass!

    • Profile photo of MHY

      Hi peter you can get glass from farming titles. Regarding standard chests if you click on your items and go to treasures / store you can choose from buying “Common Material Chest” , “Uncommon Material Chest”, “Rare Material Chest” or “Epic Material Chest” these all contain the chance to get glass. The other place for the Common Material Chest is from using your loyalty points and purchasing those chests from the alliance store.
      The Xena’s Kunoichi set does not require any glass hence why you won’t find it in there, however the Red Xena Chests do contain glass.

  20. Profile photo of White 1 Wolf

    What are the Pink, Purple, and Yellow fireballs for?

    • Profile photo of Troll

      Absolutely nothing…MZ just wants you to feel good that you are getting 100 of these and none of the black, green or turquoise one that you really need…they say there will be something…but why include in the packs now when you can’t use them.

    • I have a 1bil acct. after the last pack I bought with 500 anniversary chests and 250 collosus chests had zero turquoise fireballs….I’ve quit buying packs. May be quitting the game altogether.

      • Yeah I think that MZ has gotten so cheap with what they include with packs so they can make more money. Like they don’t make enough already; I’ve heard it’s millions a day.

        After the last boycott they made us agree to a ridiculous legal agreement, or we can’t play. In only 2 years of operation, they’ll be losing players by the bushel if they don’t get more generous on tiles, monsters, packs and reduce research/digging times.

        It’s a shame that it “requires” you to buy packs to get ahead (although they dispute this). A year for research isn’t going to keep you interested in the game, so you DO have to buy speeds and packs. The game can be fun and interesting, and can be played your own way. It’s the shear greed of MZ that’s ruining it, IMHO.

  21. 100 Mythic Cyclops Chests: 1 Black Ribbon (lv 2)

  22. Why is there no section with a list of items by MONSTER? When I’m out hunting, I want to know what the MONSTERS I’m killing are dropping.

  23. Profile photo of Rob

    Figure of Courage is in none of the listed Chests. Any idea where to find it?

  24. I’ve only gotten wax out of xena chest no glass? What chest can you get glass?

  25. I’ve been told that the longer you wait to open a chest, the higher the level of material,gem, etc. you’ll get. Is there any truth to this?

  26. Is there any idea of what the Pink, Purple, White, and Yellow Fireballs are for?

  27. time to update this list, again. They have stuff that currently isn’t on your list.

  28. The cowhide can be found in the monster slayers chests too

  29. Where can I find dragon tears??

  30. Profile photo of Throrin

    Hi Slaggy,

    The materials for the Harpy Event (Bay Leaves, Harpy Egg, Harpy Talon, Pure Water, Blue Ribbon, Purple Ribbon) are not listed here. Also, the Desert Cotton and Purple Dye from the Sphinx Event, althought listed here don’t show any information.

    Keep up the great work!

  31. Hi every one! Where or which chest I can find the figure of courage in? they are not listed. I have heard legendary Anniversary chest and help chest but non gives me figure of courage

    • Profile photo of MHY

      Hi Nano, they are found in the chest of helms. So far this has only appeared in the gold packs for the helms which is currently on rotation at present.

  32. Where do I get the Pronged Speartip? I’m about to craft some monster slayer gear and I just noticed that there are now two helms and the new one appears to be better, but requires the pronged speartip…

    • Profile photo of MHY

      This material is a “rare” with in the Chest of Helms. These chest are out now currently in the Helm gold pack.

      • Rare is an understatement. There are three new materials for new helms. I bought the chest of helms pack and only got 2 level 1’s of only ONE of the three and ZERO of the other two. What a complete joke. Can only assume they will be available with infernos at some point.

      • Does anyone know if the drop go better from the helm packs

    • If you know it let me know. I have the same Helm in sight

  33. More proof its all about the money. Black fireballs are harder to get than blue flames and will only be available in extreme packs, very limited or very costly.

  34. where can you find the serpent tail?

  35. I see the new colossus materials aren’t listed yet. Anyone know what the red, purple and pink fireballs are for? They aren’t needed for colossus gear. And why the black and turquoise ones needed for the set aren’t sold in the anniversary packs? Odd.

    • I emailed mz about this and received a worthless response. I have 7 or 8 yellow each of the fireballs that cannot be used in gear, but barely a purple in the black and turquoise.

  36. can someone tell me where i can find serpent tails, apart from chests. tnx

  37. Just FYI, I have been receiving clay in the Bishamon chest several times now. Also, on the research calculator, it looks like the “time to complete after helps” is a little off. I spot checked a couple and it looks like the formula is calculating (time after research boost* .99^21.4034) rather than (time after research boost* .99^25). That is obviously basing it off SH21 with 25 helps. Thanks for all the great info!!

  38. Where do I get eyes of intellect?

  39. Is it better to defend your city in attack mode or defend mode

  40. Hi, I want to craft slayer set but my materials aren’t enough for lvl 6. Any other way to get them particularly the mother of pear? Thanks.

  41. So how do i find blue flames

  42. Where can I find ice dragon materials such as asteroids, comets, etc.? Are there any reassure maps or chests that provide these mats?

  43. You have it listed that you can find Blue Flames on Logging Camps and Silver Forts?!? Is this accurate?

  44. David Mckeigan

    Where do you get Eyes of Intellect?

  45. Where do you find holy cloth I notice no places listed on the site where it is located thanks

  46. Hi Slaggy this is realy bad i need cotton and its only found in xenas chests and thanksgiving chests. i bought a few packs but still need a lvl 5 or 6 cotton for a Razor ribbon wand, its the only one i require for a full set gear Xenas balaced set 1 . Outch do you perhaps now when the trading system comes into effect, as i think that s going to be my only change of getting high level cotton a.s.a.p. i am not spending any more. I got plenty of other lvl 6 materials that i got now to use for for example i have more than 10 lvl 6 glass. Thanks for a fantastic site.

    • Do you have any cotton? I just crafted a Lvl 6 Razor Ribbon Wand with a gold metal, marble, and plating and a purple cotton.

  47. where can I find soul

  48. What monsters drop Lotus flowers? The outline doesn’t say. I hope theres a monster that can.

  49. I have 3 materials which is gold and 1 violet death ashes for violent beauty wings.Question is…anyone tried to craft like that before and it came out gold?I have 80%of crafting it gold but I don’t to waste materials.I might wait for gold materials to come. I need ur opinions guys pls

    • I try to wait until i have all gold… but if i’m feeling a little risky, i’ll ask 8ball LOL. i’ve gotten gold gear with just 20% chance of it being gold. and i’ve gotten purple when it was 80% gold. if i were you, i’d wait until it was all gold.

      • Check the time it takes to craft in comparison to a lvl 6 item. You will know then.

      • time is not always the best indicator. I crafted the shogun helm at 35% chance of gold. got it gold and crafting time was only just over 3 days

  50. Any chance you can have a section on chests? I’d like to know what the potential contents of a chest is, especially if I’m deciding on the worth of a pack.

  51. Profile photo of chad

    hi slaggy i was wondering if there was a sure fire way of getting materials from a farm account to a main account? i know it has to do with troop loss during attack but is there an equation to help with this?

    • Profile photo of chad

      so im being told that when you get a material from winning an attack … that material is not from the invintory of the losing player it is generated form the mz world. is this true?

  52. Where can I get Dragon Tears from. A got a few from hitting a dragon (bone dragon?) in the Speed Dungeon, but I was wondering whether they can be found in any of the chests?

  53. Where do i get Chisel materials?

  54. Can I obtain clovers from leprechaun maps or spring maps

  55. is the haunted chest different from the halloween chest?

  56. Ripped hearts come from hallows chest

  57. Thanks for your great page it’s really helpful. pigs foot and pork rinds material link is broken

  58. Hey Slaggy, it seems as if the links for material items four leaf clover and demon tail are broken. I have tried on mobile and desktop and both come up with an invalid argument error. both on line 116.

  59. Random thought. This is probably a bear to code, but not having any knowledge of that stuff I wouldn’t really know. What would be really cool would be if we could choose materials piece by piece and have a system that would show us what recipes we could build using those materials. Basically what you have with the materials section already where you can see what recipes use a specific material, but with the ability to add a second, third, etc. mat to that first one and have it narrow the list down. Hope that makes sense. The more MZ adds, the harder it is to keep track of everything. And if I have a few Gold level materials, I sometimes just want to know what I can make with them.

    • I also know little about coding, but that is what they use on the cooking websites. Tell us the ingredients you have on hand and we will tell you what you can make

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, yes I have been considering this but there is a fair amount of work involved. I’d enjoy doing it but just need to find the time.

      • Wait, you mean you don’t spend every waking moment on our whims? 😉 Thanks for all you do Slaggy. And for sure, I am much more interested in seeing the Combat simulator finished.

  60. Is there a rule of thumb on what percentage you’ll get when crafting an item? I just crafted fatal shoes with 3 gold and 1 blue item and it came out blue 🙁 with 10% blue , 20 purple and 70% gold

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      That is unfortunate, sounds like there was a 10% chance of that happening…

    • Rule of thumb is only craft expecting the lowest quality material you use. I don’t believe MZ’s percentages for one second. Always wait until you have all the materials at the level you want the final item.

  61. Where can i find jade and scarlet silk??

  62. Hey Slaggy..I know this is not right place for this, but can you please give a lesson on rallying and proper way and guidelines to setting up a good trally..especially where kvks are concerned ?? Thank you

  63. Hi I am trying to get a reapers tooth and or a pigs foot… Reapers tooth comes from Olympus chest which I’ve had tons of and never gotten it. As for pigs foot is there a certain time when the boar monster is available or a chest I can try to get it thanks

  64. Where would I find GLASS, please?

  65. I have a ton of cyclops eyes but need black ribbon and web. Any place to get these? I can’t afford to buy another $100 cyclops pack.

  66. Profile photo of chad

    is it just me or are the regular materials tick rates at a lower % now?

    • I think they dropped recently. I was mining glass and bringing in a couple of purple a day and a gold every other or so (gather, several marches out etc. and it dropped in March to less than a purple a day. Done glass now so haven’t checked recently as now hinting hide and stacking up stupid quantities of food which then just gets dissipated again or dumped in alliance city (for which I’ve yet to see any useful payback)

  67. Are turkey feathers only obtained through thanksgiving time? I’d love to get a hold of turkey feathers for crafting but don’t know how. I’ve saved up gold and do all my daily quests.

  68. Profile photo of chad

    can you make a section that has all the chests and what you might get from them.

  69. What can I craft with blazing mane and what materials do I need?

  70. How do i delete materials

  71. Where can I find a reapers tooth?

  72. I’m looking for a lotus, I know they exist because I already own one, I need it to make a Persian shield (you need 2 of them). Where can I get one or find one, I’m willing to spend a little money but nothing more then $10

  73. Can you still get Olympus chests? If so where?

  74. Hi, how do I get more slots for pieces? I’m way over and tried to combine as much as I could but still have too many pieces and not enough space.

    • Yes! This is the biggest pain to me right now. I’ve got L6 mats just sitting there, unable to be used. Any help on this or do I just need to destroy stuff to unlock my mats? I’ve looked and cannot find info on this anywhere.

      • Profile photo of Slaggy

        Hi, you can purchase a piece swap item from the alliance if that is what you mean. It is a pain but it essentially gives you access to all your pieces.

  75. If i Cancel a craft do items go back to inventory or am i stuck with it

  76. I need rust!! Where do I get that??

  77. Any idea if there is a limit on the amount of materials you can take with you in a jump city? I spend a bit and have got a lot of chests to open but don’t want to if I’m going to lose all the mats

  78. Where can you find mother of pearl and claws?

  79. what do I need to use the flames in my forge they don’t create anything that I have discovered yet

  80. What can I craft with a fused alloy

  81. Hi, i received a ton of gold flames from the fire age chests. Note that I am not referring to the anniversary flame. This material does not seem to be used in any recipes for standard equipment, special events, or relics. Do you know what the gold flame is used in crafting?

  82. Hey great site. Just wondered of you could help me. I’m about to craft an item but it has a 60% chance of being gold (LVL6) I know what the timer should be if it is gold. Want to know if I cancel the craft do I get the materials back?

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, I did this a few days ago and got the materials back (but only 50% of the silver) . Let me know if the timer trick works for you.

      • Can you share the timer trick? I looked above but didn’t see it. Thanks!

      • Profile photo of Slaggy

        Hi, the crafting timer trick is that you can tell if the item is going to be gold or not by the length of the timer. If it’s not gold you can just cancel and start again. It doesn’t work though – it seems the timer is determined by the materials you use, not what the output is going to be.

      • Do you touch on this on another page? About to craft Hercules’s Helmet (70% chance gold), but I don’t know where to find the time. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Love the website, BTW!

      • Profile photo of Slaggy

        Hi, craft times are not on the site yet but hopefully will be in the future.

  83. Can you get deaths ashes from Halloween chests I have opened a few hundred and haven’t even gotten one yet.

  84. Verdant moss and crushed granite only available from attacking golem?

  85. Do any chests have cloth in them?

  86. Hi shaggy, great site…
    1) can you add a page for gems where to get each one of them from and what boost it one gives 1-6 please
    2) can you finish off the research trees because they are a little behind

    Over all great and keep up the great work

  87. Hey Slaggy great site bro! Is there a methodical way of finding high LvL RSS, or do you just have to scroll all over the map?

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Brad, yes there is. High level tiles are more likely to appear close to the wonder (coordinates: 255:510). When scrolling around the map, head in the direction of the wonder.

  88. Are golem chests currently available or are they just in gold packs?

  89. THanks Slaggy that will help a lot
    1) should I destroy stuff cause people say I should have a 370k army but if I get attacked at my home I would lose a lot I can only save 160k troops arm
    2)can u gift me some 30 day speed ups XD
    3) opened all my winter chests for wax are there any other chests that give wax?

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Xendres, 1) You should always keep training troops. You want as much hospital space as possible but there comes a point where you have to protect your troops in other ways such as shielding and ghost rallying.
      2) Nice try!
      3) Yes, the Xena’s Gear chests give wax.

  90. Sweet ure helping people I’m trying to make a gear dedicated completly to research so for the weapon I was going to craft a scythe for the arm our I was going to craft the winter 2013 arm our and for the helmet I was also going to craft the 2013 winter helmet is this a good choice or are there better helmets,armors and weapons for research

  91. When will it be possible to get coarse rust?

  92. Is it possible to share materials with others in your alliance? We can share resources, can we share speed ups or gems?

  93. Do you have a GEM guide?

  94. Where to get the crystal egg?

  95. I find extremely difficult to get WAX. From witch chests can I get it?

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      It is very hard to come by at the moment. Winter chests and Xenas Gear chests have it (and possibly Krampus chests but not confirmed). You can also get it from Krampus monsters.

  96. Thought I got cotton in a thanksgiving chest

  97. where do i get cotton from

  98. this is the only site i have found where Coarse Rust is even listed. im just trying to find the ways to acquire this item.

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi Sean,

      The only way to get it is from Golem Monsters (they will be back at some point) or from Golem Relic chests which sometimes appear in gold packs or inferno prizes. It is tough that there isn’t a way of getting hold of specific materials when you need them.

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