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How to Craft Core Gear

Video Guide to Crafting Core Equipment in Game of War

This a video guide to crafting core gear, please watch the video above or below is a transcript if you have trouble understanding me!

Core Crafting Video Transcript:

Hello and welcome to inside game of War. This is Slaggy and this is a guide to crafting core equipment. A lot of people have requested help with crafting core equipment and I thought a video guide be the best way to show you that.

So let’s go into the forge and take a look. I’m going to into the craft core equipment screen and here we see a list of cores. The cores are split into different item slots. Across the top here we can see us they are split into weapons, helmets, armors, accessory, feet and something that doesn’t exist yet.

Now if I come across to the pieces tab we can see all of our pieces. On the pieces screen we have these tabs across here which do not correspond item slots. Instead they are different types of pieces: these are attacking pieces, these are defensive pieces, there are troop related pieces, and silver pieces, hero raises none of which yet. The basic anatomy of a core is one core and a number of pieces which are inserted into that core.

The number of pieces can be between three and six depending on the level of research you have completed. So to start with you choose a core. I’m going to the start with this level I fork sword core. And by clicking on it it adds it to the recipe.

If you want to see the stats for your core, just click on the core and it tells you the current boosts as well as the duration that the core will last. If you want to get an overview of all of your cores, you can click on this core stats button and it will show you information on all of the cores and all of their stats and you can add them directly to recipe from here.

So having added your core, you now come across to the pieces screen on this tab and we start to add pieces. As on the cores tab you can also click this pieces stats button and that will give you a more useful view of all the boosts that your pieces give you. So I’m just going to scroll down through the various pieces.

You cannot have two pieces same – all the pieces must be different. Then when you are finished you just click this pieces button and a then you click craft. It gives you a silver cost 39,293, it doesn’t tell you how long it will take by I know that it will take approximately eight hours to craft. And if you want to see the total final stats of your piece you just click on it and there you are, there are your piece stats and your boosted duration. A few things to note – to remove pieces from your recipe just click them and they are removed like that.

Also you can only add cores where you have done the corresponding research. This account has done the research up to level III so you can only add level III core but if I try to, for example, let me just remove this one – you can click this x here to remove everything and start all over again. I can add a level III core but I cannot add a level IV. I get this message saying more research is required. We will look at that in a moment but before we do it is worth noting that if add a level I core I can add any level of piece, even if I have not done the research for it. For example I can add this level 5 cloth button even though I have not researched above level III on the research screen.

One thing that is important is that this does not show all of your pieces. If I come to piece stats here it is not all of the pieces that I own. MZ limit the number of pieces seen at any one time so if I want to see my complete inventory of pieces I need to go to another screen.

This makes crafting your items slightly frustrating but I will show you how you do it. You come out of the screen and go into your core pieces screen. Here I just go across to pieces. You will see I have these pieces, these are the ones we’ve already seen, but as I scroll down you will see that some are blacked out. These are the pieces that I don’t currently have access to.

So if I want to use them in a crafting recipe I have to click on one and then select this swap button. I will have to use an item to swap the piece before going to choose another piece I want to swap. So I am swapping some of these out, a level 5 cloth button and there we go. So I can swap it for 400 gold or use a piece swap item.

Now the slightly frustrating thing about this is when you’re trying to craft an item you can’t see all the pieces you have access to unless you come into this screen. And to see all the stats you don’t have that useful piece stats view, you have to click on each one. You have to click on each piece to see what the stats are before clicking on the next one.

Now let’s quickly go across to the research screen to see the core research. So is core masteries are the key ones. These are the ones that let you craft higher levels of core equipment. This account as you can see has researched up to level III which allows it craft level III cores and lower.

And there we have it, cores can be very powerful especially at the higher levels. They are well worth crafting. One thing worth noting, if you put gems into a core item, they fallout after the item expires. This makes it well worth filling your cores with gems. There is no reason not to.

Inside Game of War is planning to have a full list of cores and pieces and all their boosts and it should be there imminently – hopefully by the time you watch this video it will already be there and if not any day soon and that is it. Hope you enjoyed the video and good luck.



  1. At the time when you posted it was mixed set featuring Black kunai and frostlord.

    Now December 5th, it should be:
    1) obsidian knight
    2) skeleton king
    3) colossus anniversary.

    But of course research plays a factor as well gems ( gem set bonus ), skill tree, that new potion alchemy.

  2. Skeleton King

  3. Profile photo of CountDracu

    What are the best defense gear set as of now?

  4. i have not enough materials for crafting frostlord gear and so which of the combination gears to use when defending n attacking at the same time.

  5. Let’s update this video now that the forge gives Set Gear Core fast craft options.

  6. Why do certain cores that are exactly the same,made with the same pieces have different stats? For example i crafted three legendary Armageddon accessories from the four horse set and they all had slightly different stats.this is before any gems are added

  7. Profile photo of Ogri

    Why when I combine cores or pieces to level up the result do I get a message that it will be locked until freeing up space in the inventory but there’s loads of space available?

    • You only have so many slots actually available in your backpack. If it’s lit up it means it’s available. Scroll down and you’ll see items darkened which means you have to move into an active slot in order to use. It’s MZ’s way of making you buy packs or an item swap thing for x amount of gold

  8. Do you play on your computer to make the video? Where do you play online?

  9. You guys there should have a guide on how to free up space in your cores and pieces inventory

  10. Where do we find cost cutting gear for crafting cores

  11. The swapping aspect of cores and pieces really make it no fun for me. Especially because I can’t see the unavailable items while I’m crafting. I have to physically write down which pieces have which stats and then go back in to get swaps, then I can finally craft. This aspect of the game really needs to change.

  12. I am amazed at the effort you put into this site and the invaluable results. By far, the most user-friendly and thorough presentations I have come across. I love it but am torn as to whether I will share this gem mine with many others.

  13. Recently, MZ changed cores and pieces so that we CAN combine items that are grayed out, or locked. I went through mine, combined them all as much as I could, counted how many level 6 I had locked, bought that number of Swaps from the alliance store, and moved all my level 6 to my unlocked area and moved my level 1’s to the locked area. Now, when I complete another combine session, all the ones I really want are already up at the top! Okay, I know, I have some OCD issues but honestly, you don’t need to swap them anymore unless you want to use one specific one. That is great news!!

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    Just wanted to share some notes on this topic as I get alot of questions about it, please comment or add based on your experience:

    1- The actual process is simple, you select a core and add pieces then craft it. Details on this are in the How to Play in great detail so I won’t talk about it. Just keep in mind 4 points:
    A) cores and pieces are like regular mats having events items. This is important for later.

    B) Some Fire Age gear reduces crafting time, remember to use them.

    C) Crafting refinement research: some cores/pieces reduce your stats while boosting something else, this research reduces this damage.

    D) as you will see below all cores and pieces focusing on March Speed or Defense only are useless so don’t bother swapping and combining them.

    2- Selecting Cores: so which one to do is the first question ppl get stuck at. Before that, decide what you are trying to do to guide you. There are some typical scenarios to work towards:

    A- Trap Attacking: its really a waste having a full set just to attack a trap so instead I like doing one core to replace my weakest piece of permanent gear. In my case it was Feet. Equally its a waste using an events core and pieces for this. So I choose a feet core that boosts health and add to it pieces that raise general attack and health. This doesnt waste the rare events ones and helps you do more with little as normal items are really abundant if you just do quests and its a shame letting them just stay there.

    B- Trap Defense: if you are a solo trap you can do the same as above choosing the weakest one to boost. You won’t have time to change more than one gear as a solo trap. I would choose the same as above, increasing health and general attack (because there are no cores/pieces for trap attack) and maybe that one troop type you are focusing on if you are low on cores/pieces.

    C- Rally Attack: if you are leading a rally then you really need the special events cores/pieces. To make the max damage you would do a full set of one troop type. With full gold cores/pieces you can reach 2000% total attack and 1000% health. At this level you probably have 6pieces to add. You will find there are no more than 4 specific troop pieces per troop type (so far), the last too pieces should be general attack ones. Dont worry about Health because the special events cores boost health too. The special events dont cover all cores, for instance the Infantry set has feet, accessories and armor. The rest would be normal cores but putting pieces the same as above. As new events come more cores could be introduced to cover these gaps increasing the potential attack stats more.
    Once finished gem with the same troop you boosted and health. The third gem depends on your 4th gem status. If you can use prophecy gems then try to double up on the troop type gem. If not then user Boar or Candy and the 3rd gem would be troop type event gem (i.e Cerebrus)

    D- Rally Defense:
    As a rally defender you want to boost everything. So for pieces use all the general attack pieces and balance troop type pieces. If you want to use the troop type cores, you can. But dont do a set focusing on one troop, balance them so for instance foot from infantry cores and weapon from ranged cores and helm from cavalry cores and same for accessories. Gem them the same way advised for normal rally defense.

    Happy crafting and good luck!

  15. you cant swap cores or material anymore… you need a capital vault now to unlock the locked cores and material 🙁

  16. Why can’t I access all of my cores and pieces? A lot of them are darked out and it says I have to free up slots in my inventory. But all the slots in my equipment inventory are open.

  17. Waiting (maybe not so patiently) for the core gear guide! =P Thanks for all the hard work putting all this together!

  18. What’s wrong with your voice man haha?

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