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Resource Silo – Alliance City Building

Resource Silo

The Resource Silo increases the size of the maximum resource donation players are able to send to the alliance city. It also provides a log showing recent donations. In the future this building may also protect your resources from attack. Upgrading this building increases in the donation capacity per march.

Level Donation Size Bonus
1 200000
2 245400
3 301200
4 369600
5 453600

To Build Level 1 Resource Silo:

Comes pre-built with the Alliance City

To Build Remaining Levels:

211d 6h 45m 0s3,1882,1254,2504,25041,22945
316d 22h 7m 30s5,4193,6137,2257,22562,88650
425d 9h 11m 15s23,95315,97431,94831,94894,38955
537d 9h 0m 0s45,42130,30560,59260,592136,87360



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