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Game of War - Equipment and Hero Gear

Inside Game of War offers a complete list of all hero gear available in Game of War. There are over 400 items to choose from so use the different lists below to help you choose equipment for your hero.

This is the new Beta Tool, to use the old tool see here.


  1. Glacier King Chests. Usually a pack, when you spend one USD cent, in the gold store. It will give you 25k chests, and you have to craft it. DO NOT TAKE YOUR COMBINES, past LEVEL 5…if you need Lvl 6 gear, build on the fly. Lvl 5, is high enough, for this game.

  2. It is only a Special Gem, Prospector’s Gem

  3. They (full prospector set) were in a pack last week (possibly 2 weeks ago).

  4. mdevineyjr ….are you saying that you HAVE seen the GEMS in packs recently? …or just the gear set?

  5. I have only seen them in packs these days…

  6. How many black market coins did the prospectors set cost? I don’t have the black market yet so I can’t see myself.

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    I got a Prospector set in the Black Market the other day. I read on here that they have Prospector gems that allow you to shield multiple tiles at once, but I can’t find the gems anywhere.

  8. Ok i am looking for pegasus skill set but cant find it any where

  9. That’s what I’ve been waiting to hear. Do remember the pack?

  10. I bought a full Prospector set gear yesterday in the Black Market, had to buy a mini pack to do it though as did not have enough coins without.

  11. This site is slow because it relies way to heavily on JavaScript. If you don’t know, JavaScript is what is called a “client side” scripting language, which means ALL the JavaScript code is being processed by the “client’s” computer, not the server. So the site is slow because most people have average computers, which are “slow”. If you want to speed this website up, then don’t use JavaScript to fill in the page template details, use your server side language to do this instead, PHP, ASP, whatever your using. Most (good) web developers would say that this website’s developer made an error by using JavaScript to take care of something that is essential to the function of this website. JavaScript is meant to make sites prettier and more user friendly, a bonus if you will. Think of it this way, if I turn off JavaScript in my browser, your website should still work, but it doesn’t…

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  12. Where do you get Glacier Kings gear from?

  13. What chests so the salvage gear piece’s come in????

  14. They have not placed that gear in the black market yet. But you can get a full set with a purchase of a gold pack. Stay on the look out for sells in the Gold store.

  15. How do i get a prospector ser

  16. I have heard you can get a full prospector set in the Black Market.

  17. You can only shield on a single tile with 5 piece Prospectors set and hero must be used to shield the tile.
    Full 7 piece Set with lv6 Prospectors Gems embedded allows you to shield on 8 tiles but you must use hero on the first tile for the other 7 to shield as well.

    • Tried to reply to Tam Morris but it posted as a new comment. Grrrrr ?

    • You can also shield in the forest but you MUST send your hero with it and ALL seven pieces of your gear MUST be max level. The more prospect gems you have the more shields you have and it also determines the level of tile you can shield on. Lvl 6 prospect Gem means you can shield on level 6 tiles and below. Level 5 prospect gem means you can shield on lvl 5 tiles and below and

  18. I also haven’t seen any prospectors chests or pieces to craft them in a while. I would be nice to finish even my base set just for the boosts and gathering speed. Been combining items for the past 6 months and checking what I can craft and it takes months to finally get another piece to legendary. Only time I’ve seen prospector pieces were in inferno prizes. Usually the ones that have shit prizes but lots of random lvl 1 items to combine instead of more gold and other stuff we actually need. By the way, keep up the great work you’re doing here Slaggy! We all truly appreciate it! But as others have said, I never even try this website on my iphone 6 due to it being so extremely slow. Just something to work on fixing. Thanks again!!

    • Before October I used to get some Prospectors materials : 200 Ancient Coin and 100-200 Golden Wheat in some pathetic infernos and some Building Solo events. I would troop train the solo events just to earn those materials to try and craft Prospectors set. I finally crafted 3 pieces and then they completed stopped appearing in events.
      Now I have a solo building event that requires 1.3 Billion points it gives 5,000 Prospectors chest. I’ve done this several times by training T4 troops ( event only gives points for Regular & Strategic Troop training. ).
      So I basically have to train about 100M T4 troops at 15 points per troop.
      Now only need golden wheat to finish my final 2 accessories.

  19. Do you need a full set 7 for prospectors to shield all tiles…or can you also get a shield for each of the 5 tiles with just a base set. All research completed, and prospector gem in each piece I have…just have had trouble getting the material to complete the set.

    • You can only shield on a single tile with 5 piece Prospectors set and hero must be used to shield the tile.
      Full 7 piece Set with lv6 Prospectors Gems embedded allows you to shield on 8 tiles but you must use hero on the first tile for the other 7 to shield as well.

  20. You must use your hero for Prospectors to work. Now you could send hero to tile that is almost empty then send your other troops out so the hero returns quicker or before the others.

    And it’s not a gem set for Prospectors just have the special Prospectors gem in 4th slot.

  21. Sola gear set is trash to defense stronghold lol

  22. does anyone know the gem set needed for prospector armor to work without the hero???

  23. I have a Galaxy S7 and as far as I can tell over the 4G/Lte and over WiFi the pages load great.

  24. Which gems I have full gear and 1 gem each piece and only one shield turns no?

  25. Good move, thanks.
    At first glance, yes the pages are loading quicker than before. I have yet to have it stall completely. It’s not lightning fast but definitely much improved.

    On a second note, all of the materials obtained from the Calydonian Boar do not show where they come from.

    Thirdly, did you find time to put a ” Bottem of page” button at the top of the comments to save 2 hours of scrolling???

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    This page has been completely reworked to make it faster and more user-friendly on mobile. Let me know what you think.

  27. Page is blank. Where’s the information on the Prospectors gear?

  28. Slaggy, your site is top notch. However it lags like a 70’s dialup service. What is with your scripts that drags my android devices( with latest os) to a grinding halt. It takes forever to load a page and heaven help if I’m looking up materials for gear. What should be a simple click, click, click turns into an hours painful wait.
    My iPhone is only slightly better and the pc is just as slow.
    That said , I am curious. Has the blacksmith mallet been removed as a craft able item by mz? It is no longer listed under blacksmith set gear. Maybe your page should be updated if this is the case.
    Keep up the great work on this great info site, but what the heck is dragging everything down?
    P. S any chance you could put a bottom of the page button at the top? Having to spend 10 mins scrolling through 500+ comments to get to this section is onerous. Especially worse because of the lag.

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, thanks for the feedback. Yes, a few of the pages (including this one) could do with some optimizations. The pages were never designed for quite this many items. And yes, need a better solution for getting to the comments section on mobile

  29. You can craft Prospector’s gear, look under the economy tab

  30. use speed ups to gather it quickly

  31. It’s an uncraftable item, you receive through either a pack, or by collecting on tiles.

  32. Where can you craft Artemis Bow? …I looked everywhere

  33. I haven’t seen a dig site shield in a Gold pack or Athena Gift since January, unless it’s because I’m in an ancient kingdom 665.
    I complained to mz that they should add it to bazaar or items menu have thousands of maps can’t do squat with.

  34. How d9 u get 963% Don. I can only get 780% skills ng down right side of hero tree.

  35. I haven’t seen anything for prosectors gear in a very long time.

  36. I’m at 780% with legendary prospector gear. How did you get it to go higher I have its killed on the right side for Gathering.

  37. You need Prospector’s star gems on gear.

  38. set 5 only for hero, base 7 for rest of encampments, must send hero on first encampment,

  39. How come I can only shield one tile? I have the full prospector set each equipped with a Level 6 prospector gem. I have base 5 set researched to level 8 working to unlock full set.

  40. Hey, Slaggy. How come the sections for construction time reduction and research time reduction are empty, unlike the detention time reduction?

  41. There are special shields available in packs for dig sites and chests. I’ve also won some in dungeon.

  42. I have seen materials for prospector gear in a pack as recently as yesterday ..look for the individual items not just the prospector chest

  43. In order to shield on more than one tile you must have full 7 set of prospectors gear and prospectors gem in each special gem slot ..must send your hero with the first March then the rest will all be shielded ..you can recall the first March with hero after the rest are sent if you need you hero to be free

  44. Hi all! Can someone make a set up for prospectors gear set focus only for gathering speed?!
    (Skills set up – research – gems)
    I have 963% gathering speed but i have heard it can go way up!

  45. I have seen people shield on dig sites and mythic tiles in 244 there is a way. I have only been able to shield a quarry one time and I’m max research with prospectors gear. I think the gear is glitches somehow.

  46. Very well … mine first $10 was full 7 froslord and full 7 dark hunter …….. once i bought .. i never saw any other sale like that… sad face…

  47. I just got a full (base 5) legendary Prospector gear set in a $10 pack yesterday.

  48. what is the best choice for feet for Northern King…skullcrushers or legplates…can’t decide what would be better stats for soloing

  49. Highside and Sexton3-I forgot to say, The Hephaestus Hammer is an UNCRAFTABLE item, so you cannot find it on a weapon list to craft in the game. It is listed here on this site under best items for construction speed. Steve4324

  50. Highside-you get the Hephaestus Hammer as a gift when you buy a pack. At gift level 2 you get a basic H H that gives you a 16% construction boost. Steve4324

  51. do we have an answer to this question yet? I’ve searched through every weapon list I can think of and can’t find it anywhere

  52. does prospector gear provide RSS shields at any level, or just legendary? and what does equipping them with a prospector gem do?

    • only at legendary level. base 5 has to have hero with it. full 7 dont need to send the hero…… however it seems like MZ has completely abandoned the prospector set. it is no longer offered in most packs, events or what not…… am i the only one that has noticed?

  53. Where’s Hephaestus’s Hammer found?

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    Hi, the problems mentioned in the few comments below should all be fixed now – please let me know if not.

  55. This is great site, informative, well maintained, but with one MAJOR issue, the comment section under each item should be separate, so that people can ask questions and leave advice pertaining to that specific object, i.e Thick Fur should only have comments related to Thick Fur in its comment section, where to find it, what item requires it for crafting, pop rates etc. instead there is one comment section full of unrelated questions, and nowhere to ask specifically after an item except posting it there and hoping for the best. That is this sites one failure, but its quite a big one. I understand it would be difficult to maintain separate sections for each item, but that’s what A: admins are for, or option B: Let the members self govern, have a spam report button, and hey presto, the site will run itself bar information updating, but even that could be automated, if your info source is good and the right person built your site. Come on, you’re helping a lot of people here, you could do with some help yourself.

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    Where do I find the emperors seal

  57. How come when I use the tool” Best gear For….: ”
    It gives equipment that doesnt even fit the catagory I requested. For example I asked for crafting gear. It gave me Anniversary colossus gear that doesnt even have a crafting percentage.

  58. I always find the page of Equipment and Hero Gear is very slow to load and ALWAYS gives an UNRESPONSIVE script error. The page freezes and I cant get rid of it. It drags the computer to a grinding halt. These tools you have are invaluable but if they dont work and are really buggy then they are not any use at all. I would just like these pages of HeroGear and the spread sheet to work as they are intended with out destroying my computer.

  59. Sorry Slaggy, Back on may 3 I left a comment that the spreadsheet didnt work. It is the Hero Gear Tool spreadsheet with all the filters and search bar. I do not even get the search bar nor do the drop down boxes and filters appear on the page. It is a spreadsheet pure and simple which is so huge that it doesnt fit on my screen. I cannot hide colomns or do anything with it because none of those tools appear.

  60. What chest do you find prospector gear in?

    • Profile photo of MHY

      Prospectors chests. They are becoming rare. but some infernos include them and the odd gold pack containing resources. Just need to stock up while they are available.

    • +R3d Solo June 17, 2016 at 10:32 am
      prospector also in bazaar need to surf along few alliances every day for more copper

  61. Im trying to get the best Stone production gear? It says Dark Slayer Bracer as an accessory? I cant find it in the set gear? any suggestions?

  62. I know Prospector’s Gear is for resource tiles, and doesn’t shield on Gold.

    But does it work on dig sites? I’ve never heard of anyone trying.

    The game doesn’t even give out dig site shields these days.

    • No. Prospector set does not provide shield for dig sites. Tested today.

      • Yes it dose you have to have the prospector star gem in and send hero youthe tile you want to shield

      • Negative, Skippy. I’ve got prospector full set (level 6) with 7 prospector gems (each level 6). Full research with set gear 5 and 7 maxed on skill tree. Prospector only shields on rss tiles. Not on gold nor on dig sites. Check ur facts Skippy.

      • you probably also need to have the set gear research done

      • Set gear research is completed. Prospector shields on tiles only.

      • Thanks for the response. Would have been great.

        Really makes dig sites irrelevant, no Dig Site shields ever available. Most of the digs aren’t worth using multiple speed ups to complete. I’ve only found Mythic Golem sites to give great items.

  63. I cant get this spread sheet to work, I click on the respective arrow and nothing happens. AT ALL Win 8.1 Im running. ANd this page drags the speed of my pc into the ground. Takes FOREVER to load anything if at all.

  64. For defending my stronghold, do I want to focus on defence or health in my gear?

    • both, think about defense as a “shield” for your troops, and healt “the resistence of them when the shield has been broken” idk if you understand me but actually defense is the best way to keep your troops alive, but if you get hit by zues cores or something like that, that defense «shield» will be broken and now your healt is your only gun, i mean it would save your azz…. Also attack is important, beacuse you can have a good defense (2.500% – 3.000%) and if you attack is lower you wont kill much troops of your enemy, in this case, if you have low troops you need to craft some for attack boost, but if you have a lot o troops, just focus on defence and healt.

  65. I know for a fact there is a way to shield a gold tile. Please email me information @


    • I have been told that if you have the full prospector set (7) it will shield the tile that you are gathering from but it must have the hero there too.
      Not sure if this is true I’m in the process of building the set to see if it is true.

      • Using full Prospector gear does work for shielding tiles. Just put on the gear put your hero and a few troops on any tile that you don’t want to collect from to activate the first shield Then send full amount of troops on tiles that you want to collect from. The 2nd shield will activate. Then send out more troops on different tiles if you want. Once you have all the troops you want out collecting send home your hero.

      • Forgot to mention Prospector gear shields do not work on gold. We have tried it.

      • Note: You also need to make sure you equip. Prospector gems in the gear . Put a lvl 6 in each piece of gear. If you put in a 5 you can only shield lvl 5 tiles and so on.

  66. Profile photo of OzirieL

    I can´t find Frostlords Sickle. Thanks

    • Everybody happy now that we have the new accessories?

      • LMFAO LOLOLOL the new accessories are dysfunctionnally useless for every sets except 1: Northern King Set. If you want to switch it from offensive to defensive he new acc for that set are very good. The rest is as good as pure garbage. Frostlord “pop”sickles or the Imperial Repeater are clearly useless. and if you still use the fire age you shouldnt cry when getting burned. fire age = fire burning in your own SH lmfao

  67. I cannot find a Barbarians Spear.

  68. Can I combined hedjets? I have several but I don’t know how to combine them. Is not under combine tab

    • Unfortunately, the Hedjet, along with a number of other items cannot be combined. Items (materials) such as these are useful for newer players whose Heroes aren’t leveled up very high. My best use for these has been to break them down. You receive ordinary materials such as those you get from daily quests. The value of the new material corresponds only loosely to the value of the original item.

  69. What/where the heck is the emperors sword!?!

  70. Anyone know what chests brass wire comes in, needed for salvagers gear

  71. Profile photo of Redsnapr1

    Hi is there anyway you can put a reverse look up for chests and what is in them? Thanks!

    • Hey Slaggy- I think you’ve bn hacked bro. All the upkp red gear is the worst possible b gear in the game for upkp. Somebody fd your tool.

  72. Profile photo of PyroPenguin

    Hey Slaggy…back in Feb there was a question about being able to show gear by hero level…is that a possibility still?

  73. Any good gear to use for crafting cost reduction besides blacksmith? if not where can i get those damn elephant ears?

  74. Whats up with the barbarian gear I see its on your list for strategic troop attack but its no where in the game to be found and I’ve looked all over the forge.

  75. Does anybody know how some people manage to shield their monster tiles in the wonder forest?

  76. Feature enhancement request to the site: Add the total boosts for complete base set and full base set to this page. I need a tool that will allow me to tell what gear is best for a specific purpose. If you can add the set bonuses available, that would be even better.

  77. Is there a tool that would tell me what gear works AGAINST a particular set? For example, what works best against a full Frostlord’s set?

  78. I cannot find the Northern King Set (barbarian pieces) in the game. Was this a limited time only set gear?

  79. I only want to buy magister chest did anybody know any site or pack to buy only magister chest
    And can you tell me that are we able to gift chest to alliance players

    • You cannot gift chests. I bought the pack to get 6000 magister chests and was disappointed in the outcome. Not even close to the amount of eye of intellect needed to complete the set.

    • Buy Magister chests from the Bazaar. Around 2k copper coins each I think…

  80. Can anyone tell me how to find the frostlords set in the GOW app? This site is a great site to do research on how to properly gear up for any number of activities in the game (trap, attack, research, building, etc), but only if I’m able to find the gear that this site mentions.

  81. Slaggy, please add 24% infantry attack and strategic infantry attack to Tower Shield.

  82. Profile photo of Throrin

    Hate to be a pain, but concerning all the newest gear (Colossus, Dire, Were Pole) the information is very incomplete. Missing mats required, boosts provided, items crafted by said mats, etc.)

  83. Profile photo of Throrin

    The materials for the Dire gear is incomplete

  84. Missing info about Apollos Wreath, the item provides +15% Hero XP as its only stat. Anybody know where this item comes from? Thanks.

  85. WHAT HAPPENED ~ These were the best equipment references on the Web…Now they are all messed up : (

  86. Hermes Winged Armor = 203% MARCH SPEED – Not Troop Training Speed
    Hermes Winged Bracers = 93% MARCH SPEED – Not Troop Training Speed

  87. A lot of troop training gear category is totally incorrect…

  88. Slag Stomper Boots is incorrect
    85% March, not troop training

  89. Phoenix Life is 500% food, not silver

  90. for the Kunoichi’s Wings you have 170% Troops training and it should be March speed.

  91. I believe that Poseidon’s Tail provides construction speed 17%, not research speed.

  92. I can’t find Rheas Blessing anywhere? Is it a special event item, or ?

  93. Boosts are way off on Hades Helm and Prometheus Boon, at least from the “troop training speed” gear page.

  94. I have the whole set but my hero does not glow……

  95. Which is better the xena balance set 1 or the defense set 1?

    • If you want to attack, balance set 1. If you get hits (or you fill rallies ame wait), defense set. But there is a lot of newest gear with best boost

  96. Which is better the xena balance set 1 or the xena defense 1?

  97. Where do I find this emperor set at in the game? Or is it what Stayalive received for owning super wonder?

  98. Can you mix Fire Age Gear sets for the same boosts? Calvary, Ranged, Infantry

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