Game of War Gear: Full List

Equipment Items and Gear in Game of War: Fire Age

You are viewing all equipment currently available for Game of War. Equipment is crafted in the forge. For more information please see our main page on gear here. And for more info on materials please see here.


  1. Hey, is it possible to put all the equipment on a spread sheet? i have found them on other site but they have never prefect it and its out dated. it would be amazing if you guys can do it. i have found it to be most effective way to display everything.

  2. how do you open some of the chest’s in items/my items/treasures? I keep getting the answer failed to use item in inventory?

  3. Hi, I am trying to find a tool on your site I have used before. It tells you what you can craft with the materials you have (you type the number of each material you have)
    Can you point me in the right direction to locate it.
    I must also say this is a fantastically helpful site and commend you and your team for your efforts.

  4. Really you don’t have reahs blessing.

  5. How come you don’t have Prometheus’ Boon?

  6. Any idea what the cup gear does? For instance the lunar cup gear given to the winners of the lunar cup tournament.

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