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Alliance Cities in Game of War


An alliance city is a city a built collaboratively by your whole alliance. The purpose of the city is to complete special research providing boosts for your entire alliance. Completing the research requires all new special resources than are created from donations by alliance members. The basic process is this:

  • The R5 of the alliance constructs the alliance city. This currently costs over 6 bil resources and 200k gold.
  • Members of the alliance donate resources in order to build refineries.
  • These refineries convert resources into all new resources: Cider, Iron, Coin, Bricks and Lumber.
  • These new resources are to do research at the University building as well as upgrading your existing buildings.
  • There is also a Hall of Quests building that allows alliance members to completes quests for gifts and rewards.

Alliance City Buildings

Each building can be upgraded to level 5.

Alliance City Resources











Alliance City Items

Alliance City Speeds Ups – available in sizes between 1m and 30d. Use these to speed up alliance city research and construction:

    alliance city 1m speed up alliance city 30d speed up

Alliance City Teleport – Use this to move the Alliance City:

alliance city teleport

Deeds– These are purchased with gold and used to upgrade Alliance City Buildings:


Alliance City Refining:

This is the process by which you convert normal resources into alliance city resources. Any R4/R5 can start a refinement. There is a slider bar to control the balance of speed vs. efficiency. If the bar is all the way to the left, the refinement is very efficient but very slow. If the bar is all the way to the right the refinement is very fast but very inefficient. MZ recommend somewhere in the middle!

alliance city refining

Alliance City Research:

Full details coming soon – watch this space for alliance city research data!

Brick Refinement Speed:

bricks refinement speed

Iron Refinement Speed:

steel refinement peed

Other Alliance City Info:

  • The Alliance city can be moved but requires a special Alliance City Teleport (not currently available).
  • The Alliance City cannot be shielded – it can only be defended by reinforcing it
  • Might – this is equivilant to power and represents the power of your Alliance City
  • Each Kingdom is limited to 100 Alliance Cities

I will keep this page updated as soon as new info is released!


  1. How do you purchase deeds?

  2. Our city was left behind when we was sent to Aepheria I use a advanced teleport to get it back into the kingdom we are in but it teleports back how can you keep your alliance city in another kingdom

  3. At one time you could collect monsters for allian city , you used a net in the wonder dungeon and caught them the where in your alliance city ,we had 3 but when the kingdoms merged our monsters disappeared

  4. What is the issue with MZ not porting alliance cities after a merge. Ours is stuck in 511. Speaking with them they say they are doing all they can. They are having issues with space. Whats the deal?

  5. Join Final Warriors! K:1056 Tell them Charagan sent you.

  6. Before the merge event my alliance was working on gathering resources for our alliance city. After the merge we ended up in a different kingdom (S O M A) and we finally gathered enough to build our city but the kingdom’s capacity is full. This is such a HUGE disappointment after all of our collective work. Will we ever be able to build our alliance city or was all of that gathering and donating a complete waste?

  7. 743:260:558 alliance city. teleport to AZRIEL K 743……..

  8. I am the R5. The Alliance City is set up, it’s pretty to look at, but it’s a complete waste of time to even bother making the silly thing since you cannot collect monsters to park in it, cannot park troops to defend it, it cannot be rallied nor your neighbors, cannot scout it nor your neighbors. It has caused a great deal of angst because everyone has an opinion on how best to do the silly quests. If you are the R5 and thinking of putting effort into this, concentrate on rallies and building your alliance instead. Had I to do it over, I would have not made the effort.

  9. How do you explain blyss having cities they are only three months old

  10. its actually phone lagg just close the game and rerun it like 10 secs later be sure to close it in background apps thingy ie windows button for andriod S6 or home button(hold for older i think i know for sure S3 is hold the home button)

  11. Does MZ have any intention of bring alliance city combat out of Beta? Just dont see the point in building the city if it does nothing but look pretty.

  12. Thank you, this is the best answer i found and that includes contacting MZ. They wouldn’t even tell me that. And you are talking the Kingdom not my Empire right?

  13. Is it possible to teleport an alliance city between kingdoms?

  14. thank you

  15. For anyone wondering about not having an alliance city tab

    Your kingdom needs to be around 5 months old before you can get it

    If the alliance disbands then everything will disappear

  16. Join Eternal Freedom

    A really small alliance that is looking for new members

    Only requirement is that you help out when needed

    We are in kingdom 856 and have 2/5 donations for the city finished

  17. how can i change my alliance

  18. Profile photo of Jerry8Trick

    It would be good to get an update on this..

  19. What is “The Resource Refinement Queue” and who can use them? How do I tell who used it? Very frustrated that I can not refine resources to build buildings. Why is this not in the Help tab?

  20. What happens to the resources for an unbuilt Alliance city if the Alliance is disbanded?

  21. Profile photo of Mad_Max

    If memory serves me correctly, it is 4500 Fragments

  22. How many fragments are required for one ac ancient teleport to an ancient kingdom?

  23. refining tip

    when refining resources, using the slider to select a quantity can be difficult. Clicking on the quantity next to the refined resource icon will produce a drop down keypad. Use the keypad to enter the exact quantity you would like to refine.

  24. I am r5 and no alliance city tab does everyone need to donate before it shows up?

  25. Look in my items under special and you will find items that can be donated to you AC
    Look in my items under resources and scroll all the why down. Bricks, coins ,etc will be there

  26. I am R5 and I do not see an alliance city tab, how do I get it?

    Kingdom #: 856

  27. What is required to teleport your Alliance City to another ancient kingdom.

    • Profile photo of MHY

      You require to save up Ancient Teleportation Fragments. You retire a lot of them however once you have the required amount you will be able to Teleport the AC inter kingdom.

  28. Some of the resources for Alliance City are found at the very end of each player’s Resources list, found under Items. Not sure about the Tomes or Eye of Sentinels….

  29. I’m the R5 of my alliance, and some of my alliance are buying packages with AC resources, or buying other AC materials. They can’t see them, or donate them, and neither can I because our kingdom isn’t old enough yet so we dont have an AC tab. Are these items being held somewhere and they will show up when we can start donating and building our AC, or will they be lost and my members are wasting their gold?

  30. Why I don’t see the build alliance city am the leader

  31. Hello sir, I really appreciate being able to find a lot of great GoW information here, and for that, I thank you for your hard work at putting this website together. I’m curious though, when we might be able to see some information about the various researches available for alliance cities. I’ve actually got an issue right now where the game has miscalculated our alliance’s Might, and I’d like to be able to validate exactly what our Might should be. The reason I know they’ve erred is because the amount of Might we should have from our traps alone, if calculated correctly, would be equal to a greater number than I see right now for our total for everything. So, just to let you know, and not just for this one reason but for a few, it would be great if we could reference that information regarding alliance city research here on your site. Thank you again.

  32. Lol I have same question

  33. I want to move Alliance and city to a diff kingdom can city be moved

  34. Is it possible to merge three alliance cities? If so what is the most efficient way to save the rss of the three, into one?

  35. I have deeds in my inventory that I can not donate there is no use/donate button, how can I donate to help out

  36. Trying to find info on teleportation fragments for alliance city to port to another ancient kingdom I can get them in the bazaar but there’s no info on how many fragments you need

  37. Are you able to teleport the alliance city to a new kingdom? I have a jumper r5 account and don’t want my alliance city to be stuck when I jump.

  38. Can an alliance have more space

  39. Ok im an r5 for my alliance and my wife just bought an alliance city advanced teleport but I dont know how to use it I cant find it or the option of using it how do I use the advanced alliance city teleport?and what happens to the one my wife just bought ?

  40. I see that the stockpile hasn’t been added yet. Can you also post what items we will need for each level of it and the bazaar. Thanks

  41. How long does it take to build the alliance city once you have everything you need?

  42. How is the alliance city helpfull to your alliance?

  43. I want to disband my alliance, someone said the alliance city will disappear now. Does anyone know if this is true, if so I really want to disband..

  44. I’m a r3 in my kingdom the r4’s and leader declared to do the quests in order from black on up. They said there is a better payout if it is done this way. I’m just trying to see if that is true. It makes more sense to me to have the bigger quests done to fill the bar and get the rewards for the alliance. I am just curious.

    • Over time when done this way , the smaller quest will banish, being replaced by bigger and better quest.
      OUR alliance has been practicing this and all quest are currently green or better. In the long run this is the best way to do quest.

    • Yes it is but you also have to complete in the lowest time first. Make sure it is completed.

    • Yes this is true. We have been practising this method now for about 2 weeks, we are now mostly green & blue & gold, with very few white, never black any more.

      • if the quests work the same way the quests in our player interfaces do then, according to MZ, everytime there is a reroll there is a slight chance of getting a quest improvement. So when we say we are getting a better payout are we really sure. The value of the quests does not increase linearly, but rather exponentially so its certainly possibe its better to do it this way, but the problem is, everytime we don’t collect a quest we are sacrificing a current collection for a future bigger collection. So then the real question is, is it worth it to give up our the blacks and whites that happen every 5 hours in exchange for a blue or purple or gold once a week or whatever the time frame is. Ive been with my current ally for a couple months and it does seem that it works out better but I havent seen any mathematical proof that shows it, am too lazy to make enough observations to figure it out, and don’t have the computer skills to find the equations from the code. So, until I see some evidence I won’t say for sure either way.

      • By doing small quests first, you are only accumulating the bigger quests. It’s comical how people can’t understand. The myth perpetuates simply because the higher quests are left untouched, and they return each refresh. Every time a low quest is done, it has a chance to come back better.

      • Wrong. All alliance city quests are completed every cycle in my alliance. There are never any white or black quests and only a handful of green. They have to be done in order to achieve that. If a new person comes in and grabs a higher quest before the lower ones are completed, at least a few white and black ones will appear for the next cycle. And this has been confirmed by MZ.

  45. Hello there ^.^

    My Kingdom is Verath. I am R5 of my Alliance. How comes I am not yet able to get an AC?

  46. Im trying t o teleport to another kingdom it is protected when will it br unprotected do i can teleport

    • You need to wait for the kingdom you’re porting into to be ancient, then you need the super rare port, the ancient teleport. It will allow you to port into different ancient kingdoms.

  47. Is MZ going to do something with the city? Have they abandoned it? It seems they want to add more costs such as Advanced Dundeon Feature instead of building the Alliance City. This is very discouraging.

  48. A few of the cities have gold domes n them. What are the criterion for that?

    • Profile photo of Lubears

      Some of the cities with gold domes and banners are players that have passed away, and MZ was able to confirm the reports. These players are permanently shielded,as a sort of memorial. That’s my understanding at least for a single player’s city. Not sure if that’s what you mean though.

    • Alliance Cities with gold domes are because that alliance holds the wonder.

    • ruling kingdom alliances a/c has the gold dome, controlling your kingdoms wonder is the only criteria

  49. My Alliance Leader just demoted me because I was doing the research in the Alliance City. Like I said he won’t let us research anything unless there is an Event going to where we can win a prize & then we’re only allowed to do 1 hour research. His reasoning for demoting me was because he is tired of everyone messing up his City. He said he puts silver into the City so it is there when an Event comes up & I keep using it. But doesn’t the silver for the City come from Members donations?

  50. Our Alliance Leader insists that we only do 1 hour researches & only during an event to where the Alliance receives gifts from it. This doesn’t seem like it’s very efficient for our Alliance & defeats the purpose of having an Alliance City. How can I explain it to her in a way that will be beneficial for our Alliance?

    • You want to complete all research, just lime you do in your own stronghold. At some point, the research will directly help the alliance members. For now, you are building up your City itself. The future boosts are supposed to be extremely beneficial. If your current alliance won’t build it up, I would find another one. This may be a game changer as the game moves forward.

  51. What do you need the gold for specifically?

  52. Do any of you guys know what does the alliance city gift number inside of the alliance city depend on?
    I can see it is a bit less than total number of members in alliance, but is there a way to know for sure?
    Then we could count on how many not active or not very active members is still OK to have in the alliance.

    • Why do you have “not active” members? If they aren’t around they are dead weight so kick them out. The number of gifts depends on how many members are in the alliance. If you have inactive members they will add to the number of gifts and it may not reset. The same with “not very active members”. Do you really want to keep these people who aren’t doing anything for your alliance and may prevent the alliance city gifts from resetting?

      • sorry but we are 98 in my alliance and there is only 64 gifts

      • sorry, but your gifts have nothing to do with alliance members. it depends on how many members are doing kingdom or alliance city events. on packs they or yo bought (packs that actually give gifts). not on your members. we are 70 somehing and always have more than 100 gifts in the morning before an event.

    • The number of gifts depends on how many are collected. If there is any left over the next reset takes that many away. If they are all collected it adds one the next reset.

  53. during a merg what happens to the city’s rss?

  54. Can anyone please tell me the benefits of an alliance city? What do I and the alliance get back from the alliance city?

    • The benefits of an alliance city at this time is to suck down rss from your alliance members. That’s it. I recommend that alliances with a city not have their members donate rss until mz makes the city beneficial. The alliance members can use the rss to get stronger.

      • That is exactly what I had thought. Because in the description I did not see any benefits and just resources taken away.

    • Profile photo of Lubears

      If you use it as intended it can grant a research speed boost to your alliance members. 2%-4%, somewhere in there. The bigger you are, the more that helps.

  55. Anyone know how or where to obtain lumber, cider, etc., besides refining it? It seems to magically show up and then you can donate it to the City, but can’t find any information on obtaining it outside of refining it. Thanks for any info!

  56. I am in Tesor. And the MZ said we have no option for alliance city but we have purchaced over 2000 deeds so far. Hoping it happens soon. As MZ SAID COMMING SOON. But that is such a relatlative term I hope we didn’t waste a ton of loyalty points and can’t use the deeds when the option starts to take place in are kingdom.

  57. There is no ac tab in the alliance tab. Kingdom scilla. So we cannot donate to build it. When will this tab be availeble?

    • I have the same problem…i am r5 and have no tab to an alliance city…i am frustrated…i keep trying to research it but no luck

  58. Great site guys! Anyone know if you can revive a disbanded alliance city?


    • Hey Rich,
      Yes you can because I did it. First you need to try and reach your leader. Then you can notify MZ that your leader is no longer active and not responding to your messages. They will try to contact your leader, and they will give him/her a time limit in which to respond. If your leader doesn’t respond they will randomly appoint one of the r4’s to be leader.

      • It’s not random. They pick the most active R4 to be leader. I know, because it happened to one of my alts in a failed jumper alliance. I had no interest in this acct being R5, so I made another alt and transferred leadership… this one will grow very slowly, be a figurehead and hold no silver. 😉

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