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Alliance Store

The Game of War Alliance Store offers a selection items that can be purchased with loyalty. Nearly everything in the store can also be purchased with Gold and the table shows which of the items are good value and which are poor value.  A low ‘Loyalty per Gold’  number indicates you should buy it with Loyalty and a higher number means it should be bought with Gold (or not at all).  Currently, the best value item in the Alliance Store are Gathers and Daily Chances and the worst value are 1 Minute Speed Ups. Resource Boosts can’t be purchased with good, so buying them with loyalty is your only option.

 Items in the Alliance Store:

Item Loyalty Gold Loyalty per Gold
Gather (7 days) 300,000 5000 60
Daily Chance 50,000 800 63
Fake Army 15,000 200 75
12 Hour Attack Boost 20,000 250 80
12 Hour Defense Boost 20,000 250 80
Rename Alliance 16,000 200 80
25% March Increase Size 200,000 2400 83
Gather (24 hours) 50,000 600 83
Hero Resurrection 500,000 6000 83
25 Marching Banners 5,000 50 100
Alliance Chance 100,000 1000 100
Common Gem Chest 60,000 600 100
Common Material Chest 60,000 600 100
Common Core Chest 60,000 500 120
Change Profile Image 10,000 80 125
City Rename 5,000 40 125
Hero Select 5,000 40 125
March Recall 5,000 40 125
Player Rename 5,000 40 125
Common Piece Chest 60,000 400 150
Hero Skill Reset 150,000 1000 150
Monster Skill Reset 150,000 1000 150
Simple Gem Saver 60,000 400 150
Building Nove 100,000 500 200
Random Teleport 100,000 500 200
100 VIP Points 37,500 150 250
15 Minute Monster Attack Boost 300,000 1200 250
30 Minute Monster Attack Boost 500,000 2000 250
50,000 Hero XP 100,000 400 250
7,000 Casino Chips 50,000 200 250
30,000 Casino Chips 200,000 750 267
Advanced Teleport 400,000 1500 267
15 Minute Speed Up 20,000 70 286
60 Minute Speed Up 50,000 130 385
8 Hour Peace Shield 200,000 500 400
3 Hour Speed Up 150,000 300 500
1 Minute Speed Up 5,000 5 1000
7 Day Food Boost 42,000
7 day ore boost 42,000
7 day Silver Boost 80,000
7 day stone boost 42,000
7 day wood boost 42,000


  1. In the early part of the game, material chests may be worthwhile although it is not the lowest per gold. This is to acquire glass for research gears and parchment for building gears quickly

  2. If a player gets kicked from an alliance, does he lose all his loyalty points? Is there any way to recover them?

  3. If I leave alliance and join another, do I keep my loyalty points, or do I start at zero in the new alliance?


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      Unfortunately not. As a new account you are only given two beginner ports to find a kingdom you wish to be apart of. After you have used those two up you are in that kingdom permanently

  5. How do you remove the starred items from the alliance catalogue?

  6. Can you rename the ‘owner’ ? I’ve seen alliance, player Nd City rename but not owner thanks

  7. I want to give my girlfriend some gold. How do I do that?

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      Apart from logging into her account and buying her gold packs the only way is to gift her items out of your gold to her. This will give her gifts from yourself and not actual gold. Gold can only be purchased, gathered or won.

  8. Is there a way to tell who is spending the alliance funds we keep getting wiped out by our rank 4 members

    • Yes you can when you click on alliance store it’ll say Store, then under that you’ll see catalog and under that you’ll see store history. It’s under store history.

  9. When I am on a resource tile, it claims that if you send a full march, you can protect it with a resource sheild..?….I have yet to see one of these in store or in packs. Also I have heard talks about something called a guardian sheild. Can anyone tell me what this is and if we will see them soon? Thank you

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    I was hesitant to use my loyalty in the alliance store b/c I was unsure if the “loyalty funds” shown all belong to me, or if it’s shared by the alliance. If I spend all my loyalty in the alliance store, is it just mine that I’m spending?

    • Yes, it is just yours. If you have access to the catalog then you are spending the alliances funds, but in the store it is all you.

  11. Can hero X P Boost be added to store n can things be removed

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      If you look at the alliance catalog on the alliance screen you can see exactly which items can be added and no, you can’t remove items (except by buying them).

  12. Do marching banners serve ANY purpose beside the face shown?

  13. you left out ports

  14. The gifts that are earned by the guild, is there a real world fee for these? I only ask because at the bottom of the alliance gift page it associates costs with each level of each gift, “wood, bronze, etc,” but when a gift is opened I am not prompted as usual in other games about making an in-app purchase. Thanks!

    • When members in your alliance buy gold packs everyone in the alliance gets a alliance gift so there is no fee for you only for the person purchasing the pack.

  15. It appears the table column sorts sort based on the string value and not the numeric value.

  16. How do you use the marching banners?

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      When you send you troop out to march you tap on them. A little box will pop on where you can tap an icon to add the banners. It can take a minute or two for them to appear.

  17. can a rank 4 member sell or give a lower rank member something from the store and if so how?

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      Hi, no. You can never gift items directly to other players. If you buy a gold package and unlock Gift Mode then you can use gold to buy items for other players however.

  18. Can you post the images for these alliance items? It sounds funny, but I love the art in this game.

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