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This is the full list of gems found on Inside Game of War. Clicking on a gem will show boosts for all levels from 1 to 6.


  1. Where do you get voyager gems

  2. Why doesn’t this help forum say where to get some of these gems…in particular Jesters gems!! I’m thinking slayer boxes, but MZ are so tight that I never get any….ever.

    • It’s a fools gem until level 3. They are found in the catzilla chests and by killing the fool/jester monster (don’t remember the exact name). It’s a monster that was out a couple years ago. You also get them as a special gift when buying packs.

  3. What are the best gems for Training?

  4. I have made the Prospector set and used gem of flight and prospector special gems of each piece of the set, What other gems could i use on the set to help gathering speed, march speed and troop load?

  5. Do people use the rally attack gems for rallying or is it better to have defense debuff or another type of gem instead?

  6. Any one know exactly what the gem of protection does? I’ve been told rally March speed debuff, but the description is vague at best as it says rally attack debuff

    • It takes away 25% of the rally attack from the attacker

    • Rally attack is its own boost. Newest cores (right now lol) look like rally attack is 110%, so dont use more than 5, if you use any. Not sure how rally attack compares to troop attack so no idea if it’s a benefit.

  7. I have completed the 5-piece set of prospectors gear and equipped helm with level 6 prospectors gem that allows me to shield a resource tile. I need one more piece to complete the 7-piece set. When I am done, what do I need to do to get the additional resource tiles shielded?

    • Have similar issue. Additional resource tiles wont shield. Is this a bug?

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      You will need to send your hero and march to the first title. Then you can send all other marches to titles and they will shield automatically. You can then recall your hero / change gear etc and won’t effect the other titles. This is assuming a full 7 set and all 7 level 6 Gems equipped for max marches.

    • You need to make all seven pieces legendary then all your marches will be able to be shielded without your hero there. But your hero does have to keep it on. If you remove the seven legendary set the shields will fall.

  8. What is the Leap Year Gem and Tombstone Gem?

    • It is listed in the gems section. If you click on it you will see it gives a general troop boost on ALL types starting at 3% at level 1 and increasing up to 35% at level 6.

  9. How is the prophecy gem used?

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    How do I get the Troop Boost Gem?

  11. where to find hades gem?

  12. I wish there was a search option on gems. Currently we have to tap on each individual gem to see their boosts. If we could just tap on Infantry Attack (for example) and have all gems listed that boost Infantry attack it would make this page incredibly useful.

  13. Has anyone gotten the new scholar or architect gems? Just wondering if the boost is worth it.

  14. What’s the best gems for trapping?

    • chronos hallows def

    • Defense, Bulwark, Elusive, and Rainbow. Unless you use a low troop count like myself in which case I don’t use the Elusive gem. Instead, I use individual attack gems to boost whatever attack is lowest in my core stats.

  15. Has anybody heard of a4th slot gem that boosts research? If so, which one?

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    No stats for the Gem of Annihilation either

  17. Profile photo of Throrin

    No stats listed for Gem of Protection nor the Prospectors Gem

    • For that outfit set it’s definitely nice to put those stars in that set year that way when you change your hero to the resource tile it’s automatically shield ancient coins Golden Wheat are hard to come by you have to buy a pack and you’re set 7 bonus special has to be researched and max hope this helps research on burn on carry on

  18. Is there a gem to apply to help decrease food used by troops when in Xena gear?

  19. Are there any plans to create a Gem Selection Tool that lets us filter gems by boosts? I really appreciate all the work you have done on this site.

  20. Might wanna add that they come in 2015 Black Friday chests. Dragon Bone event,

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    There are no stats listed with the Prospectors Gem

  22. I think I saw somewhere in the comments that there might be a gem that helps with research. Is there one? And where can I find it?

  23. Maybe I missed it or is there no known source for the Voyagers gem?

  24. How do we acquire more Troop Boost gems?

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    Your material list tells us where to find them ,but this list for gems doesn’t ,is there a reason for that or can you add where they can be found?

  26. Profile photo of gowanus

    Your material list tells us where to find them ,but this list for gems doesn’t ,is there a reason for that or can you add where they can be found?

  27. Does stronghold march speed debuff slow rallies or just solo marches?

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    Combing 4x Fools Gem Lvl 2 will give you1x Jesters Gem lvl 3

  29. Are there any plans to create a Gem Selection Tool that lets us filter gems by boosts? I really appreciate all the work you have done on this site. I have been playing since June 2015 and would not be anywhere near where I am without this site. Thanks so much for what you do!!

  30. Is there a way to find certain gems I need for gear? Where to go to collect them?

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    It would be very helpful if we had a list of gems and where we could find them

  32. Where do i find the hades gem?

  33. Hi, I don’t see any gems that help with training capacity or time. Have I missed one? Is there a gem that helps with this?

  34. Are there any treasure maps or monsters drops where you can get the Fool’s/Jester’s gem?

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      There was one, i can’t recall its name – perhaps the CatZilla. but we haven’t seen it return since it came out. Only seem now available in chests / gold packs.

  35. Does it require the 4th slot and thus level 21 Academy for all start gems. I don’t see them available when I try to embed.

    • Star shaped gems are the only gem which can be placed in the 4th gem slot, which requires completion of the corresponding research to unlock.

  36. I may have missed it but where do we find the resource gems like stone ore and silver

    • Gold-Monster Tiles and Colosseum Tiles. Dragon King Tiles and Super-Hydra Tiles have a good Droprate. At LVL 5 Tiles its usually 12*LVL 1 Gem for 2k Gold and at LVL 6 its 4*LVL2 for 3K gold. All Rss-Gems, Troop-Bonus Gem and Energy-Gem are the Gems u get there.

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    Correction: can I equip more than one of the same gem to the same piece of equipment and get a cumulative effect?

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      Hi Giggity. Answer is yes but you require a “Prophecy” Gem of the equal value to the gems that you are trying to use as well as the research completed in the crafting research tree to unlock the 4th Gem slot for the piece of equipment you intend to use them in.

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        Thanks for the fast response! Off topic question but in the fire age ranged set, there are 3 different accessories to choose from but only the Blaze is listed in the set details. Does this mean I have to use the Blaze only or can I get the bonus using any combination of the 3 accessories?

      • Profile photo of MHY

        You have to use the set as MZ have laid them out. There are a few “additional” fire age gear however most of them lay in the event gear section and not the set gear section. They should move the non set gear items back to the event gear section to not confuse the situation like it has here. So in the Ranged set you will have to craft 3 x Phoenix Blaze’s to obtain the set bonus.

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        Thanks again! Glad I didn’t waste any blue flames on the chaos!

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    Can I equip more than one of the same gem to get double its effect?

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    Hi Slaggy, there aren’t any stats for the Prospectors Gem

  40. i noticed i have a gem that isnt on here called infantry specilist

  41. dont see the range specialist gem and where to find them

  42. Falling star gems not working or on lists to add to gear is this a game glitch?

  43. Sovereignty Gem needs updated to include defense debuff…

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    Does anyone know if the falling star gem works with your hero when fighting monsters? Is there any point in adding them to monster slayer gear?

    • Yes, I use them in all my monster slayer gear and the hero boogies after the monsters.

    • Profile photo of MHY

      Falling star gems do work in the slayer gear. Makes killing monsters quicker however to remove a level 6 Special gem costs 8K, so if you decide to remove the gems later for a speed set or something similar you will be up for a large cost to swap them over. Currently there are no “Monster” gems so the falling star would be the best gem to accompaniment the gear in the 4th gem slot until MZ develop a star gem for the slayer set.

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    Can you explain exactly what prophecy gem does and how best to use it (what situation/core/gear)?

  46. In a conversation in alliance chat someone said they bought a pack that came with a very rare gem that boosts research. Is this true? If so what is it called?

  47. barbaros güner

    I don’t use dragonefire and same game.

  48. I have only ever found rss gems ore, stone, wood, silver, resource, (I haven’t come across a food gem) from mythic dragon gifts. I cannot recall ever getting one from opening a chest. Due to this I find them to be extremely rare, and in an alliance with gift level 18 you typically only get 3 lvl2 gems if you get it as the gift.

  49. In your article on combat boosts it says Enemy Health Debuff greatly loses effectiveness against strongholds with millions of troops (e.g. a full rally vs 20mil) and yet it is listed as one of the best gems for “suicide” situations. Could you elaborate on what seems to be a discrepancy?

  50. No information for great wave gem.

  51. Where I can find prophecy gem?

  52. Where do you get the resource gems like silver, wood, ore, and food??

  53. Profile photo of Throrin

    Hi, when can we expect the newest gems to be updated here?

  54. Can you please update and do a gem chat like the equipment chat so we can see what’s best for what.

  55. Rose gems can also be found in Dragon King Chests 🙂

  56. How do I embed boar gem, I also have others in inventory but can’t embed them on items, I’ve embedded lvl 5 b/4 some gems don’t show up to embed

    • Profile photo of MHY

      Once you have researched the additional gem slots in from the “Crafting” research tree you will be able to embed. Its not a matter of what level the gem is. You need to have researched that slot from the research tree.

  57. there seems to be a belief in our alliance that embedding equipment with the luck gem improves ur crafting chances when u don’t have 100 pct of a color….80/20 lengendary for example….any data to back that up?

  58. Should I add defense gems to attacking cores? Or all out attack?

  59. Where can one obtain ore, wood, silver, and stone gems? is there a food gem?

  60. Hey Slaggy when you get a minute will you update the gem page with the new gems? I only have a lvl 5 mothers gem and was curious as to what lvl 6 gives your debuffs stat wise

  61. will u please add where to get the energy cap gem. i really enjoy your site and the amazing amounts of info uve compiled here

  62. Zian Lion Chest should be Nian Lion for scarlet Gem

  63. May want to update some of your onfo. I’ve gotten more candy cane gems from Krampus chests than I have from winter chests. I’ve also occasionally gotten Hades gems from Turkey Feather chests

  64. I can’t see the ibformation on Hades gem. I am using my iPhone and iPad to view this site.

  65. I would love to be able to click “chest found in” and see what other items are found in that chest. For Example I want to buy a pack and includes Dragon King chests, but I’m not sure what is included in it. I know it includes the Dragonfire Gem, but would like to see the Core/Pieces included as well.

  66. Hades Gem information is not showing

  67. Any way you can turn the list around? For example, I’d like to see which gems support Attack Debuf, but I have to search one at a time to see it.

  68. Is the trap gem used to give your troops extra strength against your opponents traps?

  69. Wight’s Eye gem is not loading the information.
    Lvl 1: Strat Ranged: 1% Attack, Ranged: 1% Attack, Strat Troop Health: 1%, Troop Health: 1%
    Lvl 2: Strat Ranged: 2% Attack, Ranged: 2% Attack, Strat Troop Health: 2.5%, Troop Health: 2.5%
    Lvl 3: Strat Ranged: 4% Attack, Ranged: 4% Attack, Strat Troop Health: 5%, Troop Health: 5%
    Lvl 4: Strat Ranged: 6% Attack, Ranged: 6% Attack, Strat Troop Health: 7.5%, Troop Health: 7.5%
    Lvl 5: Strat Ranged: 9% Attack, Ranged: 9% Attack, Strat Troop Health: 10%, Troop Health: 10%
    Lvl 6: Strat Ranged: 12.5% Attack, Ranged: 12.5% Attack, Strat Troop Health: 12.5%, Troop Health: 12.5%

  70. Can someone help me out with Gem placement on gears? Can I for example add Defence/health/infantry gem on a gear that has infantry attck on ut original? My aim is to boost infantry attack…Thanks

  71. Why does the Luck Charm gem not show up in the “Embed Gem List” when I attempt to embed a chalice?

  72. Same for Fools gem? have a cpl but dont know how or where to get them.

  73. Any idea where the Troop Boost can be found? I have a couple but dont recall how i got them. Not enough for lvl 6 tho.

  74. Where do I find this gem?

  75. Profile photo of Buckles01

    I would find it very useful to have a feature where you can search for specific boosts from gems and compare them side by side to other gems with similar features. Is this something your working on? or better yet, is it something that already exists?

  76. What gems would help with turtle

  77. Hi slaggy, great info. What use is the hades cloak gem as a fourth gem. Thanks

  78. Hi slaggy thanks for all the great information, what use is the hades cloak gem. You have it listed but not its use, thanks

  79. do you get a better boost by embedding 4 level 5 fire gems throughout your equipment, or combining the 4 to make 1 level 6 gem to embed. Seems like it is more advantageous to embed 4 level 5 gems. Thanks

  80. What’s the siege gem main purpose? Is it for increase attack on defenses..? Or increase troop siege attack?

  81. Do you have a rating on how good this gem is compare to others?

  82. is it possible to have the list of gems what they do and then you could have the Gems like cross reference

  83. Would be help if you could look at gems similar to equipment

  84. i get a elite defense gem in quest (alliance quest)
    i think this gem is rare

  85. Where can you get the energy cap gem from? I have a few from when I bought a pack with chests and am trying to recall what chest they were in. Thank you

  86. Would be nice to be able to sort by combat/farm. Great list though.

  87. where are the resource gems found!?!?!?

  88. What’s the gem you can get from monsters in SW called ? I do not see it listed

  89. Elite Defense Gems are 2%, 5% and 10% strategic and troop defense for the first three levels

  90. awesome list! I agree that it would be helpful to know how/where to acquire them.

  91. Lvl6 health gem is 25% not 30%

  92. Profile photo of Slaggy

    Thanks for the inputs – the list should be complete now (but still missing a few lvl 6 boosts).

  93. Troop attack gem not troop track !

  94. I have another gem in my inventory which is a troop track gems giving attack boosts to all 3 sorts of troop types and a seige specialist gem

  95. Also when u click on fools gem it says see jesters but u don’t have that listed

  96. I don’t see luck or the RSS production gem

  97. would also be helpful to know where these gems can be acquired

    • 6-20-15. Great gem guide into Game of War. I came tonight to find information on the many new gens introduced into the line-up. I will bookmark this site in the hopes that the newest jems will be added to the gem listings. Hope to see the many new gems soon

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