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Game of War - Buildings

There are over 21 buildings in Game of War that can be constructed and upgraded. Click a building below for build times, resource costs and power rewards.


  1. What is the Villa Luck XP Modifier? I’ve noticed no change in XP obtained from quests even after upgrading villas…

  2. Thank you Slaggy for the response, might sound picky but the building icons should also be updated to Level 26 to show everyone what they would all look like at that level.

    Just a thought!

  3. This needs a re work again, Level 25 and 26 all need stone columns to upgrade, why hasn’t this been fed through? Misleading information.

  4. When will Alchemy Lab tree be ready?

  5. How do you upgrade your market place I can’t find it or figure out how to upgrade it help….

  6. any one knows about this training garrison how big is promotion queue on lvl16 with supreme marshal set

  7. Are you working on a chart for graveyard requirements?

  8. Your gear workshop chart is awesomely detailed, however it doesn’t include how many power jewels required for each level. Would it be possible for you to include those? Thanks.

  9. Profile photo of Slaggy

    Hi, Thanks for the feedback. All of these are done now (except for 2. will work on it).

  10. Hi Slaggy,
    2 fix requests and 2 questions:
    1. Can you repair the Watchtower page? The information isn’t loading.
    2. On the boost finder tool and core builder tool, neither recognizes or displays gems for non-combat related boosts. No gems appear when searching for things like research, construction, troop load, of any other non-combat boost.
    3. Will the information for the new buildings be added?
    4. Will the Gem Tree information be added as well?

    Thank you!

  11. I didn’t find the column telling me the amount of daggers needed per Altar level, is there not a column for it?

  12. Off question for y’all… If you would destroy your embassy, do you still get all the research and boosts that it provides?


  14. Is there any place on the site where I can find out what the max building boost would be for each structure. I don’t wanna waste orbs if I’m in a good place.

  15. Are you wearing the gear with the hero skill tree set for the deposit boost?

  16. Choose a low level set of gear and in set gear reset the hero tree down right side to 61 and max, then every day just equip this set and deposit the 200gold, then change gear back to what you want

  17. Ive obtained level 61 and upgraded my skills for Treasury Deposit Boost. I enter all my gold for 24 hours but receive nothing the next day? anyone know what Im doing wrong?

  18. Your watchtower table disappeared. Can’t see any of the stats for it.

  19. Is there any way I can empty my graveyard. I heard deconstructing the prison might work?

  20. How do you set/use the gem preset you’re supposed to get with lvl 23 forge?

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      Once you have completed level 23 forge, you click on the item that you want to gem. Click Embed, You will then have 4 options down the bottom one of them being Gem Presets. Once you have set up your presets you can skip that step and simply press the number preset at the top of the screen.


  22. Watchtower Level 22 needs Barracks and Forge 22 (not Embassy). Troop attack penalty is 30% and scouting cost is tripled.

  23. Hey Slaggy!
    Just wanted to know what are the requirements of master keystones for upgrading the explorer dungeon ?

  24. Is there a way to find out how many troops my hospital holds with boosts? I know lvl 21 holds 40k, but then with the research boosts how can I see that number?

  25. embassy defense bonus is covered under all troops ? or just troops in embassy?

  26. 40857 days for hall of war lvl 22??????????????????????

  27. Power column numbers are weird. Level 2 gives you more power than level 3? They same happen more below.

  28. K364 RES3RVOIR DOG

    Your table for Hospital Level 22 does not seem accurate. The required hammers is 1,250 and the power and xp are lower. Thanks for information.

  29. Ive been told that each barrack upgraded compounds the bonuses… so 5 barracks at 22 give 5 times the bonus… But I cannot find any thing in game to back this up. Is this true?

  30. How many keystones and master keystones are needed for the different levels of building

  31. Profile photo of

    Looks like Building calculator give out wrong result on Prison and Barracks.

  32. Do the reinforcements in the embassy affect the 1-1 troop to trap ratio between troops and wall traps?

  33. You mention that early in game traps are useful and take half damage with a 1-1 ratio of troops and traps. Do you know if troops in the embassy affect this ratio?

  34. Do you have advice on the best building setup. How many of each interior building and each resource building? Not for any special purpose, just to grow and play along.

  35. Hi I’ve built a bunch of villas, got a silver boost on , reset my hero etc but the silver production hasn’t increased. Any thoughts?

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      Have you reached your villas / cities silver capacity ? Let’s say your city capacity is 12m silver. If you are holding 13m silver your city stops producing. You need to transfer this RSS to another holding account (bank) and then your city will start producing again.

  36. Hey, I tried to log in to facebook, with lvl45 new account, but it’s saying that I have another account log in, but I can’t get that account back, so how can i get gold mine

    • Profile photo of MHY

      Start a new Facebook account and or change your email / facbook then try again. Hopefuly that might let you have the gold mine. However if you still use the other facbook acount for the other gold mine thats attached to it you will have to log out / in to each one each time.

  37. If Ive got T-2 and T4 and take a hit from a rally, which troops will go to the hospital?

  38. how can I destroy a gold mine? whenever I try to click it and hit destroy it connects me to facebook

  39. Can you add a “TOTAL” row at the bottom of the building table (& research if possible) so we can see the total RSS/time/power etc. to complete a particular building (eg, building a hospital from 0-21)?

  40. At what sh lvl can you buy a 30 day shield?

  41. miku nashu c. torres

    it wont let me heal my troops it says you cannot heal more than injured and i did not.

  42. I built a Hall of War so I could ghost rally, but I can’t figure out how to start a rally. Tapping the Hall itself in city view or “Alliance War” in the Alliance section brings up a page that’s empty but for the message “No War Rallies Active”. The only reason I can imagine of is that I know for a fact no one else in my alliance has a Hall of War yet. How does one normally start a rally?

    • YOu don’t need Hall of War to Ghost Rally……simply pick a point in your Kingdom far away from you, preferably on march line through the Wonder (slows them down) that is a stick fort or rss tile, and “attack” or “occupy” and send Hero with at least 1 troop. Be sure to set a phone reminder/timer and to recall before hitting.

      • I discovered you have to tap the target you want to use for the rally. There’s a Rally button in the interaction box that comes up. I also had to hunt high and low to figure out how to cancel a rally (and I was starting to panic because the timer was almost up): tap More then Marches.

  43. When u press the retaliate button, what are all the different icons that pops up

  44. I bought another acct and now I can’t get back into my original acct which is lev 21. I know I wasn’t very brilliant to do this. I’d like to know what I can do to get it back. Thanks for not laughing

  45. I was wondering, If I upgrade a hospital to level 21 I get the 5% health boost. Do you get that boost with every hospital you upgrade to 21 or does it only apply once. For example: If I have 6 level 21 hospitals will I get a 30% health boost because of the combined 5% on all 6 or just the one time 5%?

  46. Rallies.
    Is its only the rally leaders bonuses that apply or will rally participants popping attack boosts help as well?

  47. Good website here. I am a very slow player and i don’t play that often, but once i tried to play and i had to upgrade the game. So i have upgraded the game and i get back on my small amount of power (70 k) has now depleted to 0 and i don’t have my user that i did have. I have created a new account and i live in the Kingdom Of Leneth and my username is GeneticTones. Anyone help?

    • Create an account with Mz is all I can suggest I think you have lost the other account if you go in the more section and click accounts and devices the option should show up there

  48. My buildings have stopped producing resources. What’s the deal?

  49. Hi, I’m at level 21 in al!ost everything but the game won’t let me build an altar. Am I missing something?

  50. If I’m only going to SH 19, when can I take out storehouse?

  51. How many of each type of buildings is best option and do you need to upgrade all buildings and to what level would be best option. For example if you build 1 farm to required level, what level should all the others be be maintain best resources production.

  52. Please we really need the building events. Wish MZ brings it up. Last time I saw it was 4 months ago.

  53. What are the rates of interest for the treasury?

  54. The reinforcements sent to me by my alliance members in a battle, are covered by my own hospitals or by the hospitals or the owner of the reinforcements. In case of multiple injuries, how is it counted, between my own trops and reinforcements, which ones go to hospital and which ones are death?

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      Only your troops go to hospital, any reinforcements will die if the attacking troops reach them. Your weakest troops will fill up your hospitals first.

  55. I’m SH 18, dont want , need Academy anymore, what will happen if I destroy it?

  56. once your prison is lvl 21, do the bonuses for captured heroes stack with each hero you hold or do you just get the bonus for the highest lvl hero held?

  57. everything is level 21, how many hospitals, villas and barracks should I have?

  58. Slaggy, I am not a big player and in my alliance I will most likely never lead a rally, but I do join others’ rallies in battle. Can I destroy my HoW to create another spot for a hospital or academy or will this prevent me from joining rallies or another need that would restrict me?

  59. how can I get my academy to level 21 without getting prison and altar to level first???

  60. Watchtower 19 takes 4days 23hrs 51min 45sec

  61. If I build a gymnos (and level up to 21) between the time my hero gets captured and executed, will I receive the benefits for when I use hero resurrect?

  62. I want to stay level 5 or under so I can travel kingdom to kingdom with beginner telports. want to know if I can do strategic troops and research with out stronghold gaining levels? I know power will go up.

  63. Embassy – when holding troop within your own embassy, do you maintain the original owners stats on the troop or do the troop obtain your own stats?

  64. I’m confused. I build all mine to produce more or but I want to do my troops upkeep. My t4 eat lots of food. Better for me to leave my Mines or should I deconstruct it and replace it with farms?

    • Mistico…do not worry about upkeep for troops!…it will become impossible to maintain upkeep when you have alot of troops. Only use food when necessary for a specific action, otherwise leave food level at a blinking red zero!…and yes , your troops will still function normally in all aspects!….otherwise they will just continuously eat aspects your food.

    • I can’t even figure out how to build a mine… Can anyone explain?

  65. What does the gold mine actually do and what are the benefits of having it? I built one in the very beginning, but when it looked like I had to invite Facebook friends for it to work I demolished it because I didn’t want to be one of those people sending out mass game invitations (like the million annoying candy crush invitations I got for months). Is it worth building? If so, is there a minimum number of friends you have to invite? Can they be friends that already play GOW? Does it collect gold like the quarry, farm, etc? Or does it just allow you to send gold to friends? Sorry about the long question

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      The gold mine allows you to send your Facebook friends 10 gold every 24 hours, in return you will receive 10 gold every 24 hours from each of them as long as they click on the icon to send you the gold. You have to be actively online to collect it, and it will expire after a 24 hour period. At Gold mine level 21 you receive a boost of receiving 12 per person from a max of 25 people totaling 300 gold per day!

    • it alowed you to gift gold

  66. Looking for a way to produce more silver I seem to be constantly running out.. I also have a alt account I was going to turn into a silver account but infant use it as storage either.. any suggestions

    • Create a farm/alternate account, raise up SH level, put on silver hero gear, next thing you know, you’re producing 13m silver p/day.

      • Yup. Once you get the farm up to SH21, you can easily make 1-1.5 mil silver per hour. A lot of people will have multiple farms and one central account to bank the resources to throughout the day. Great way to make some gold but you have to make sure to keep the accounts shielded.

      • Okay great.. this much I figured and I have also been working on the silver gear.. thanks for your responses .. gonna go make my 3rd Alt.. t4s are costly and the fire age gear is looking beautiful but again costly as well.. Darn MZ

  67. Hi, what are the best wall traps against seige

  68. My mine will not let me add my facebook friends. It pulls up the same people everytime on suggested friends but it won’t let me search anyone….any suggestions

    • I’ve had that same problem with mine. It wouldn’t let me add my GOW friends, just facebook friends I had previous to building the mine. Tried customer service. They were unhelpful. Suggested I may have too many facebook friends for it to work appropriately. Lame.

  69. how do i get to build an embassy?

  70. If you deconstruct the hall of war, can you still see if you’re being rallied? Also, can I still join other rallies? I know that I won’t be able to lead them myself but not sure about those other two points.

  71. Do any specific chests contain war bonds or is the only way to get them buy spending 20gold per bond

  72. So if my kingdom is one where anybody below 2 billion has to shield and I’m 135m, I can knock down my altar without really any detrimental effects since I can’t hold onto a hero for long enough to kill it without being hit, right? Same with gymnos as long as you are ok losing 1j0 monster skill points? The additional hero skill points stay, right? As will my hero as long as I resurrect it within 7 days?

    • Correct. Gymnos is typically the first thing that gets knocked down once you reach lvl 50 hero. Just make sure to resurrect your hero within the 7 days and you’re good. In regards to the monster skill points, you don’t actually lose them. Once you knock down the Gymnos, it will show up as “-10”. So, set them however you want before knocking down the Gymnos. After knocking it down, the skill points will all still be there but if you try to do a monster skill reset, you will be given 10 fewer skill points. So pretty much as long as you don’t try to reset your monster skills, you don’t actually lose those monster skill points. The regular hero skill points don’t have this restriction and you can knock it down and reset those skill points all you want.

  73. If I have 4 level 5 barracks, is my troop defense bonus from barracks 4% or 1%?

  74. Profile photo of earl m

    Is a ALTAR a rural or urban building

  75. For academy lvl 21 it requires a number of buildings to be built to lvl 21. Does anyone know if you can construct them and then deconstruct and it leaves the requirement filled or do you need to have all the buildings on the list at the same time?

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, to start the construction of the Academy they have to be in place. After construction of the Academy has started you can de-construct the other buildings if you wish.

  76. set up a gold mine but can’t add facebook friends? how do you do this?

  77. Loved the tip about not losing the extra skill points when you deconstruct the gymnos… Has it been tested as if you maintain the 3rd acc slot when you deconstruct the forge? Would like another space for a villa on my silver farm but don’t want to lose the boost I have from the extra slot.

  78. Hi, wondering if any one knows the cap on the boost the barracks is i.e. is there a number % when the barracks stop giving boosts?

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, do you mean the defense boost they provide? Each barracks you have provides additional defense boost. Adding more barracks adds additional boosts.

  79. What are the cons of destroying my hall of war.? Can I still join rallies?

  80. Anyone know when will be buildings points in inferno event?

  81. Hope someone can answer this question. My storehouse is lvl 13. It says it should protect 700,000 across the board on resources but if I get hit it goes below. I thought it protected at least 700,000 of each but that isnt happening. I get wiped out sometimes. I cant figure out if I am confused as to how the store house works or if something is wrong… and can i fix if that is the case?

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Very strange, I’ve not heard of this before. I’d contact MZ about this.

    • yeah, i have that same issue, as do quite a few people i know. its gotten to the point where i actually demolished my storehouse for a villa. dont remember how much it was supposed to hold safe, think i had a lvl 14, but in any case it didnt seem to protect anything at all

      • I think if they get a ‘glorious victory’ which requires the capture of your hero then they get whatever was in your storehouse, not 100% sure though.

  82. shortstuffff- Hollie

    im still new at the game n want to make sure i have the correct amount of buidlings and rss- I have 5 hosp- 5 barracks, 5 villas, prision, war hall, 1 academy, 1 forge, 1 embassy 1 storehouse 1 gymno, 1 watchtower- 10 farms, 5 ea lodging camp- mine, and the other thing i cant remmember the name – lol.. also- when i attack, I cant seem to kill other troops- only wound them but mine die- ive got tons of research in- what am i doing wrong? thank you!

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, I would recommend checking the guide to turtle accounts on this site for good info on city set ups. What you have is pretty reasonable but 5 barracks will become too many at some point

    • If you are attacked in your own city your troops go to the hospital, but when your hospitals are all full your excess troops die.
      When your troops are outside your city they do not go to the hospital, they die instead. This can happen when you attack and also if you have a battle on a tile. If you have troops gathering resources and they are attacked, some or all of them will die. How many troops die depends on the strength and configuration of the enemy forces.

  83. Slaggy, great site. I’ve been on here a bunch of times, but this is my first post. Is gymnos necessary to keep once hero reaches level 50. I have heard conflicting information in regards to hero resurrection and the retention of xp and hero/monster points. Some folks say that as long as you have your monster tree points as you want them then there is no reason for gymnos. Would like to hear it from someone as educated as yourself in GoW before I torch it.

    • The second most important function of the Gymnos is to retain hero XP when your hero is executed. If you destroy your Gymnos and then lose your hero you could lose your hero XP assuming you are above SH14.

      • Couldn’t you use Hero Resurrection and retain everything?

      • Yes, Neo. That’s exactly what happens. You would only lose your XP if you did not resurrect within the 7 day period after execution and had to hire another hero.

    • From slaggy’s guide to turle account part 3:
      “The % Hero XP retained only relates to the situation where you are hiring a new hero, ie you have not resurrected your hero before 7 days after execution. If you resurrect within that 7 day period, you retain all hero XP points.
      If you deconstruct [the Gymnos], you retain the additional 20 hero skill tree points, but lose 10 monster skill tree points. You may find this risky that you will lose your additional 20 points, but ask around and you will probably find some players who have deconstructed with no effect on their hero skill tree. Trust me, I have deconstructed my Gymnos on all accounts that have reached Hero level 50 and Gymnos level 21. My accounts that have reached Gymnos level 21, definitely have the full 275 skill points available after deconstruction of the Gymnos.”

      So if you think you can always get to a ressurect within 7 days, and don’t mind losing the 10 monster skill points, do it seems to be his recommendation.

  84. At SH 15, when should build alter? Don’t want to loose another building unless need to.

  85. Profile photo of Tree04

    I need to produce more wood and I have multiple farms. Should I deconstruct some farms and build more logging camps? What is the downside to deconstructing buildings? Thanks.

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, there is no real disadvantage apart the lost time and resources spent constructing the building. You could consider farming tiles for the wood you need. Or joining an alliance with a resource bank that can help you out with the wood you need.

    • I’m in a kingdom with a billion power bully that zeroes whole kingdom with her alliance best options to defend and take down

  86. Troop upkeep do you need to have more food coming in than upkeep at higher levels

  87. Sh20 is 38 days 12 hrs 38 min 19 sec without boosts.

  88. Profile photo of Patar218

    for building power does that compound i.e. lvl 1 hospital is worth 10 power and then upgrading it to lvl 2 adds 20 power for a total of 30 power, or does the lvl 2 hospital have just 20 power total?

  89. It seems I have lost troop training speed. Is this from leveling up the barracks to lvl 21?

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, upgrading your barracks increases the number of troops you can train at once. This may make it appear like your training speed has gone down as the time to train a full queue goes up. Do not worry though, the only way to reduce training speed are changing your hero skills, de-constructing villas and changing hero gear.

  90. At higher levels it seems that hospitals can no longer cover your troop totals. Right now I have 7 Barracks, 7 Hospitals, 1 Villa. My hospitals, if all are level 21 will cap out at 280k troops. I already have 800k troops. So at high levels is it smarter to just have 1 hospital and then max out more villas and barracks?

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, At your level hospitals are very important. It is not about protecting all your troops, but about protecting enough troops to cover one (or multiple) attacks.

      • Is my building number ok or should I have less of the barracks or hospitals and more villas? 26 spots, 11 for specialty buildings so 15 to work with. Not sure how the high power players build their barracks, villas, hospitals.

      • never mind lol just read the above post.

  91. Is there any other possible way of increasing troop training capacity other than upgrading the barracks?

  92. Hey all, I’m having trouble. My quest says room build 40 archer towers. I click on wall and archer towers is highlighted so I click on it and small screen pop up saying builld, but when I hit build nothing will happen been trying, what am I doing wrong. Thanks

  93. what should your main account, building numbers look like? How many Barracks, Villas, Hospitals and so on…..

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, will do a guide on this at some point but depends on your Stronghold level. Before SH21 you need enough barracks queue to train whilst you sleep. At SH21 you want three lvl 21 barracks to enable you to use 3 day speeds to speed train. You want enough hospital space to cover all our troops (until you get to around 200k troops, at this point it gets harder). The rest as villas.

  94. I’m new and tired of being constantly attacked by bigger players. What’s a great defensive strategy to use as I work towards higher levels? Currently 7m power, SH lvl 18. T3 troops and traps.

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, There is no good way of defending against them. The only real solution is to ghost rally your hero and troops, send your resource to an alliance bank and only build low level traps. Unless you shield 24-7 there is no way of defending yourself so all you can do is make sure they don’t get anything when they do attack! (You can also send your troops to a friendly city by reinforcing it).

    • if you’re not a big spender, become a trap account. only keep 1 villa for upgrading. build as many hospitals as you can as high as you can.protect as many troops as possible with hospital space. get some good war gear and have hero skills set accordingly.eventually if they try and solo attack you they may win or set you on fire even, but as long as you have enough beds for your troops yours will all be safe and theirs dead. it varies for how far your kingdom is along. younger kingdom usually means weaker and dumber players. be ready to shield or rally whatever you have left after a hit or 2. it takes some practice to know what you can and cannot take from a hit. focus on troop health and defense. not attack

      • Thanks Metal. What level traps/troops should i max out and leave in the fort. I can ghost rally the better troops with the hero….

      • trap must have gear with good health and ATTACK gear. defence i useless for trap

  95. First, this is the best website about GOW out there. Hands down. No contest. Question: Can you take gems or gear from captured hero? I’ve tried and can’t… no surprise, however, I wondered if this was something that became possible at higher hero levels, as other things are. Thoughts? A simple “no”?

  96. Randy Vanalstine jr

    When can we expect to see alliance city?

  97. does having multiple Villas at level 18 provide an additional troop training speed or does it still remain at 18%, but just gives out more silver?

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