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Alliance Cities in Game of War


An alliance city is a city a built collaboratively by your whole alliance. The purpose of the city is to complete special research providing boosts for your entire alliance. Completing the research requires all new special resources than are created from donations by alliance members. The basic process is this:

  • The R5 of the alliance constructs the alliance city. This currently costs over 6 bil resources and 200k gold.
  • Members of the alliance donate resources in order to build refineries.
  • These refineries convert resources into all new resources: Cider, Iron, Coin, Bricks and Lumber.
  • These new resources are to do research at the University building as well as upgrading your existing buildings.
  • There is also a Hall of Quests building that allows alliance members to completes quests for gifts and rewards.

Alliance City Buildings

Each building can be upgraded to level 5.

Alliance City Resources











Alliance City Items

Alliance City Speeds Ups – available in sizes between 1m and 30d. Use these to speed up alliance city research and construction:

    alliance city 1m speed up alliance city 30d speed up

Alliance City Teleport – Use this to move the Alliance City:

alliance city teleport

Deeds– These are purchased with gold and used to upgrade Alliance City Buildings:


Alliance City Refining:

This is the process by which you convert normal resources into alliance city resources. Any R4/R5 can start a refinement. There is a slider bar to control the balance of speed vs. efficiency. If the bar is all the way to the left, the refinement is very efficient but very slow. If the bar is all the way to the right the refinement is very fast but very inefficient. MZ recommend somewhere in the middle!

alliance city refining

Alliance City Research:

Full details coming soon – watch this space for alliance city research data!

Brick Refinement Speed:

bricks refinement speed

Iron Refinement Speed:

steel refinement peed

Other Alliance City Info:

  • The Alliance city can be moved but requires a special Alliance City Teleport (not currently available).
  • The Alliance City cannot be shielded – it can only be defended by reinforcing it
  • Might – this is equivilant to power and represents the power of your Alliance City
  • Each Kingdom is limited to 100 Alliance Cities

I will keep this page updated as soon as new info is released!


  1. When can my R5 make an AC?

    • Profile photo of MHY

      All members will be able to look at the requirements for an AC under the alliance tab. Once all requirements are met it will read “Ready To Build” in green letters. At this stage R5 Can build the city.

  2. Profile photo of Chris

    So when can you start making a alliance city? My kingdom is just about a month old now and I would assume to could make a alliance city by now.

    • Profile photo of MHY

      All members will be able to look at the requirements for an AC under the alliance tab. Once all requirements are met it will read “Ready To Build” in green letters. At this stage R5 Can build the city.

      • MHY, this answer is not helpful when the AC is NOT yet appeared in the Alliance tab! Is there a requirement such as alliance power or kingdom age that we must reach before we may see the alliance city in our alliance tab so that we can start donating?

      • Profile photo of MHY

        I would think that MZ have rolled these out through all kingdoms as its a big part of there game. However perhaps not i do know that some research is not available to some newer kingdoms so perhaps age of kingdom does come into effect at some point. However what period of time / age of kingdom they come into effect i do not know perhaps a ticket to MZ might clarify that for you.

  3. Does anyone know how I can see how many deeds someone has donated

    • You can click on their profile and scroll down their stats to “Resource Donations” and it’s listed just before you get to “Misc”. You can also see the top ten people that donated by entering the alliance city, clicking on the Resource Silo and clicking in Donation Leaderboard. Deeds are all the way at the bottom.

  4. Every time I give a “help” to an Alliance City research/construction no time is taken off the timer. I have two devices and two accounts so I’ve been able to verify this several times. I’ve even checked for the next hour just in case there was some kind of time delay…nope! Anyone else? Anything I can do about it? Thanks

    • Check Economics Research tree. Need to complete Efficiency in Alliance City Research Helps and Efficiency in Alliance City Construction in order for Help to work

  5. Moving your Alliance City:

    You have to purchase an Advanced Alliance City Teleport with your alliance loyalty points. Then, someone has to buy it with their personal loyalty points and donate it to the Alliance City.

    Or, someone has to buy the AC ATP with gold and donate it to the Alliance City.

    Once one of these options is completed, your R5 should be able to click on a spot with a four square open diamond pattern and select the AC teleport option.

    I hope this helps! If anyone is looking for a big account in a new kingdom (428), message me at BuyDaWolfMan. No scammers; I ain’t no spring chicken!

    • Profile photo of sharon l. George

      This is totally incorrect for my account. I am r5. I paid gold for the advanced alliance city teleport. It made me donate it. I click everywhere possible in that game and I see NO choice for teleporting my alliance city! I have contacted MZ. I have sent them screen shots. They can’t figure it out. I am PISSED! I want to move my city. I even bought another one thinking I did something wrong the first time; no difference, only indie not donate it this time mom just holding on to it. I want MZ to give me my gold back! Lol

      • Once you purchased your alliance city teleport, you then have to actually donate it to the alliance city. After that it can be used.

      • It takes about one month after alliance cities are unlocked before you can move them.

      • We are having the same issue with moving the city I have bought two with gold donated and one I bought thru the store and donated. None of which worked. Is it possible that the city has to have some lvl or reasearch before a move is possible?

    • Does anyone known how much loyalty it costs to buy AC teleport after you already purchased it from the catalog?

  6. Any Info on Research alliances and How to Start one?

  7. Profile photo of Nick@Nite

    Hi all, does anyone know if an alliance city can be teleported to a different kingdom?

  8. I’m in K553 and it appears they have not put in the function to move your alliance city. I have tried everything to move it and I never see and option to move it. is anyone else having this problem ? I have and ATP fo AC it shows donated in the logs. I click and open spot and there is no option for me to port the city only my SH. is there a step in missing ?

    • Are you R5? I moved one this morning. Any member can donate the ATP, but I believe the R5 has to place it. He or she clicks on the spot where you want it, and it gives you the option to port the city to that spot. Click and it arrives.

      • I am the R5 of my alliance but yet I still cant move my city. Is there something else that needs to be done or do I just need to wait and see if the option pops up later?

      • Strange. Sorry don’t know what else to suggest. One of my members donated the Alliance City Advanced Teleport, I clicked on the spot, it gave me the option to place it there, and it moved no problem. It is an advanced city port you have, not a random one?

      • Profile photo of sharon l. George

        Roy, I wish I had your luck. I have been waiting to move my city for over a month! I bought he damn advanced teleport with gold. I donated it. It is sitting in my alliance city resources. I’m sooooo disgusted!

      • Sorry folks. I don’t know what to tell you. If anyone is going to have problems it is usually me. In this case it was remarkably simple. I don’t understand why things should work for some areas and not others. R4 donated it, I placed it. Even now if I tap on a place there is an option to place the city, but greyed out because I don’t have another port. Could it be set up differently from kingdom to kingdom? (Unintentionally).

    • I am in kingdom 515 and the R5 of my alliance and I am also having this issue. I have tried messaging MZ about it over 10 times and they just tell me I need to click on an empty tile like I’ve never teleported at all. It’s very frustrating. We have already donated two advanced alliance teleports and still no luck.

  9. Is there a way to move an alliance city from one alliance to another?

    • Profile photo of MHY

      There is not away to “Donate” a city to another alliance, however you could have all those members join, and you transfer the leadership to the new owner. They can then rename the alliance to there own.

      • That’s what I thought – disband the other alliance first, as long as there is no problem re-using the name. Thank you.

  10. I have to agree with many here, WTF is the point of the AC. That being said we have been trying to figure a few things out with the Hall of Quests and we have found a trick that we have been working on the past week. Thanks to one of our guys looking for something new and interesting to do with the city. We have completed all of the black quests in the hall of quests and collected them, none of the other quests. Next time fewer come up. Once only white and above come up only complete all the white quests. Now we are getting only Green and 3-4 purple and a yellow. We are now working on getting to blue and then we should be completing the gift bar every 6 hours. so more gifts for the alliance.
    Props out to Johnny for figuring this one out.

    • Don’t the white and black ones come back after the clock resets?

      • Sometimes… But not nearly as many, and easy to use up again as long as people aren’t greedy and will take the lower level quests first.

    • There is no point doing all the grey quests first because the quests are set randomly the grey quests appear just the same as normal. The main point is to complete the quest bar then you’re alliance will each receive a gift . I’m in 4 kingdoms and we completed the grey then white then green in each alliance city and it doesn’t help better quests appear

      • Profile photo of PapaG

        That’s not correct. Our alliance has also done this. you start & collect every grey first ONLY, then each refresh until they are completely gone. Likely, there are people in your alliance collecting larger quests unchecked. That breaks it, but after this, my alliance only refreshes with 1 grey, 3 common and the rest green/blue/purple. Still working on it though.

    • Profile photo of PapaG

      Correct me if I’m wrong here in the exact process Eagle:
      start & collect only greys. Leave all other alone. next refresh(es) only do that color until they’re completely gone. Then next refresh, start the next color up and repeat this.
      Honestly, I think there’s a ceiling…we wouldn’t get to just legendaries lol. MZ not that nice!

      • Agreed. My alliance has been doing this for months under the assumption that one day there would only be purple and gold. Not so. Even with everyone collecting in the correct order, we still get low quests and rarely do we get to collect the gift. It sucks.

      • Profile photo of Demon Damian

        We collect by time. Try doing the lowest time first. You have to collect them for it to be effective. Also MZ may have figured out this benefit and “fixed” it during the update. We have been doing this for about a month and we get few grey with most being blue. However the effectiveness decreases if only a few people are doing it and collecting it. Make sure you collect the low ones. From my experience only collecting them makes the difference.

      • Doing the quests in the order that Eagle suggested is 100% correct. I have another acct in an older kingodom and it still works perfectly. The quests need to be collected in order for it to work. If not, the chain has been broken and you start over. If someone picks a larger quest and doesn’t collect, the chain is broken. We gave an ultimatum that if u break the chain u will be kicked but let back in once u understandthe reasoning. 2nd offense…find a new alliance.

      • Our alliance is in Rayen. We started by doing only green quests and below for the past 3 months. We now have only blue and above. In fact, yesterday we had 15 legendary quests. It takes patience not to jump ahead and wait for the refresh cycles. You only do the small quests and collect them, without wavering. It does work.

  11. Our alliance has bought two alliance city teleports yet we can’t seem to figure out how to use them. Our r5 can see that one has been donated but how do we actually use it?

    • I’m in the same boat. Received as a gift from a member. Only option was to donate to alliance, so I did that. It shows in the AC log as received, but for the life of me cannot find an option to move it.

      • Your R5 is the only one who can move the Alliance City, he clicks on an empty spot in the kingdom and the option will come up to teleport the Alliance City.

  12. Hi! Does any one know how you can see, how many alliance city’s already been build in a kingdom?

    • You can see the alliance city leaderboard I under the more tab. We just got alliance cities but I’d assume it will be a top 100 thing like the other leaderboards.

  13. Okay so one of the r4s in my alliance bought 4 alliance city moves/teleports. I was wondering if I could move the city to the next kvk ke kingdom, and if so would there be any benefit to doing so?

  14. How do you use gold to buy deeds? Is that available once the city is built? I don’t seem to find it to get the initial 2500 deeds

  15. Rss….can overages be sent back out to members…shared?

  16. Can you jump and build your AC in a new kingdom?

  17. Can you jump and build your alliance city in a new kingdom?

  18. Is it possible to move a Alliance City to a new kingdom and then have the Alliance players move to the same kingdom afterwards?

  19. can anyone tell me what happens to the rss held to build the city if the alliance is dissolved prior to the city being built?

  20. I am the R5 of our alliance in the Daewon Kingdom. I do not have the Alliance City tab in the Alliance section. How do I get it?

    • You have to wait for it to be available in your kingdom. MZ releases them when the kingdom is about 4-5 months old I believe

  21. Can an alliance city be attacked? Is this something we would need to defend?

    • Profile photo of MHY

      At this stage it can not be attacked, however the rally feature is already there as well as building traps is there so its only a matter of time before MZ releases AC battles.

  22. Curious question….can an r5 see who donates? If so where?

    • Anyone in the alliance can see who donated in the resource silo building. Yo can also see who started research, builds, and refinements. It also displays the top 10 donors for deeds and the 5 resources. However it only didpalys current members in the top ten. Not sure if it puts them back on the board when they return or they start over like funds earned stats.

  23. Hi, the deeds you dont have to buy with gold. You can also buy them in the alliance store for 20k loyale.

  24. Hoe do I build an alliance city?

  25. I think that I saw that we can now give help to the alliance city research and building like we can do for our fellow alliance members. Can anyone confirm that this is correct. have been looking online but haven’t seen anything about it yet. Thanks

    • I have seen alliance city in my help menu for research and builds. I believe it was a max of 12 and we are at headquarter level 2 currently.

  26. Hi Slaggy, first off…in Kadri can build Alliance city…? and thanks for your hard working! Cheers

    • please join y
      the “one in a million” alliance in yuron , the leader is Hecate17, an outgoing player who loves to help, we need new players to join the alliance, good luck!!!!!!!!!

  27. okay…i have a humdinger of a question. we have an alliance capitol all is well…we have all the resources…steel, lumber,coin…etc. heres the problem: when queueing up the mint today to produce coin, my ipad glitched and it selected the lowest possible rate possible. now im stuck with 200 coin coming in at 28 days from now. is there any possible way to stop production and restart it. i contacted my R5 and he couldn’t even figure out a way, and hes pretty sharp. we were even willing to destroy the damn mint and rebuild it bc it would probably take less time than actually waiting for this current production shot to come out of production. IS there any way possible to cancel aliance resources currently in queue or even destroy the mint and start over? if so for either….how? realize this is an advanced problem but all on this site seemed knowledgeable. dont really want to leave my mint in this suspend like state for 28 days…but i will rather than spend 200,000 gold for the alliance sppedups necessary to clear out the timer. thanks and appreciate any helpful replies. cannot believe there isnt a ready reverse trigger for this…even if you lose the amount currently being produced and the resources spent for that current production shot. but then again-yes-could see this bc this game has one helluva lot of bugs…including their abominable predictive keyboard! thanks! ROB

    • Any Takers? SLAGGY Would Like To Hear From YOU Especially Sir….

      • Werid I posted short answer is no you can’t stop something once it is being processed I asked the devs in beta for this but they pretty much told me to not be so stupid next time lol I don’t no about destroying the mint as I have never tryed it lol just if it is possible just work out the gold needed to speed up the timer and the cost of rebuilding

      • thanks wiggly. no…fortunately we built the mint first so the other ones need a week or two to catch up at normal production rates . then ill try to advance it from there if it becomes an issue. thanks for your speedy reply though really appreciate THAT! By the way…even know what coin is used for? looking at upgrades in the capitol i see nothing that requires this resource. the other ones…lumber,steel,etc. yes…coin…no. any clues or lemme guess…its COMING SOON! Lol

      • Coins are mainly used for the researchers in the city trust me you will need alot of it lol

      • yikes! okay…thanks for the tip! anything else i should know besides donate..donate…donate?

      • Just work as an alliance don’t let 1 person do everything also don’t keep to mush rss in the when things change they will happen fast lol

      • what do you mean? accumulated rss in the capitol disappear?

    • This is a glitch. It happens when two R4s try to move the slider and start the refining process at the same time. We combated this by making R4/5 call out in Alliance Chat that they are going to start refining. Just like in baseball. “I got it.” It is a very, very expensive bug and one I believe that is purposefully left in the game.

  28. Where is the option to donate resources to be able to create a city? I thought it was supposed to be in the Alliance section’s main page but there’s nothing there for it. Does the R5 have to set this up? I’ve bought Deeds but have no idea where they went.

  29. How to make an alliance City?

  30. Is this not available in Thanos

  31. Trying to move our alliance city, I have an ATP but can work out how. Any suggestions?

    • Ensure your ATP has been donated to the AC (not just purchased). Only leader can move the AC. All the leader has to do is click on a spot that they want to port too and one of the options will be ‘Port AC’..

    • only the alliance leader (r5) can teleport the alliance city. you need an alliance city advanced or random teleport. normal atp dont work for ac. I have a follow-up question tho. are ac teleports automaticly donated to the ac like deeds for the leader to activate, or are they member owned but can only be used by current R5?

    • Also are you sure its an advance city Teleport not just a normal atp ?

      • anyone knows what happens if leadership is transfered. are they tied to the city for the new leader to use after donation?

  32. Where can deeds be purchased for gold? I can only see them available for 20k loyalty in the alliance store.

  33. Is there some sign to know when the alliance City is released for a kingdom? Will it be announced on the Blog or it happens just after a certain kingdom event or something?
    So non-leaders can know when to poke leaders to start building the city

  34. I am wondering when and if they are ever going to open the rest of the city functions and buildings, it seems to me that they started something that has turned into a waste of time and RSS.

  35. Is there any information on what happens to the materials and resources if the city is disbanded?

    • There is no 100% answer to this unless someone has done it but I believe once the city/allaince has been disbanded all rss will be gone you will get nothing back

    • Yes, if you disband, it is gone. Sort of like the bounty. It has happened in other kingdoms.

  36. Once you get the deeds, does the leader stockpile rss solely or does the alliance city have to be placed in order for the rss to be donated? Alliance members were wanting to know and I couldn’t answer them.

    • before the city is built all rss is stored/sent to the r5 sort of like a ghost rally it’s there buts not. Once the alliance city’s has been built all rss is then stored in side the city untill an r4/5 builds the first few builds with normal rss then you must refine the rss to build/research new things inside the city hope this helps abit

  37. Why are there so many invalid locations when I try to build muy city? There is more than enough free tiles in the area I want to build but it will not let me.

    • the city cannot be built within 2 or three tiles of water (which is weird because early beta information stressed the importance of water for the alliance city). It also needs to be either on, or very near a mountain tile as center point.

  38. Profile photo of JorMac

    What would be the best way for two alliances to switch cities? Our alliance recently broke apart with all our r4 and r5 members moving up to a stronger alliance. The smaller alliance has a much better alliance city but the stronger alliance could more effectively continue the growth of the better city. Assuming that the leaders of both alliances were willing, how would be the easiest way to switch.

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, you can’t switch cities. Although you could get all members of one alliance to switch with the members of the other….

      • Profile photo of JorMac

        Yea that’s what I mean. What is the best way to go about a massive member switch like that.

      • Ask each person to switch and those that don’t send out a mail saying you are going to kick and invite people to the other alliance… If they never join back up apparently they went inactive.

  39. Actually its more than 100 alliance cities per kindom cause in my kingdom there 127 cities

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Thanks – good to have confirmation.

      • MZ has continued issuing Alliance Cities in my kingdom (Bion) also. I do not have the total count. I believe it is because the billionaires want even more miney–if that’s possible–to add to their pockets. Is there any time frame when the rally, scout and trade abilities may become functional? Also, what amount ant which rss will be protected, the rss used to make or the new rss produced?

  40. Doing a great job here brother.

    any status on alliance city teleport yet?

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, haven’t heard a peep unfortuantely

      • City ports are in beta now 15k gold for a atp and 5k gold for a random port

      • Is the gold still required when purchased with loyalties

      • New update city ports have gone up to 120k gold for an avanced Teleport 40k gold for a random Teleport. Buying from the store they cost 40 mill loyalty for a advanced Teleport and 10 mill for a random Teleport

        The answer to your question no when buying with loyalty no gold is spent

    • Majestic now has the City port. 40K loyalty which is not all that much if you ask me. HOWEVER, only one person can use it, the R5 and only one person can buy it. For some reason MZ decided we should not be allowed to all help with the purchase of that one. I believe you can buy one for gold as well, but it’s something like 125K.

  41. is it available to build now? I’m finding no options and I’m lvl5

  42. In a new kingdom, before the alliance city is available, can you collect the deeds needed before donating to the city is an option?

  43. Do u need both deeds and gold to build alliance city or just the 2500 deeds. BTx

  44. I am in maccabee kingdom and I am a leader of alliance. but I cannot find tab to build alliance city. what should I do?

  45. Can we still donate rss to the city while this is under construction? Or what happens?

  46. We are a jumping alliance, we currently have all resources and deeds available to build the city, we don’t want to yet though because we are jumping in a few weeks. Any idea if there is a cap on amount of donated rss can be taken with? It’d be a shame to lose all those rss. So to clarify all rss and deeds have been donated but city isn’t built, will we lose those rss upon jumping?

  47. Had a very small alliance, totally disbanded to join another more active one, and all the alliance city donations just poof, disappeared. I thought they would have stuck with my player that was the alliance leader, but nope! I was pissed!

  48. If you have an alliance city can your alliance still be disbanded.

  49. This question has been asked a few times now, yet it has not been answered. Can you please clarify this for us all:

    why is it that some people have the Alliance city tab and others don’t? Our R5 has been looking for one and still cannot find it though many of our members are still donating deeds and resources thinking that she has this capability to build the Alliance city. She has no option for it as indicated in the blogs or in this post. Please help explain this it would be greatly appreciated!

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, unfortunately I haven’t experienced this so don’t have a answer for you. I would suggest you contact MZ directly and ask them. You can contact them here: https://www.machinezone.com/contact

    • in a kingdom cant be build more then 100 city alliance. maybe could be that the reason u cant find the tab, if your kingdom already reached the number. is just an opinion, not sure about.

    • I experienced this myself. For me it was because it was not available in my kingdom yet even tho everything was saying it was ready. It took a couple weeks than an update came in and than I was able to. Like I said this was the case for me.

  50. do you have to be a certain level OR have a certain amount of people in the alliance? It says i should have an alliance city tab, but it is not showing up anywhere… help

  51. I just started and my alliance is pretty new. In the “How to Play” section, it says there should be an alliance city tab on the alliance page where you can see how many more deeds and resources you need to begin construction of the alliance city. Why do we not see this tab at all?

  52. When will the deconstruct feature be available for the alliance city and the buildings within it?

  53. When is the alliance city teleport going to become available to use?

  54. I see many ppl have asked this question, but I see no answer. If a Alliance disbands, what happens to all the resources and deeds donated to their alliance city? Does the leader keep them?

  55. What happens to the resources donated if the alliance is disbanded?

  56. If there is a 100 city limit per kingdom why does is still allow us to dump 100’s of $ in rss to build one if the kingdom already has 100 built? Sounds like fraud to me that severes legal action!

    • I AGREE!!! If I can’t get my money or my rss back, legal action should be taken and google play should take the app down. Cause that’s a crock!

  57. What happens if the alliance gets disbanded?

  58. 200k gold is NOT required to start building the city, your information is false.

  59. Any update on alliance city teleport?

  60. Is there a way I can tell which alliance members are donating to my alli-city? Like, do they rack up funds or earn loyalty when they donate to the future alliance city? So, would I be able to tell in the store history, if I keep a record, and see them increasing? The only thing is quests wouod also earn loyalty and so it would interfere with atleast a semi acurate count of RSS donations…

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, you can look at a player’s profile and it will tell you their total alliance city donations. There is no reward for donating, just honor.

    • go to the resource silo in your alliance city and check donation leaderboard or view log as well to see who is actively contributing to your alliance city. the leaderboard only shows the top ten donors for each resource, but the log goes back 100 events. For active alliances, this could mean only the last 2 or three days, but for really slow alliances it could trace entire history.

  61. i have a account in anther kingdom can i move it to where i am

  62. I’m still not sure of the point of the city. if i donate millions of resources how do i benefit from it and by how much?

  63. So, once we donate, we can’t get anything back? And the city can be attacked(I know not yet, but it’s coming)?

  64. be nice to have a date for alliance city teleport. heard anything yet

  65. Like you site. Lots of information. Keep up the good work!

  66. anyone know wtf point of alliance city is other then take all your rss.. how does it really benefit the alliance.. seems stupid as f*ck to me

  67. So I’ve noticed that when I’m in our farm alliance that a “Trade” button is amongst the rest when clicking on another ALC, does anyone know anything about this feature?

  68. So you know if you can get rss back from alliance city, if say an alliance merge were to happen? Or would the rss be lost?

    • I need to know the answer to this also, we have not yet started the build but have donated all RSS and almost all deeds but we want to merge with another alliance, is there a way to get our RSS back at all? Does this happen when we disband?

  69. Any word on when the teleport will be released

  70. Where do you find the alliance city teleport?

  71. I am stuck on only 100 alliance cities per kingdom, what happens to those who don’t get theirs built what happens to the supplies donated?

  72. hi, I had purchased deeds and do not see them anywhere, city is not in my kingdom yet. where are the deeds I purchased

  73. I have a small alliance and I don’t know how but we were on the only few alliance’s in my kingdom that is having to donate before building. I know we are supposed to but I’ve heard that a lot of other alliance’s didn’t have they just started right away. Anyone happened to know how ?

  74. How many individual donators are required to build the City? Say you are going to branch out in another alliance. How many brave souls do you need to take with you if you want to build a city right away?

  75. Back to defending the alliance city. Someone stated that they can not be reinforeced yet. Does that mean that they can’t be attacked yet too?

    P.S. love the site, so much useful information.

  76. Is construction of an alliance city able to be cancelled?

  77. Update on benefits………until MZ unlocks everything then zero benefits for players. For MZ its a big $$$$$ maker. Right now its a “who can spend the most money competition” and as always PFD is in the lead.

  78. any news on any benefits!?

  79. Once you start construction can you move the city? Our alliance has changed the location of the Hive and I want to bring the city with.

  80. We put alliance city in a bad spot, how can u move it??!

  81. Any updates on teleporting your City?

  82. No where does it say how much resources we can keep. Any body know?

  83. Quick question about refinement. One of our r4’s just started refining 200 iron for 29 days. Is there a way to cancel?

    • That happened to us as well!! I sent a complaint to MZ. They really need to have a cancel button. Please provide feedback to MZ if you haven’t already. It’s ridiculous. It would cost us 200k gold for 200 lumber!!!

      • There is no ‘cancel’ button yet, but they have at least put in a ‘are you sure you really want to do that?’ if you try and do a 29 day build.

  84. Alliance City cannot be shielded. Only reinforced.

  85. How do you move the slider if you already started refining? Is there a way to stop and start over?

    • No way yet to cancel refining. Which is either an oversight on MZs part, or more likely, a deliberate attempt to make people spend gold. We inadvertently set a 29 day refining and it cost us 200k gold to speed it up. I can’t believe that throughout beta testing nobody suggested being able to cancel it, which would suggest MZ are fully aware that you can’t

  86. When will the alliance city teleport will be available?

  87. Can a refine process be canceled to move bar?

  88. Can the new alliance city be protected and if yes. How?

  89. Very very good info here

  90. I believe K148 is the most recent. They seem to be moving up the stack by Kingdom number

  91. How many troops can be sent to reinforce alliance city

  92. I don’t see anything that tells us how many troops can be sent to alliance city for reinforcements… Will we be able to send as many as we can or will there be limitations based upon alliance city lvl?

  93. Once the alliance city has been built, can it be moved? Is that something only the r5 can do?

  94. When will everyone get to build??

  95. Where can I find the amount needs of rss to start a alliance city?

  96. Somewhere I came across a reference to a “Vault” in the Alliance City, do you have any information on it?

  97. I’m confused by this:

    •The R5 of the alliance constructs the alliance city. This currently costs over 6 bil resources and 200k gold.

    So does that mean the R5 has to have that much gold on his/her own or is there a way for the whole alliance to contribute, I’m not sure I’ve seen that info cleared up yet or I’m just confused.

  98. I agree. Thanks for all the good info!

    MZ can be a pain in the ass to try and digest their logic.

    Keep up the good work.

  99. Good stuff. We are excited. 🙂

  100. Wow … You’re a prodigious content machine! Doing a great job man.

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