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Game of War - Cores and Pieces

Inside Game of War offers a complete list of all cores and pieces available in Game of War. There are hundreds of Cores and Pieces in the game so use the tools below to filter and find what you are looking for.

We have ranked the overall best Cores and Pieces which you can find here: Best Cores and Pieces see here.

This is the new Beta Tool, to use the old tool see here.


  1. Better gems to eqip while defending against a rally with 20+ mil troops? Stick with shadow gems or go with let’s say hallows or minotaur. Thanks

  2. No Secret recipes for Firecracker Core or Ice Crystal Core? If not, anyone have a good recipe to use for defense?

  3. Does it matter what spot the pieces r put in?

  4. For the best core or piece finder, I get the exact same list when I filter for best strategic troop health or strategic troop defense. When I click on the individual cores or pieces, I can see that none have strategic troop health, only defense. Error in there somewhere, either the filter or the stats for each core or piece

  5. This use to ba a helpful sight but now it’s just nor user friendly anymore and hard as hell to understand.

  6. Slag …where do I find the seal of death …are they in the maps also

  7. What is the best way to recruit new members to grow our alliance?? We are the Ant Army and we bully the bullies and are a really nice drama free loyal group looking to add bigger players.

    • I’m having the same problem…..Let me know if you find a solution. If you’re kingdom is in Saba maybe we merge together!

    • Hey, the best way of recruiting big players is to grow yourselves – big players look for an alliance that will benefit them so an alliance with a gift level of 9 and no one to help them learn the game a bit more may benefit you but it does not them. We were a small alliance recruiting smallish players however as we have grown (we now have 60 bill alliance power and are 3rd in our kingdom – with 23 players over 1 bill in power) we attracted more bigger players to joining us as we can learn and test things out together, rather than spend time teaching – which we also do. As your kingdom grows older you will find merging to be a must in order to grow as players tend to stay in an alliance a bit more permanently and new players are no longer automatically placed in your kingdom.

  8. Where can i find a soft sponge?

  9. Arachne Brooch Piece is all ranged piece, you accidentally fat fingered an infantry boost.

  10. hey i dont see strategic troop attack

  11. Hi, can you put up the ice crystal recipe? Thanks.

  12. Hello, I would like to know a good way of gemming kunio set in defense with 20m t4…I have health/ defense and shadow gems/rose gems on it….What would you recommend? I do take rallies often..Thanks

    • I’d recommend Dragonfire (if you have 4th gem) Chronos, Father Time, Rose, Hallows, Soverignty, Spring, Troop Boost. Basically any attack gem

    • if your in defense gear try and use shadow gem, also i use the elite defense gem in my 4th slot, your in defense gear so defense is key,troop defense is worth more than any specific t4 type gem such as the wrights eye, i use shadow defense cerberus gem anything to boost the defense % of the gear. my opinion

  13. Are there any other 4 piece cores that give extra bonuses besides Annihilation?

  14. What would be great is if you can add filters for non-secret recipe core and pieces. That would really help not waste cores and pieces that you would otherwise need for the secret recipes. Thanks and awesome tool!!!

  15. Anybody know where to find the Soft Sponge piece?

  16. Does not show aloe staff core recipe

  17. I’m not seeing anything for research cores

  18. Great Site. It looks like the recipees are missing for some items: aloe staff is one.

  19. Can I play gow online with my PC?

  20. Can anyone help me find the recipe for the core horseman?

  21. Was still kind of wondering if you could let me know the formula or explain how you come up with the percentages next to the cores/pieces?

  22. Profile photo of Throrin

    The craft times and silver required seem to be glitched for the Palm Branch

  23. Profile photo of The420maN

    Much appreciation for all you do

  24. Where can I find fatty oil

  25. Just want to say thanks for going out of your way to help all of us… more than what MZ has ever tried to do. My question is what’s the formula you use to come up with the percentages that are posted. I understand between attack and suicide it’s going to be different, but I don’t get how you come up with the numbers… and also are those numbers before or after you add pieces

  26. That tool is really awesome. … I’m sure others already said that… well , one request… could we be able to select what slot we want to craft an equipment for? For instance, I just unlocked the 4th slot for core feet armor, and I want to craft … a feet armor.. thanks again!

  27. Profile photo of Evil Doer

    Hieroglyph plate and seahorse statue pieces missing bonus names. Also Dragon Wisdom recipe doesn’t seem to work (unless the Jade Reptile’s Warlord Helm is the same item).

  28. i would like to see the item with the core and items needed to make it on the same page then i can print a recipe book
    can’t craft and surf at same time so it would be a great help

  29. Anyone know where to get dragon king set pieces like the jade horse other than hitting dragons and doing dragon king maps?

    • Profile photo of Skilly

      Leviathans will give it to you as well. As for the maps they are only good for the Cores not the pieces. That goes for Dragon King and Leviathan Maps and this rule carries over to all other maps as far as I can tell.


      • So Maps will provide cores but not pieces so besides packs and hitting the monsters is there any other way? And Hi Papa Smurf

  30. All I can see is core stats…wich can be viewed in game. I’m not seeing any suggested piece lists to go with them. Am I just missing something here on this site?

  31. Hi you’ve done a great job but feel you need more of a recipe list for cores. stats for up pieced cores don’t mean a lot if some piece up better than others with bonus boosts. even a basic list of cores with recipe and stats would be great. Thanks for great site, keep up the great work

  32. Hi, I dont find best core items for Strategic Troop Attack boost. Only regular troop attack boost

  33. I would love to know which pieces are used for aged cores.

    • Did you get a replay yet? I have 2 aged cores and can’t figure out how they were made. Someone else did them. Aged Fire Works core to be exact.

      • No, not yet. I’ve seen the bigger guys use aged cores only at wonderfights and do well so im curious as to which pieces are required.

      • Think I figured it out. Look in Materials Inventory, not Pieces, for items with the hourglass symbol. These are used in Relics. Build Ancient Relics either regular or Set type. Select a “Core” to start then use the Material with the hourglass. I turned a Fireworks core into an Aged Fire Work Relic. Easy to make Level 6 Relics using standard Materials than Level 6 Cores and some are just as good maybe a little better than Level 5 cores. IMO. Oh, and the timed Materials and Relics come from Monster Chests

    • Unless you are crafting with all or close to all L6 pieces many times your craft will be named after one of the pieces you used. Aged generally means you used ancient pottery to make it as one of your pieces. Minted means you had bronze coins in it…

  34. these core are from RA cavalry core

  35. Raven of Collose

    Is there anywhere other than hitting a dragon that I can find the broken dragon jade core?

  36. I am looking for a recipe for apocalypse – it looks to be based on an asteroid or comet and is an accessory that is part of a set that includes Carnage, Obliteration, Mutilation and Starvation (in secret recipes section). Any ideas?

  37. I searched for cores for Strat Attack. I see the same core duplicated. If I click on a duplicated core, I see say Inf Attack listed 5 times for Fishermen Robe. They are all different amounts. I also see some where level 3 boost is significantly higher than lvl 6. Whats up with these tables?

  38. Other than in Sun God packs, is there a way to get Osiris Mace Head Pieces? Here it says “Ra” but there are no monsters that drops them, right?

  39. Profile photo of Throrin

    Actually it seems like most of the newest items are listing the same boost multiple times.

  40. Profile photo of Throrin

    On the stats for Ancient Disk Core, you have cavalry attack listed 5 times with boosts that don’t add up

  41. Hey there… U should also leave the secret cores pieces on the same page so people will know what Pieces to add on.

  42. Profile photo of Vic Garcia

    Shaggy, the numbers don’t add up correct for level 6 Rusted Headdress Core in the Boost stats block.

  43. Hey bro
    I see something broken in your sripts

    In many pieces and cores there are duplicate boosts like:
    Ranged Attack – …
    Ranged Attack – …
    Ranged Attack – …
    Enemy Defence Debuff – …
    Enemy Defence Debuff – …
    Enemy Defence Debuff – …
    for example – cores-pieces/Faded%20Headdress

  44. Profile photo of 49erBailey

    I see troop attack but not strategic troop attack. How come

  45. Hey
    I seen cores that are all catastrophic
    The warlord helm hydra body asteroid cores
    All when crafted say catastrophic

  46. The stats on the following cores appears to be broken:
    Broken Dragon Jade
    Fisherman’s Cores

  47. What are the pieces you need to get the special Helm?

  48. Athena posted a blog a few months ago about the Dragon King core recipes. I believe it included the Jade dragon, monkey, etc. I cannot find the recipes for those cores anywhere. Can you help with this information (even tried old blogs . . no luck). Thanks!

  49. With so many new pieces and cores, do you think it would be possible to add a side note of where they can be found…more specifically, things like specialty items that don’t pop up every day. Sometimes after looking in forge I find cores I am unfamiliar with – but this part of the game is evolving quickly. Thanks.

  50. Hey slaggy your strat health boost tab is broken or you accidently copied past from defense one those are all defensive cores couple double coverage but not health pieces

  51. Slaggy your recipie for Epidemic is wrong. You dont use Plague and you’re missing Seal of Pestilence. I’ve crafted it wrong twice now. LOL. Thanks.

  52. Yeah it’s useful sometimes but I’m asking about infantry attack pieces and I’m looking at a stat sheet with no stats. And steroid supplements. Wtf. Lol

  53. When trying to use the asteroid core it wont let me yet I have researched Core Mastery Lvl 4 and 4th piece crafting slot? what else do I need to use this. Trying to craft Annihilation.

  54. Any reason why the crafting time would differ significantly? Just crafter a nose ring core and its currently cooking for 2 days..

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, each level of core and piece adds crafting time so a lvl 6 core with 6 x lvl 6 pieces takes much longer than lower level ones with fewer pieces. Is that what you mean?

  55. What is the recipe for aloe staff core?

  56. Is your core recipe tab down. I keep getting an error

  57. Is there a reason the Branding Iron is not listed under Cavalry Attack?

  58. Profile photo of chad

    slaggy i see a core for strategic defense but nothing for regular defense in core menu is this correct? no core for regular defense.

  59. I think it is broken not showing anything

  60. What pieces are should be used with a core? I don’t see a recipe for this??

  61. for example your core tool shows for accessory roman standard best for attack but down to 5th best for defense. would i use roman to rally wonder and nose chain to defend or is it different for wonder battles??

  62. for woner battles, if im attacking or being attacked do i want to look at different boosts for each scenario???? or is defense more for just defending your city. does it make a difference??

  63. Profile photo of Throrin

    So, if I am understanding some of the stats on here, there are pieces and cores that actually reduce boost?

  64. Jjmoore1981@gmail.com

    The warlord helm adds troop attack as well as ranged Attack.

  65. BEST GoW SITE OUT!!!

    Do you think we could get an option added for multiple filters. I.E Filter by Cav Atk and Troop Health

  66. Rusted Coin is another one to add to the Strat Infantry attack pieces

  67. I keep seeing more defense cores. Can someone tell me why they would use defense instead of attack when suicide rallying. It’s suicide your troops are gonna die so why would you not want to use attack to kill more?

  68. Same question as the one by Eric. Do I just discard the lower level items in order to get more of the better ones in overflow inventory?

  69. The Hawkridge Helm core doesn’t have infantry attack

  70. So does range boost stacks with strategic range boost? If I attack with full strategic range? how come your boost % is added?? I don’t follow!? I though strategic stats only base on strategic base alone?

  71. In my cores, i have several items that are level 6 but there in the grayed out section. Do i just have to discard enough items to get them in the top section. Or is it better to swap?

  72. How do you make catastrophic ?? Cores need to make a list of names of cores as you can tell it’s strength by its name I use all legendary max research 6 piece and I always get tightly bonded even through my average piece cost over 5 mill silver to craft

  73. Where can you get fine powder?

  74. What chest has the fine powder in it?

  75. Slaggy there’s been a bit of a debate on how to use pieces in each core, the warlord helm core for example has range attack boost and strong cav defence so to me I’m presuming I send full rally of ranged and the cav defence is to protect you from your ranged troops nemesis cavelry ? Others are saying the cav defence it gives is to protect the cav you send as I’m sending none this cav boost in defence would be useless in an all out attack with ranged? Hope you follow my meaning and can clear this up!

  76. Can you give me an advise on what to craft for just a regular rally? I get the 1 troop type and i’m using that technic to rally the bigs . What i need is just a simple core yet effective where i can still use the old cores (ex. drums, ring blade etc..) mixed with some relics rallying 200-300m ( with bad gears). I normally use my special core (1 troop type) rallying 400m and up. This way I can save my special cores for the bigs and the wonder. Thanks in advance.

  77. No boost data shows for Inflated Armor.

  78. I can’t believe someone put the effort to put all these cores and pieces details together and SHARE it with the world.. Great site Slaggy.. This sure makes my gow-life way easier..

  79. Is it better to stick with one type
    Like xena or fire age
    As opposed to mixing items ?

    Doing a great job m8 keep it up

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, not really – just build the beast gear you can regardless of the event it is from. MZ have said that wearing a complete set of gear from the same event (for Fire Age gear at least) will give bonus boosts but I am yet to see anyone confirm this.

  80. Was wondering if you knew the different combinations of cores to make different results. like catastrophic or the one i really want to know is final.

  81. Can you please add the best peices to go with each core equipment

  82. Great Work Slaggy…..This information is invaluable!

    what is the approximate points total if there is one for the big three boost
    Is it that each 1% point of attack is equal to 2% Health is equal to 5% defense in a attack scenario?

  84. Are you going to fix Ring Blade Core data?

  85. Great site Slaggy. Thanks for all your hard work, you’ve answered a lot of my questions. I’m struggling with the same thing Tin brought up on 2-19, the best way to clear up space in my pieces and core inventory for better items that have been buried. Thanks again for the site

  86. I was told I got a Krampus Pauldron Gauntlet lvl 5 at a dig site but can’t figure out how to equip the darn thing. Where do I go?

  87. Due to the obscene amount of lower lvl cores and pieces taking up space in our inventories, what would you suggest to be the best way of moving uneccessary cores/pieces out in order to make room for the blocked cores/pieces needed to lvl up the desired cores/pieces?

  88. Great tool. Please keep ’em coming.

  89. Awesome site, Great help. Could you tell me anything about how to get Core/Pieces slots back? They keep disappearing and Im down to 34.

  90. Thank you for releasing this now. I will follow along with you. Great work!! It is appreciated!!!

  91. Hi, Slaggy. Just noticed that has incorrect piece params data.

  92. any way to download this so I can view offline?

  93. Top notch work slaggy,we need more gamers like you gow rocks .So do you and Inside game of war keep it coming .

  94. I need help on what cores you have to use for apocalypse gear

  95. Profile photo of Slaggy

    Should all be up to date now

  96. Theres quite a lot of data missing which is giving me misleading results. Please don’t release something until it’s finished.

    • Slaggy wants to provide this guide to help readers based on his collected data. It would help to give him more inputs than make negative comments on his works.

      • I’d have to agree. The amount of content this guy has put out in 6 weeks is amazing. Best GoW site around by a wide margin. Sure the cores page needs some additional info but as is it’s still very helpful to many im sure.

      • Profile photo of Slaggy

        Jeff – I can appreciate the frustration. I released it as thought some data is better than no data. Thanks Izra and Salt – doing my best!

    • cut him a break! He said there might be bugs. I think he did a bang up job!

  97. Dude ! you rock !

  98. I think you may be missing the enemy attack debuff category… unless I am mistaken and there aren’t any at this point…

  99. xxxSALTHEART #136

    Great start Slag! Haven’t done an exhaustive search or anything but it appears to be missing some cores and pieces – for example Krampus Horned Club… And troop health pieces seems to be off as well. Gotta love beta. Thanks for putting this out there. Looks like huge amount of work.

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