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Game of War - Cores and Pieces

Inside Game of War offers a complete list of all cores and pieces available in Game of War. There are hundreds of Cores and Pieces in the game so use the tools below to filter and find what you are looking for.

We have ranked the overall best Cores and Pieces which you can find here: Best Cores and Pieces see here.

This is the new Beta Tool, to use the old tool see here.


  1. The cores/pieces database isn’t loading correctly for me. Every time I search for a stat I want, all the returns are regular gear. Can you please look into that? Thanks!

  2. Is there an alternative piece for fresh lotus by any chance? Good information to know if there is any alt pieces. Thanks for your feedback.

  3. this doesn’t work everything is zero’s, tried it in Chrome and IE (leave a comment doesn’t work in IE either)

  4. Well, when the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then Peace will guide the planets, and Love will rule the stars. That’ll be the dawning of the age of Aquarius, the age of Aquarius.

  5. Core of Water – Where to find: Aquarius
    Aquarius what?

  6. Shaggy – this works great on my IOS system (Iphone 6) – I can’t make it work on my Amazon fire or on my husband’s gaming desktop, Really sad about this, I have been waiting and wanting to build my cores for months. I have a number of screen shots , where do I send them?

  7. Profile photo of Slaggy

    Hi, I still can’t recreate this – could you send a screenshot? Thanks

  8. Still not working…

  9. It’s all blank, Shaggy – viewed from iPhone 5s

  10. Ya, seeing blanks here too and doesn’t look updated to the newest core and pieces

  11. Same here. Showing zeroes and blanks.

  12. Yes its all blank,its not showing any of the cores nothing natto zilch

  13. Profile photo of Slaggy

    Hi, if anyone is still having issues with this page then please let me know.

  14. Profile photo of Slaggy

    Sorry about the delay with getting this fixed – should all be working again now

  15. The cores and pieces haven’t worked for days.

  16. Infantry defense is empty, what happened?

  17. I’ve been trying to look up cores and pieces for the past few days but nothing showing up

  18. Where can I see the stats for pieces?

  19. Water Walkers – does it even exist? Ive hit 4 world monsters and not even 1 lvl 1?

  20. Is the Core of Water Piece still available?

  21. Why is it I saw a 3.5b player take a hero using posieden with 3 Xena accessories. Everyone is wearing them??? Please explain thanks ?

  22. No offense but your site has more lag than GOW itself. It is terribly optimized for the mobile experience.
    On a positive note your content is good.

  23. If i stack pieces on top of pieces , will i get a big piece ?

  24. Great work! I have been documenting all Cores, Pieces, Gems, and Special Gems as well. For the Alder Twig, it shows it comes from the “Satyr” I have many of each level (except 5) but I have no documentation of a Satyr. Is the Alder Twig the only thing the Satyr has? And/or is there another place to get them?

  25. I am a newly billionaire power…. At sh20. Is there any suggestions on what core to use for attack? As sh20 cannot use legendary cores and only 5 pieces.

  26. Can u trap with Hades or Zeus cause when you add up the stats they’re better for atk def hlth than most custom core I make.

  27. having trouble. its not giving a correct list of defense pieces in order

  28. spear of titans secret core recipe , which pieces to add?

  29. Anybody know which piece gives the “shiny” prefix? And why can’t I see the defense pieces list here?

  30. Anyone figure out what pieces to add for the firecrackers core. Thanks!

    • I’ve added earth icon. Earthen jar. Lotus. Scarab brooch. Winter glass. Illusion. Can also use broken antler

      • The pieces are earth icon, earthen jar, fresh lotus, illusion token, scarab brooch, broken antler, winter glass, frost steel, bronze doves, heron charm, white fur crest and immortal ivy. I have made dozens of fireworks w/ as many combinations Each, to say that any order will do with very little variances- just like luck has to do with results.

      • Is this for the emerald helm core?

  31. Looking for custom cores set and pieces to go with them ????

  32. Where do I find Aquarius maps ?

  33. Fish core recipe is incorrect

  34. I’m not able to see no cores or pieces 🙁

  35. Some of the cores and pieces, like One-Arm Armour core and the Clasp (piece) has negative stats. Does that mean these will be reducing my boosts?

  36. The Stormcaller Helms’ L6 stats are incorrect

  37. Is there a glitch gem that makes some people see all gear with a hades gem and has others only see one piece in hades gem with nothing else equipped?

  38. Which piece gives the corrupted prefix?

  39. Profile photo of Tim

    Are the stats for the Scales of Pisces core on here?

  40. browse recomended sets are not working

  41. best items for and recommend sets not working??? please fix

  42. How can i find the best receipt for firecrackers?

  43. I don’t get it. I came here to get a recipe for dragons denial core lvl 3 but I can’t find it…. how do I find the recipes I’m looking for

  44. Not working

  45. Profile photo of Black666

    It could be me being thick but where do I find the receipe for crafting firecrackers?

  46. this tool isn’t working can you please fix… thank you

  47. Where are all of the defense debuff links? Thats the most important stat lol Missing?

  48. Profile photo of Jameson

    i see nothing for defense cores or pieces. Why.?

  49. There aren’t any strategic Calvary attack cores listed. Please add some when possible. Very useful site 🙂

  50. I noticed under peices the ice crystal CORE comes up. Please recategorize it as a core. thanks

  51. No Cores or pieces show for this category, if there are none then why show it as a header category? If there are Ranged Health Debuff resistence or Ranged Defense Debuff Resistence then add them under the headings please

  52. There’s a glitch… when i click the ice crystal piece under the strat troop attack section it takes me to the ice crystal core… i was surprised to see a piece have 134% D boost lol

  53. Are the firecracker cores obsolete? I can’t find any Nion Lion chests in any of the packs anymore! No maps either!

  54. Why can’t i find the Firecracker Core recipe. I see the core but you don’t have a list of pieces to make it. Matter of i can’t find it anywhere online. I have seen people with this core so i know it exists. Anyone have any idea?

  55. Profile photo of Lady T

    Link doesn’t work…..no list of cores or pieces for attack!!!!

  56. Fargergé egg link is broken …

  57. Profile photo of Throrin

    Ice Crystal is a core item (accessory) but is listed here in the pieces section

  58. What are the pieces that go with the serpopard armor core? I either can’t see it or Ijust plain can’t find it.

  59. Hi Slaggy, I have been trying to reverse engineer your Suicide weighting for my database and I noticed in one instance (Vase of Seawater) Health is weighted at 70% but in the Runestone of Eternity it’s weighted at 100% or it simply could be that you have defence debuff higher than 100% but I just want to confirm before I start pulling out my hair.

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