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Game of War - Buildings

There are over 21 buildings in Game of War that can be constructed and upgraded. Click a building below for build times, resource costs and power rewards.


  1. If i did not spent my money this gow,.. what now?

  2. Where can you get the Supreme Marshal Manual? It’s needed to level the training garrison to level 21.

  3. Ainda não lançaram esse material

  4. How or where do I find opalite glass?

  5. join seal team in k 743 AZRIEL.

  6. Where can I find the usage of boost ,time orbs instant luck etc…

  7. Profile photo of Nevaeh

    Angie – they will show silver if someone has put a bounty out for the recovery of the hero.

  8. port to k 743 join juiced gorillas

  9. Resurrection of hero after 3 days! How?

  10. How do u actually build something????

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