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Research Update – Wild Traps, Strategic & Wild Siege

wild Traps Siege Research

Wild Traps and Strategic & Wild Siege Research Tress Updated

All the research on the site has been brought up to date. All the data for the two new research trees can be found here:

And don’t forget about the Research & Building Calculator to plan your research.

A few stats for you:

Wild Traps:

  • Total Research Time (before boosts): 4,670 Years
  • Total Power Gain: 6.4 Bil
  • Total Silver Cost: 208 Bil

Strategic & Wild Siege:

  • Total Research Time (before boosts): 7,715 Years
  • Total Power Gain: 10.5 Bil
  • Total Silver Cost: 599 Bil

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  1. New research?? AWESOME!! I can’t wait to get my next paycheck so I can buy a bunch of rss and speed ups and increase my stats on phone app!!

  2. I have not bought any packs since last New Years and have turned my account into a 5bil rally trap. At the rate the rally march size is increasing, 10bil will soon be the new rally trap. No thanks MZ…. better things to spend my money on.

  3. Max research power is 39,876,861,890 (13.May)

  4. The cost is insane.

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