1. They need to update there website and all the information

  2. Where is Trap Building Speed III, II & I ?

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    How long before there’s an update for the new Econ research? I’ve not even seen a chart for Shards.

  4. Where is the Mobile Traps research tree? When will it be added?

  5. 631 b research power account for sale, total power on account is at 21.2t… 3b gold, 20kt rss left over… hero 79, vip 38

    Line me for screenshots, bm_befok

  6. How do i increase watchtower debuff resistance? Lvl 29 and still at 0. All research complete except Rune tree.

  7. Where is the rune tree stats?

  8. No shit sherlock, not like they know what research everyone has.

  9. These are base numbers, so no gear, research speed bonuses, or rss reduction.

  10. Lets take an example: advanced economy
    Level 4 troop defense VI requires Academy 14 Hero Monster March Speed Increase 7 Academy 21 Trap Defense III 4 Wild Trap Defense 8 Academy 15 Duration IV 4 Academy 21 Prisoner Bonus Multiplier 5

    You require academy 14, 21, 15, 21?
    You require wild trap defense 8? where tf is that coming from
    Trap attack 4 requires a research farther down in the tree to be lv4?
    Alter duration to lv4 requires Academy 16 Academy 21 Altar Attack Bonus 4 Cavalry Defense with your Hero 4… the ****? Do we even have type defense in this tree?

  11. Has any of the programmer(s) maintaining this site noticed that nearly none of the research information is correct? Look in any given tree, I’ll be damned if a single one has all correct info. Y’all seriously ****ed up with this site. I was doing better in my early teen years.

  12. are the numbers with or without research gear?

  13. found it. just have to do the adding and clicking.

  14. looking for power added from research tree defense 11-20. any help plz

  15. Could you add the number of fire shards required for each research?

  16. Anyone add up the total power added for the new t5 reseach yet?

  17. Max research now is 360b

  18. New Hero research is missing? 🙁

  19. Has anyone added up total power gained from new behemoth researches?

  20. New hero tree research added earlier today…Behemouth monster bs…AWESOME…Anybody know what Max Research is now???

  21. why are all the numbers wrong?

  22. Attack 2(in wild trap), 3(in gem set), and 4(in adv econ) researches are all pulling requirements for each level from attack 1(in march tree)

  23. The information on requirements for Troop Attack II under the Wild Traps tree is inaccurate. It says Academy 17 is needed for level 1, but it can be researched at Academy level 15, right after Crocodile Pit is complete.

  24. Under the Research Tree page, in the Economics section, is the Gold Vesting research something that’s not yet released?

  25. Several missing data from crafting research tables:
    Fourth Gem Slot in Core/Relic Foot Armor, Helm Equipment, Armor Equipment, Weapon Equipment, Accessory Equipment
    Accessory Slot No. 2, Accessory Slot No. 3

  26. Data for Fourth Gem Slot in Core/Relic Foot Armor Research is missing/not showing.

  27. No info comes up for enemy defense debuff II.

  28. Does anyone know total rss and speeds needed to max research from beginning with oracle set?

    • lol that’s asking a lot man… and I’m not sure it’s even possible, higher VIP 14 and up comes with Research Cost Reduction of 1 -2%. So that alters RSS totals, along with Set Bonus Research ( and how quickly either is obtained ).

      Will your Oracle set, be powered up any in the Gear Workshop , will any research gems be in the set, what level and how many in each piece. This will make your time and speed ups needed impossible to say.

    • Excluding the latest research (Advanced Economics) but including level 20 research, everything costs 326m days, and 312-314T of each rss. With best gems, oracle, +75% boost, chancellor title, res blessing (i think that was everything) you can reach 1,278.55% boost and 28.25% rss cost reduction, so it would be 25.5m days and 224-225T of each rss.
      Hopefully I can do maths properly, maybe someone will be tell me if I’m wrong Haha.

  29. Yeah, research infernos are getting rare.

  30. Hey, is it just me or there’s really no research inferno events these past few days.?

  31. Requirements for research in wild troop tree is messed up. Mistakes in each research from what I can see, usually the level 10s.

  32. Any time on when the March tree is going to be updated to March 15?

  33. I am trying to figure out where to go on March tree. I have everything done to 9, but I can’t figure out which to do first to get to 10

  34. I think you’ve got a mistake on the Trap Building Cost Research. There shouldn’t be any Troop Defense Debuff Resistance associated with that, should there?

  35. Does hero research tree contribute in the battle or the boost is only for monster killing?

  36. Is there really no requirement on wild trap attack?

  37. resources needed are to low, maximum on this side is 2147483647. This is because its stored in an integer value. The resources needed are in real higher

  38. I meet all the requirements for march presets which is academy 21, rally time reduction 10 and hero preset II 1 yet march presets remain locked with chains and lock. If I tap it, it simply says “coming soon”. Anyone know why?

  39. In what order should I research?

  40. Does anyone know how much power is gained by completing the original hero research (Through monster mastery 6)?

  41. Can anyone tell me how you unlock march preset that has a requirement of Academy Level 14 when the other requirement is Troop Defense Level 9 which requires a Level 20 Academy? Seems the requirement should be Academy Level 20.

  42. My hero only had a white glow instead of the golden glow. Any reason why?

  43. Does anyone have any ideas on how to reduce the amount of time it takes to research Talents etc in the Dungeon? At the moment I am stuck with the base time and nothing I do seems to reduce it. HELP!

    • redo your hero skill point tree thing (I can’t remember what it’s called but it’s were you add points to hero abilities when your hero lvls u[)

    • Dungeoneer set acts like research gear when doing Dungeon research. Not a lot.. but reduces the requirements a bit.

  44. When can we expect info on new Hero research?

  45. I was hoping to see the new Hero research added on. Any time frame on it. Thanks in advance!! ??

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    Hi Slaggy if you’re reading this you should know that the entire Combat Research page for its links and everything isn’t working right now and none of the research or whats required for it is working either.

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    A couple thing that I would like to see on here. First, I think that the comments could be split up into new threads depending on which tree you are looking at. Second, What happened to the built in research boost tool, and the cumaltive calculations for items 1-10 or 13? Bring those back.

  48. I’d like to see levels 11 to 13 added on the March tree. Want to know if I have to go through entire tree to go from treasure map march speed 11 to 12.
    And would like to see the Wild tree completed so I can know if it is worth continuing with it or not.

    Might be better to just mass produce some troops than research these 2 trees.

  49. Please explain how to use march presets. It appears to be in percent not actual count of troops. If I select (3) troop types and assign 33% to each type, will that provide 1/3 each of my total troop type to a march?

  50. Hi, what is the LEAST amount of set bonus research that needs to be done to get a “golden glow” on 7 piece gear??

  51. good to see the new march tree additions have been added

    a long way to go

  52. Looking to unlock hero presets, which tree is better to work through, set bonus or March. I’m at Lvl 5 on set bonus and Lvl 2 for all 13 of the lower bonus research so far and Lvl 9 for top 5 on March tree and Lvl 6 or below for the others before preset.

  53. I’m a trap and considering upgrading to researching level 6 cores and at least 1 hero preset to switch to cores quickly. Does anyone know how much power I will increase or is there a way to do the math for it? I see that the power is listed here but I didn’t know if there was a listing of what the whole tree costs in power. Thanks

  54. Specialized Infantry Attack set bonus is showing 0% for all levels?

  55. I’m finding that the power and xp rewards I receive for research/building are much much lower then stated on this website. Has anyone else notices this?

  56. when is new march tree part added?

  57. I am getting an error “Over march maximum!” when trying to send a march. Happens anytime i try to use slidebar. Something to do with new march research. Anyone else having issues??

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    Hi Guys,

    where can I post screenshots of the new march lvl10 research requirements? I have seen there are not yet included in the march research tree.

  59. For the benefits of those who are curious about what it takes to unlock level 5 specialised Troop attack bonus for your first preset you’ll need.

    1) Researched lv 8 base set bonus for ALL normal equipment.
    2) Researched lv 8 based set bonus for ALL Core equipment.
    3) Researched Lv 7 for ALL other 13 specialized Bonuses

    These whole process will only grant you 2 presets before you have to research the entire tree AGAIN to obtain specialised troop attack bonus lv 6 for your 3rd preset and so on.

    I’ll discourage from getting your preset from this tree unless you have a full-set cores/equipment because researching this just to unlock preset is waste as you’ll not get other benefit from this research.

  60. can we unlock preset lvl 1 in march tree without doing any lvl 10 research in march tree?

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