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Unlocking T4 Troops Requirements

How to Unlock Tier 4 Troops in Game of War: Fire Age

T4 troops are the most powerful in the game. They are 50% stronger than T3 troops and 4.5 x stronger than T1 troops.

However, unlocking them is slow, difficult and expensive.

For a brand new account, the total time and costs is 620,000 gold , 8,500 days of research and construction and 650 million silver. Based on the current gold packages, this works out at around $600. In theory it is possible to unlock them without spending any money but you would have to be in a large, generous alliance and even then it would still take at least a year.

You can use this calculator to calculate the total for you based on how much building and research you have already completed and your current inventory.

Now let’s look at the specifics required:

Research Required to Unlock T4

Looking in the combat research tree where T4 troops are unlocked you can see the research prerequisites. It isn’t entirely clear from this screen but there is a complicated web of requirements. In short you need :

  • Everything in the combat tree researched to level 10
  • Everything in the Economics Tree researched to level 10

You may also notice that many of the researches require a level 21 Academy. This is where it starts to get very expensive.

T4 research requirements

Construction and Buildings Required to unlock T4

The level 21 Academy upgrade requires one of every single building to be upgraded to level 21 first. (Except for the treasury and gold mine).

Each of these needs a Master’s Hammer costing 2,000 gold each.

If this wasn’t difficult enough, the really challenging part is upgrading the Prison, Hall of War and Altar. Each of these requires 20,000 special items (Books of War, Daggers, Shackles) which cost at least 10g each. The total gold required to build these is 600,000. At high alliance gift levels you can receive these in gifts but it would take a long time to get 60,000 of them. Realistically, the only way to get the is to buy them. (They can also be gifted to you at 15g each).

t4 academy upgrade

So there you have it – 620,000 gold, 8,500 days and 650m silver. Best get started now!



  1. You are weak minded! That is all

  2. GamePsychologist

    If you are spending money on GoW, let’s face it, MZ is “farming” YOU.

  3. Your costs are way over the top. I am lvl 22 with 1million lvl 4 troops and many lvl 22 buildings and I have only spent around £150 (USD250). I reduced times by researching and levelling up hero and crafting before doing the troop stuff.

  4. I got from 205million power to 1,254,684,492 power in one night! My account name is 800 killers i also have gift and my main aliance is called (tags are: 44) ForgedFrmFire and i can help you with tips!!! i am a tile hitter so plz mail me 800 killers on the game and i will join and gift and help you!!! by the way i am in a new kingdom called::: Capulet (#843)

  5. is it okay to deconstruct all buildings once you reach academy 21 and still unlock t4’s later on?

  6. what every one needs to know here that no one is talking about is silver shortage to upgrade, the leading alliances run out of silver so they farm all the smaller accounts , and zero them. right after you purchase a pack. they have ffa its a green light for them to constantly hit you.the smaller groups do not have a chance, the game gives the leading powers the right to do these things, because its money in the bank for them. it started out that you only need ed a shield 2 out of 7 dys a week now you need one 7 days a week. more money. gotta give the game designers a big hand, they have kept stockholders very happy.

  7. He is not a noob. When the article was written, it was very accurate. Inflation and the increase in what a pack gives has made t4 cheaper to get

  8. How would it still take a year to obtain t4 if you were in a large allinace who would gift you everything needed ?
    I’m the top allinace In my kingdom we have people buy 2 packs play the events & have t4 same day
    Clearly your a noob

  9. t4’s are a waste of time… I can do same amount of damage and burn up less in rrs to maintain a healthy acct… most trap and or turtle accts barely use t4’s they rock a lot of t2 or I prefer t3 and still are making out well in kill events. my sh13 with 140k t1&2 mix makes just as many points when hit and rehealed as my t3 killer…

    just my opinion though

  10. nobody got t4 with 25 bucks and only a couple months. It’s impossible and ridiculous to claim.

    • Don’t think you can get t4 in two months with $25. I just got it and I started at Christmas and have spent about $600. I time my research with the events to get speedups back and have good training gear, ie. 3 chalice, momoth Bone cuirass, rabbit boots, helm of fire, mostly lvl 6.

  11. I’m wondering if T4 is even worth it. Even though I have them in my main, they are so expensive to train that T3, at half the cost and 66% of the strength, seem to be a better option to train en masse. Certainly with the Defense tree, Academy 21 is now required to have a fighting chance, but T4 just seem like a waste of resources and speed.

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      There are many situation where this is true. Up until the recent changes to KvKs events there was not much reason to train T4 other than for wonder battles and player zeroing.

  12. Isnt there some cheaper way to get them besides spending?

  13. I do like the game but its not getting to be fun if you need to spend money.. Also there is player that has money and can do this.. The CEO and owner are very greedy.. In a few years they be a game come out and to buy it be $9.99 and build, research, and training time be faster.. Down side to the game is if you get 100 million power attack you, And wipe your army you have to start over.. There is no fun.. So far I spend $400 dollars.. I’m all done buying stupid $99.99 packs that don’t help you.. In a few years this game will be gone.. Nothing last forever..

    Thank You,

    Game Screen Name,

    Caper Island


  14. I just reached t4 by only spending $25. Took me 2 months to get there 😀

    • Thats impossible!! after u buy 9.99, they dont even let u buy tht package(greedy bastards!). So you cant spend $25 in reality. you can either spend 15.00 or 35.00. even @ 35.00, am surprised u even reached close to t4!!

      • There is a pack that stays $5… and there are a few lower level packs that I can’t imagine anyone buying that have very little gold that stay $5 and $10

      • i dont remember seeing any pack that stays at $5

    • I have a jumper account that is almost T4 ready, according to this calculator it only needs another $100 dropped on it for speeds and gold, I too have only spent $25 on it. I specifically bought 4 each of the Legendary Hero packs at $5 each. I then completed every event I figured to be worth it while collecting gifts from a very prosperous alliance. All in about 2 months as well.

  15. Where does the economy requirements pop out?

  16. If i told you that i found a way to get all the required mats in about two weeks without spending any money or being in a big alliance, would you believe me? I am playing in Mabel K442 sitting and grinding out gold from events.

  17. Profile photo of hakjak

    Just to be clear, the 8500 days is before helps and boosts?

  18. Profile photo of Chris

    I see how to view each type of troop and all the specifications for each. Disregard my previous post I found what I was looking for.

  19. Profile photo of Chris

    I’ve searched and searched and maybe I missed but just what are T1, T2, T3, T4 troops. Which troops are which can we get a list with snapshots and or specific names of which troop is which level?

  20. salt your everywhere lol this is fresnoboy from n2a

  21. xxxSALTHEART #136

    Considering just the level 10 researches alone of the new march tree is something along the lines of 20-23k days before helps and 20 bil resources (about $6k in current packs if you don’t wanna wait for infernos) this seems relatively cheap.

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