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Guide to the Wonder Dungeon

This is specific info on the Wonder Dungeon. For info on Explorer Dungeons in general see here.

Wonder Dungeon


Date first seen: 15th October 2015

Layout: 4×4 Grid

Number of Floors: 20?

Bosses: Every Second Floor

Exit Points: Every Second floor

Entry requirements:
Explorer Dungeon Level 1
1 x Dungeon Key

Fastest Clear Time:
Please send in screenshots if you have cleared it to contact@insidegameofwar.com

Approximate Upgrades Required:
First Exit: Moderate (tbc)
Final Exit: Substantial (tbc)

Boss Guide:

Floor Type HP Attack Damage Special Ability
 2  Boar  2,450  260  Extra Damage Attack
 4  Behemoth  2,350  140  Regenerates 277HP
 6  Dragon  3,710  160  Fireball Attack
 8  Cyclops  6,940  475  Reduce Armor
 10  Shard Beast  16,700  500  Increased Defense
 12  Serpopard  12,740  520  Bash Attack
 14  Griffin  4,690  510  Wind Attack

Prize for 1st Place Dungeon Run:


Thanks to BigRoonz for help putting this together


  1. Elizabeth A Pena

    What are wind fragments used for?

  2. How do you get dungeon titles I’m currently in third place

  3. What ability should I use against the Amethyst Dragon

  4. Help! I don’t know how to leave the dungeon. I just killed the boss and I only have one move left and one room left. What do I do?

  5. Profile photo of JOHNDOW0

    crystal fragments where is that?/

  6. Any idea which attacks to use against each different dungeon?? Should i use water attacks for fire dungeon? Wind attack for water dungeon? Etc etc. They used to post in the blog which attack to use when they announced a dungeon was open but have stopped and i didnt take SS. Any help on this one?

    • If you go to the abilities it tells you which one to use to best advantage in each dungeon

    • I see the information in the blog…for the Wind dungeon, use the Fire talents and abilities. I do not see the information when looking at the specific abilities, unless there is some other way to view it than through Dungeon – Masteries – Abilities

  7. is there an advantage in having a lower level as far as placement in kingdom ranks(how you perform versus others in your kingdom)?

    • Does anyone have an answer to this?
      Also, does the hero boost from upgrading the wonder dungeon building apply to all hero experience gained or is it just to experience gained in the wonder dungeon?

  8. Where do you get dungeon keys??

  9. Edpidermis (Halvar589)

    The dungeon used to have decent drops for my alt but they have since nerfed the dungeon and it is garbage now not worth doing long researches with no reduction. When first released was getting lvl 6 demon tail lvl 5 iron ore lvl 5 gold hooks 25mil hero exp ect. within first 4-5 floors now clearing 8 floors since loot nerf and it is all garbage. BOYCOTT DUNGEON DONT GO IN DONT DUNGEON RESEARCH OR BUY DUNGEON PACKS until they change drops back to how was on release. Together we can avoid being violated in ways no man or woman wants to be by MZ!!! GOW Community United!!

  10. I don’t get how to use the weapon do you hit the lower right button or do you touch the monster?

  11. athena drop me some dungeon keys !!!! or option to buy them with the gold that i already have please! i lov the dungeon its expensive for the keystones doh to upgrade 😉

  12. Is there any way to shorten the time for dungeon skills?

  13. Anyone run into Level 5 of the dungeon and not be able to find an exit? got stuck and had no where to go, ran out of moves going back through all of my steps

  14. What is up with the Game… Last night it shut of on me… it won’t let me play… how long before we can play?

    • MZ did a major update last night and as such shut the game down in order to implement the update. If you have Facebook you can follow them and keep more up to date on things such as updates as was performed yesterday. 😉

  15. Is it possible to have a table with level and talents and abilities needed to beat each boss? Thanks.

  16. If you’re in the dungeon, is you stronghold sitting there with no hero boosts?

  17. Here’s a better question to ask yourself that will solve all of your problems. Why are y’all even playing the dungeon or spending money on it. It’s the biggest joke in GOW history! Except for the alliance city

  18. Profile photo of Miss Dare

    Does anyone know how to get crystal fragments for researching talents & abilities? I can’t find them anywhere (even in gold packs) & I’m maxed out until I get more!! Help!!!

  19. I can’t find crystal fragments to research additional talents & abilities. Even in current packs! I’m maxed on what I can do until I find them!!! Help!!!

  20. Does anyone know where we get dungeon keys?

  21. if you clear the first floor but don’t want to go to the second floor, how do you leave without losing what you’ve found/gathered/acquired?

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, you can only leave on specific floors. In the current dungeon this is every second floor so you can’t leave until you have completed the second floor.

  22. Possibly a dumb question, but does hero monster skills and gear affect you at all in the Wonder Dungeon, like monster slayer gear. Monster gear/specs/boost has always worked only on World Map, but checking if that changes. Thanks!

  23. How often does the dungeon reappear? The wonder dungeon.

    • I think it appears when there is no kill event and the wonder is neither contested nor held by an opposing kingdom. Ours has been closed all weekend.

    • just opened back up tomite

      • I cant seem to find out what to do with my crystal shards. I have 60 of them but cant find any more fragments in the dungeon. what can I do with the shards?

      • Profile photo of MHY

        These are used to complete all your abilities in the masteries tab in the dungeon. If you have completed all of these and you still have 60 they will most likely be left over – perhaps MZ will bring out more things in future.

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